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Material for the long break: two good sermons December 19, 2014

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I won’t be blogging much for the next two weeks plus – we’re going to Clear Creek for a bit – so I thought I’d leave you with some good sermons.  Both are actually very good.  The first deals with the counter-natural evil of contraception.  You may be thinking you already know all you need to regarding contraception, but I think the approach the priest takes might bring up some points you have not considered.  He relates how Our Lord prophesied during the Way of the Cross that a time would come when women counted themselves blessed to be barren.  He also discusses aspects of the 1965 Griswold vs. Connecticut decision by the Supreme Court which not just legalized, but normalized (in the minds of many) contraception.  Since then, it’s all been downhill on the cultural front.  Is it meaningful that this decision was reached in the same year that the most recent ecumenical council concluded?  At the least, there was certainly something in the cultural water in the 1960s:

Another aspect of Griswold vs. Connecticut is the role played by Catholics – laymen, priests, and prelates – in minimizing Church opposition to both this decision and the general liberalization of contraception and abortion in the 1960s.  Those people have an enormous amount of blood on their hands, and much to answer for.

Another really good sermon, having to do with the beginnings of the Reconquista in Spain (the 774 year long war to liberate Spain from the yoke of islam) and the key role Our Lady played in preserving the Faith on the Iberian peninsula (at least, it seems, until now – Spain is one of the most thoroughly secularized countries in the world.  It is amazing how the Faith has collapsed there since 1975):

Institutionalized “sex education” has resulted in societal-wide disorders and perversion December 17, 2014

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My wife found an old book from American Life League at my father-in-law’s house a month a few weeks ago.  It was published back in the late 80s and written by Dr. Melvin Anchell, who, I guess, used to cut quite a wide swath in the psychological community. That was back in the day when there were still many hardcore academics and physicians of prominence not just totally given over to leftism and cultural revolution. Anchell was an advocate for traditional morality and an opponent of the cultural marxists who burst upon the scene (seemingly) in the late 1960s.  He wrote the book Killers of Children: A psychoanalytical look at sex education to oppose the growing influence of these destructive cultural trends.  Unfortunately, he and his allies obviously failed.

Nevertheless, I found Dr. Anchell’s description of the disorders and sicknesses that creep into both individual lives and the culture at large  quite chilling:

What is “normal?”  The degree of mental health is not determined by an absence of inner personal conflicts but by the way these opposing emotional interests, ideas, etc., are reconciled.

“Abnormal” often represents a misrepresentation – a perversion – of what is “normal.”  Unfaithful, deformed reproductions of normal life are currently being spread by perverted minds.  Sick themselves, these purveyors are making the abnormal appear normal. [Man it is refreshing to hear this kind of clarity and truth, after at least two decades of being told how “normal” and “healthy” perversion is]

As a physician I regard any behavior that supports life and allows death to occur from natural causes as normal.  Behavior that leads to the destruction of life is abnormal.  [Dang right.  Thank you.  And behaviors that are by definition sterile are equally abnormal, because they do not support life.  It is amazing how much more confused our culture’s thinking has become in just the past 25 years. Things were bad then, but they are horrific today]

Sexual morality which has evolved from mankind’s earliest beginnings is essential for life. [I would say, it was given to our first parents by our Creator, not that we picked it up from some lower animal through so-called evolution] Mature sexuality along with its associated sexual morals are antidotes to death instincts.  Nowhere in today’s popular school sex programs is mature sexual morality emphasized. [It’s not just in the schools anymore. Disordered use of the marital faculties is taught to all of us constantly through the media in a thousand different ways]

The sexually emancipated-sexually aggressive females who are depicted as normal in movies, current novels and in sex education classes are not examples of special progress but, instead, are examples of social regression.  They exemplify females possessed by tremendous inner turmoil; females who are in conflict with their natural femininity. Such women are not liberated and free individuals but are slaves to the demands of the culture in which they live.  When the culture in which she lives condones free love, her psyche causes her to assume to some degree the characteristics of a loose woman.  Uninhibited sex life is contrary to women’s inner feminine nature. In truth, the sexually uninhibited woman is an artifact that is produced, sometimes, by a woman’s desire to prove herself totally independent or, more frequently, by fantasies arising from man’s erotic desires.  [And that is the most ironic part of the left’s efforts to ostensibly emancipate women over the past several decades.  Instead of empowering women, they are encouraged to ape the very worst characteristics of the lowest men, turning themselves into nothing but objects of lust to be used and discarded at men’s faintest whim.  And yet feminists tell us this is “empowerment” with their “slut walks” and embrace of sordid and damaging sexual escapades]

Many of today’ sexually aggressive females have foregone the ultimate feminine needs of marriage and family life, motherhood and of loving and being loved. [To the point that hundreds of millions have willingly had their own children ripped from their wombs and brutally murdered, in the name – for the most part – of their own convenience] Some attempt to satisfy love needs entirely through acts of copulation.  However, these impoverished women derive no real pleasure from the sex act.  Many such females are products of premature sexual activity brought about by sex education and the demands made upon them by a sexually pseudo-liberated society. [Quite true. And Dr. Anchell explains in his book how premature exposure to sexually explicit material and the awakening of faculties intended by God to remain dormant until later years has caused many young children to become “frozen” in a state of sexual immaturity that seeks only self-gratification and is incapable of mature romantic bonds]

Not only do popular sexual attitudes destroy the lives of some women, but the lives of many men have been torn apart by the current ‘sexual revolution.’

Some males, who regard free love as a modern day bonanza, aid and abet the state of sexual confusion in promiscuous females.  Impressed by sexperts, many men and women regard the sex act as a cure for all mental tensions.  This false teaching has been further perpetuated by an ever increasing number of sexperts.  [Indeed. While women have traditionally been the guardians of chastity and morality, men have done much to encourage women to embrace this libertine liberated lifestyle.  Men create the “sexual marketplace” demand, and women – especially women under 25 or so today, the majority of whom have dozens of partners by the time they leave college – sadly sell themselves cheap. No wonder marriage rates are in a freefall, as are fertility rates]

The argument that the normalcy of today’s common sexual practices is proven by their evident profligacy is as logical as claiming that the bubonic plague in the 15th century was normal because so many people at that time had the disease.

There is one inexorable law in Nature: “When the sexual instincts are perverted, the death instincts take over.”

———–End Quote———–

There is much wisdom in this book.  While Dr. Anchell was a psychoanalyst at least somewhat Freudian in outlook (an outlook I disagree with on most points), he does make some very important criticisms throughout this book, which I may delve into more later.  But this excerpt above was about as good a summation of the overall thrust of the book that I could find: the “sexual revolution” has been enormously damaging on many levels, it does not create “happiness” but leaves men and women broken and bitter, and it is hardest of all on the children who are often its most innocent victims.

Fighting the sexual revolution on a broad front now is like trying to corral the horses after they’ve jumped the fence, but on an individual, family basis, this is always a battle worth engaging in.

Shame for my alma mater – UT leftists sign petition to “abort” “newborns” up to 5 years old December 8, 2014

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My great alma mater – The University of Texas at Austin – has a reputation as being a haven for liberals. I certainly cannot say I have been back much in the intervening 20 years, but while there is certainly some truth to the belief that UT is leftist central, it’s not entirely true.  Certainly in the Greek system and the engineering and hard science majors, there are at least as many strong conservatives as there are liberals (in fact, in my experience, the vast majority of Greeks and ME majors were very conservative). Most of the leftists majored in basket weaving and queer latina feminist power theory, so I had little to do with them.  Most students at UT are just apolitical kids trying to make their way through the very difficult sink or swim environment.  Any population of 50,000 is bound to have nuts of all kinds.

Having said that, I do understand that both the general collegiate environment and probably UT in particular has gone sharply downhill towards full-on embrace of hardcore leftism.  Still, I was pretty disappointed to see UT students eagerly signing a petition to legalize killing children up to age FIVE!  Yes this is Infowars, but this isn’t some bald assertion, this is video evidence of deranged youth believing child-murder to be just peachy:

So, several things.  I know exactly where the filmed that, it’s on the West Mall over towards Guadalupe.  That’s definitely the more left wing side of campus, although pretty much all the fraternity and sorority houses are also in what’s called West Campus, west of Guadalupe.  Also, a number of these kids signed without even looking at what they were signing. But others were told pretty clearly and signed anyway.  It was great to see that a number of students were disgusted at the proposition.  But that any would sign indicates an an ethical failing of demonic proportions.

Lest you think this was just some one off Austin stupidity, there seems to be a growing trend on college campuses towards acceptance of so-called “post-birth abortion” (known heretofore as murder) up to age 5.  And why not?  Taking pro-abort thinking to its logical conclusion demands that women be given an inalienable right to murder their children at any point, pre-birth, post-birth, whatever.  Right now, the arbitrary legal definition is that women may only murder their children until they escape the womb, if these people have their way, that definition could change to age 5.  But if age 5 is OK, why stop there?  They claim age 5 means they are “self-aware.”  BS.  Two year olds are very aware of self.  Why not 18?  Why not make the definition when they are financially independent?  There is no limit to where this could end.

This is where the logic of left-wing thinking leads.  Always, always, towards the murder of innocents, be it in the hundreds, thousands, millions, or billions.  All leftist revolutions and far left governments have been drenched in blood.  Indeed, that flow of blood creates and sustains them.

Thus, it was sort of a no-brainer that the Church so strongly denounced leftism in all its forms for centuries.  Church opposition was based both on the errors leftism entails – hostility to religion (especially the Church), materialism, rationalism, etc – and the murderous tendency of leftism in practice. Leftism was identified by Saints and Popes as a hostile, competing religious force, diametrically opposed to Christianity.   It was fought, quite well in many places, by laity and clergy alike.

Until ~1960, that is.  Through some crack, the smoke of leftism did enter the Church, and that smoke has resulted in a historically unprecedented collapse in the Faith.

Because leftism is death.

Up and down news on the local pro-life front December 3, 2014

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I have written pretty extensively regarding the impact House Bill 2, passed in special session by the Texas Legislature in 2013, has had on curbing the availability of abortion around the state and here in the Diocese of Dallas.  Implementation of all provisions of the bill has been marred by constant legal

Pro-abort lesbians. Whodathunkit?

Pro-abort lesbians. Whodathunkit?

challenges from Planned Barrenhood and their allies.  At present, a ruling is pending regarding the provision of the bill which has shown the greatest promise in shutting down the most abortion mills around the state: the provision requiring mills to meet minimum health and safety requirements of other ambulatory surgery centers.  That provision promised to shut down all but a handful of mills in the state, but with a stay on its implementation pending the final judicial ruling, some closed centers have re-opened.

Lamar Robinson’s notorious mill near UT-Southwestern has finally closed.  UT-Southwestern got the land and building via eminent domain and they will raze the building shortly.  But Robinson plans to continue his abortion operation at the former Planned Barrenhood abortuary off Greenville Ave.  He is open for business and killing babies as we speak.  Three other mills remain open in the area, Routh Street, Planned Barrenhood’s new supercenter in South Dallas, and Curtis Boyd’s Southwest Women’s Slaughterhouse.  Both Routh Street and Robinson’s new joint will have to close if the ambulatory surgery center requirement is allowed to stand.  Given how unpredictable court rulings are, this is certainly something to devote a great deal of prayer towards, to assure a positive outcome.

Regarding Robinson’s new mill, there is an update I want to share via the Dallas Catholic Pro-Life Committee:

Please also note that plans are underway for a Mass for an End to Abortion followed by Closing Memorial Service outside the former Robinson’s abortion facility at 1929 Record Crossing, with the buses then taking pray-ers over to “Robinson @ Northpark” to wage immediate spiritual warfare against the killing and for conversion of hearts with a Rosary Procession on Tuesday, December 30, 2014, with Fr. Paul Weinberger officiating.  More details to follow

12-weeks1God bless Father Weinberger. No surprise that he will be offering the Mass, he is one of the priests most consistently dedicated to ending abortion in this Diocese by his presence outside abortion mills.

I love to see priests outside mills, performing exorcisms, hitting them with Blessed Salt and Holy Water, and fighting the real battle between principalities and powers, thrones and dominions.  In fact, a traditional priest did just that outside Robinson’s former facility a few months ago…….is it any surprise that it’s now closed?  Let the same be done outside and around all these mills on a continuous basis!  Experience from around the country has established conclusively, in my mind, that having a heavy presence of priests praying, casting out demons, and giving witness outside mills is the number one way to shut them down.  I pray Bishop Farrell will always encourage and endorse his priest’s presence outside these mills, no matter how busy they otherwise are.  I am not entirely certain they have his full support to do so, right now.



Keep praying for the end of abortion!  I know you guys do…..it’s just one of those things I have to say.

Fundraising organ “The Catholic Foundation” promoting social justice in the Diocese November 12, 2014

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I have thought for a while that maybe I should change the name of this blog. When I started it, it was very much focused on goings on in the Diocese of Dallas, and especially uncovering and reporting many problematic or disconcerting activities.  That quickly became depressing, and even more, I found that the crisis in the Church extended far, far beyond the narrow boundaries of the 9 counties that make up this one diocese.  When I started blogging almost 5  years ago, naive little waif that I was, I actually thought that if I only made the powers that be aware of some of these problematic, even destructive, activities they would be cleared up in no time!  Silly me!  Actually, I wasn’t quite that naive, but I thought it might make a little difference.  Has it?  Meh, not much.

Still, I was a bit surprised to find, in the hallowed halls of the former Korean methodist church that is now occupied by the glorious Mater Dei parish, a promotional flyer for the local “The Catholic Foundation.” The flyer featured none other than former pastor of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish (and current pastor of St. Ann in Coppell) Father Henry Petter.  Longtime readers of this blog will know that Fr. Petter and I have not always enjoyed the warmest of relations and will also know that I have been rather critical of the social justice program he instituted at Seton.  In fact, Seton was such a hotbed of social justice – which means, in practical terms, left wing political agitation – that the local Alinskyite branch of “Dallas Area Interfaith” (a member of the Industrial Areas Foundation) was given office space there while the parish was under Fr. Petter’s pastoral care.

The flyer itself highlights The Catholic Foundation’s social justice work.  The flyer actually states:

The purpose of the fund is to take charitable donations a step further and truly impact structures of injustice in the local community.

Couldn’t have been said better if it had been said by ol’ Barack Hussein Obama himself.  Or some communist college professor – it is shocking to see such overtly left wing language in a document purporting to serve an organization of the Church.

Now they claim that over 50% of the money they raise goes to “education,” over 1/3 to “religious,” and the rest to……….well, at least some of it goes to social justice ministries.  And even that covered under the broad blanket of “education” could easily be applied to this kind of social justice endeavor, educating us rubes into advancing  the socialist revolution that is the true source of goodness, plenty, and light!

So you could take this as an irregular reminder to be very, very careful which organizations you support in the Church. I do not know if the Diocese funnels money assessed from parishes to this Catholic Foundation or other similar groups but I am very leery about supporting any of these large institutional charities or groups.  I tend to look for either specific religious orders, organizations like the St.Vincent Ferrer Foundation, the FSSP, Transalpine Redemptorists, etc, to support financially, as I really, really do not want any of my money winding up being devoted to Alinskyite leftist agitation.  I do very strongly believe that about the only real influence the laity exercise over the direction of the Church in the near term is the power of the purse.  If we keep donating to the regular diocesan appeals or even our local parish’s general funds we can be sure that at least some of our money will wind up supporting efforts just like this, impacting “structures of injustice in the local community.”

It’s actually a genius plan, duping people utterly opposed to socialism and left wing agitation into financially supporting just those diabolical efforts through their own church.  Saul Alinsky devoted his master plan, the book Rules for Radicals, to satan, and I feel the program he instituted (using churches as vehicles for funding and respectability) is satanic in its perverse brilliance.



Cardinal Burke formally cashiered….tell him how much you appreciate his efforts! November 10, 2014

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I have noted that this pontificate, a bit like the Obama administration, saves controversial news releases for weekends, when the news cycle is at its slowest.  It could be coincidence, but the formal announcement of Cardinal Burke’s slap in the face demotion was held until Saturday last week, when it had been known for months. Rorate had the news, as typical:

It had been known for months, but today it has been confirmed: Pope Francis, in a move that has no precedent in modern times for a man who is still a very young Cardinal, removed Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke from his position as Prefect of the Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, or from any pastoral, governance, or judicial position, and named him to the almost purely honorific position of “Cardinal Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta” (usually given to retired cardinals or historically as a ceremonial position that is held by cardinals exercising actual pastoral or governing functions elsewhere).

However LifeSiteNews has started up a petition for faithful souls to communicate their appreciation of Cardinal Burke in this time of trial.  Already nearly 17,000 have signed the petition, and I encourage you to do so if you have not already.  I think this is a beautiful gesture and I agree with LSN that Cardinal Burke’s demotion represents a loss to the pro-life and family movements, but perhaps the good cardinal will be able to use the extra time he’ll now have to conduct an even more effective, if ad hoc, public ministry.

I can say that the petition expresses my opinion regarding Cardinal Burke wholeheartedly:

I would like to express my personal gratitude for your faithful service these past years as prefect of the Apostolic Signatura. In particular, I wish to thank you for being a strong and uncompromising voice in defense of the truths of life and the family.

Though I, and countless fellow Catholics and pro-life and pro-family advocates, will miss your voice and presence at the Vatican, I know that a transfer of position will do nothing to dissuade you from courageously proclaiming the truths of the Gospel of Life.

You have inspired me to stand up for the truth in charity despite all costs. I pledge myself to be a voice like yours – a voice of truth in season and out of season.

I offer you my heartfelt prayers and well wishes as you go through this period of transition. May God bless you. 

[Your name]

————–End Quote————–

Even more than being witnesses to the sanctity of life and marriage from conception or matrimony to natural death, we must be stalwart defenders of the Truth Christ has revealed in every respect.  The whole moral edifice of the Church is under attack as never before…….let us stand with the great Saints, Fathers, and past popes in defending it no matter who is the source of the attack.  Truth is no respecter of persons.  Those who hold error must be corrected, in charity.  I pray Cardinal Burke will continue to give witness to this fact, as well.

Radfem professor that attacked pro-lifers sentenced, civil suit pending November 7, 2014

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I guess I had missed the fact that the radical feminist professor who attacked a teen pro-lifer on the UC-Santa Barbara campus earlier this year had been sentenced to three year’s probation.  The college refused to discipline her in any way, however, and tried to blame the pro-lifers for, in essence, being where they do not belong.  It’s quite delicious how elitist and cloistered the left truly is, quite the opposite of the egalitarianism it loves to wrap itself with.  Nevertheless, the “professor” of queer theory and pornography Mireille Miller-Young and the university are now being sued for the assault:

The pro-life group Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLF) filed a civil lawsuit Thursday against the University of California, Santa Barbara and feminist professor Mireille Miller-Young, who was recently convicted of stealing from and assaulting pro-life protesters earlier this year.

The feminist studies professor, who specializes in queer theory and pornography, went on a video-recorded rampage in March when she stole and destroyed a pro-life poster, before attacking and causing minor injuries to 16-year-old protestor Thrin Short. [Oh I’m sure what a deep intellect this woman possesses, taking on such vital topics!  Now, one might ask, how on earth does a raging feminist rationalize her eager support for pornography, the most objectifying of objectifications of women?  Hypocrisy, thy name is leftism]

In July, Miller-Young was convicted of assaulting Short, and stealing and destroying the protestors’ property.

The Life and Legal Foundation, however, is taking Miller-Young back to court on behalf of the demonstrators who were attacked during the March confrontation. The foundation filed a civil suit Thursday against Miller-Young, UC Santa Barbara and a group of students who assisted the professor during the attack, according to a Life and Legal Foundation press release. LLF is seeking compensation for physical battery, property theft and civil rights violations.

Though Miller-Young was court-ordered to attend conflict resolution classes through the Quaker Church, and is currently serving three years of probation, bureaucrats at UC Santa Barbara never reprimanded the professor for her actions. In fact, the professor is still listed on the school’s faculty webpage as an associate professor in the public university’s feminist studies department.

So, what does this special snowflake of a princess conduct her oh-so-vital “research” on?

The Ph.D.-wielding professor whose dissertation is called “A Taste for Brown Sugar: The History of Black Women in American Pornography,” is still listed as an associate professor at the public university…..

“In fact, communications from university officials implied that the youth who had been peacefully engaged in advocating a pro-life worldview caused the incident,” the press release said.

We all know there are some decent universities still out there.  And even at good ol’ State U I managed to completely avoid any of this kind of garbage, mostly by virtue of being an engineering major.  I did have one history class I took where the professor was wacked out, but even back then I knew more about 20th century American history than she did and she was scared of me, so she toned down her socialist crap.  But nothing so blatantly immoral as this.

However, if one of my children wanted to attend some state university and major in one of these useless subjects like queer feminist Vietnamese theory, I would have to say…….do it on your own dime.  I don’t think there is even a remote chance of that happening, but it is amazing to me how many at least moderately faithful Catholic parents will turn the child they so carefully raised and preserved from this insanely perverse culture loose on some loony college campus to be radicalized.  Kids don’t magically cross some boundary  when they turn 18 where parents just have to take a hands-off approach and let them make their own mistakes.  At least, I don’t think so.  I’ll let them make their own mistakes when they’re……fifty.

Seriously, though, obviously kids will sometimes insist on making really bad choices, and parents do not always have the control they would like. But too often, parents are willing co-conspirators in some dangerous and even self-destructive behavior, because they have been catechized by the culture to believe that 18 is some magical age where the chrysalis opens and the butterfly must be free to fly, fly away!

So one time this good local priest went on a very appropriate harangue about the collapse of Notre Dame University as a Catholic university.  And some parents who had just committed a child to this formerly Catholic institution were at that Mass, and they got all upset.  Not at their decision, naturally, but at the priest.  How dare he make them feel bad!  They got all irate, and the priest actually apologized later.

What happened to the child, raised with so much care and concern?  I’ll not go into too much detail, but simply say that the outcome appears far from ideal.

But who knows, maybe they’ll convert back and be the next Michael Voris.  What do I know?

UN surreptitiously sterilizes millions of Africans through tetanus shot? November 7, 2014

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Wow. If true – and given the UN’s eager promotion of the leftist agenda of population control, it would certainly fit – what an unbelievable travesty.  I haven’t had a tetanus booster in nearly 20 years and my doctor asks me every year at my physical if I want one.  Ummm…….no thanks?  I have not done so because they’ve combined it with whooping cough now and I’m more than a bit concerned about the origin of this particular vaccine.

This is just so evil, and yet so typical of the modern left that dominates non-governmental organizations, the UN, and so many national governments.  They know what is best for us, we will be made to comply with their unholy agenda whether we want to or not, they will find ways to make us sick and sterile and thus dependent on them, they will manipulate seemingly innocuous services to their nefarious ends……it is of the devil:

Kenya’s Catholic bishops are charging two United Nations organizations with sterilizing millions of girls and women under cover of an anti-tetanus inoculation program sponsored by the Kenyan government.

According to a statement released Tuesday by the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, the organization has found an antigen that causes miscarriages in a vaccine being administered to 2.3 million girls and women by the World Health Organization and UNICEF. Priests throughout Kenya reportedly are advising their congregations to refuse the vaccine.

“We sent six samples from around Kenya to laboratories in South Africa. They tested positive for the HCG antigen,” Dr. Muhame Ngare of the Mercy Medical Centre in Nairobi told LifeSiteNews. “They were all laced with HCG.”

Dr. Ngare, spokesman for the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, stated in a bulletin released November 4, “This proved right our worst fears; that this WHO campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus but a well-coordinated forceful population control mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility regulating vaccine. This evidence was presented to the Ministry of Health before the third round of immunization but was ignored.”

But the government says the vaccine is safe. Health Minister James Macharia even told the BBC, “I would recommend my own daughter and wife to take it because I entirely 100% agree with it and have confidence it has no adverse health effects.”  [That is not a denial.  It’s not even close. He simply agrees with the intention of the vaccine, to render women sterile.]

Supporters of the vaccine say women who receive the shots are still getting pregnant.  But this is not the first time such an attempt at mass sterilization has been made, and it takes a while for the vaccine to take effect:

“We knew that the last time this vaccination with five injections has been used was in Mexico in 1993 and Nicaragua and the Philippines in 1994,” said Dr. Ngare. “It didn’t cause miscarriages till three years later,” which is why, he added, the counterclaims that women who got the vaccination recently and then got pregnant are meaningless.

Ngare said WHO tried to bring the same anti-fertility program into Kenya in the 1990s. “We alerted the government and it stopped the vaccination. But this time they haven’t done so.”

This sounds very strange.  If they keep messing with vaccines, deriving them from hideous sources or mixing in things that are immoral, people are going to stop receiving them en masse and we’re going to be back to the days of mass plagues.

But I’m far from sure the sterilizers care.  Once one is disconnected from the Faith and the morality it requires there is no limit to the evil to which men will stoop.

Lena Dunham perversion reveals the manifest sickness so prevalent in the “elite” left November 4, 2014

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NOTE: This post is for adult readers only and those who are not easily troubled by explicit content of a graphic nature related to human anatomy and perversions of the marital act.

I don’t know if you’ve been following the scandal of Lena Dunham’s autobiography, which she pitched as being “the voice of her generation.”  Please.  Dunham is descended from a old liberal family of great wealth.  Given her abysmal lack of talent (I say that objectively) and the very low ratings of her self-indulgent HBO product Girls, it seems apparent to me that it was her family’s money that got their troubled daughter this high-profile gig.  Dunham also attracted attention in 2012 in her campaign ad for Barack Obama, in which she compared voting for Obama to losing one’s virginity.  While many found that commercial trite and offensive, further revelations indicate that commercial may have said more about Dunham than she intended.

Back to her biography, from what was intended to be a vehicle to advance her stardom, such as it is, to new heights, it has now become an enormous source of scandal.  Not only does Dunham reveal in this biography her own perverted acts, which probably played a significant role in her sister self-identifying as a gomorrist, but she also reveals how sick and twisted her own upbringing was at the hands of her “artist” parents.  In reading some of the excerpts from her book, I could not help but thinking that her parents behaved exactly like child molesters, grooming their children from a very young age to be comfortable with adult nudity and explicit depictions of sexuality (both in their “art” and otherwise), and that the entire family is a case study in the endless decadence in our left wing cultural elites.  A few excerpts from the book (final warning, this material is inescapably perverse and explicit as it contains direct quotes from Miss Dunham’s biography.  Emphasis and comments mine):

Still, to dismiss Lena Dunham as an insulated and spoiled child of Manhattan’s ruling class is to misunderstand her story entirely. If there is such a thing as actually abusing a child through excessive generosity and overindulgence, then Lena Dunham’s parents are child abusers. Her father, Carroll Dunham, is a painter noted for his primitive brand of highbrow pornography, his canvases anchored by puffy neon-pink labia; her photographer mother filled the family home with nude pictures of herself, “legs spread defiantly.” Self-styled radicals from old money, they were not the sort of people inclined to enforce even the most lax of boundaries. And they were, in their daughter’s telling, enablers of some very disturbing behavior that would be considered child abuse in many jurisdictions — Lena Dunham’s sexual abuse, specifically, of her younger sister, Grace, the sort of thing that gets children taken away from non-millionaire families without Andover pedigrees and Manhattanite social connections. Dunham writes of casually masturbating while in bed next to her younger sister, [While Dunham was 17 and her sister 10] of bribing her with “three pieces of candy if I could kiss her on the lips for five seconds . . . anything a sexual predator might do to woo a small suburban girl I was trying.” At one point, when her sister is a toddler, Lena Dunham pries open her vagina — “my curiosity got the best of me,” she offers, as though that were an explanation. “This was within the spectrum of things I did.” [Leaving out many other sordid details, such as dressing her sister up as a whore to be used around age 5, Dunham engaged in extremely questionable if not outright abusive behavior of her sister for over 10 years, routinely violating her young sister’s most vulnerable and private dimensions. There is an extremely strong correlation between childhood sex abuse at the hands of a same-sex abuser and later manifestation of same-sex attraction.  Is it any wonder, then, that Dunham’s sister – named Grace, of all things – has wound up drawn to same sex perversion?]

…..When Dunham inspects her sister’s business, she shrieks at what she sees: “Grace had stuffed six or seven pebbles in there. . . . Grace cackled, thrilled that her prank had been such a success.” Dunham’s writing often is unclear (willfully so, it seems), but the context here — Grace has overheard her older sister asking whether her baby sister has a uterus — and Grace’s satisfaction with her prank suggest that Grace was expecting her older sister to go poking around in her genitals and inserted the pebbles in expectation of it. Grace is around one year old at the time of these events. There is no non-horrific interpretation of this episode. As for stroking her mother’s vagina, having mistaken it for her hairless cat . . .[As I said, it seems nudity and reckless disregard for the rights of a child to be brought up in a wholesome environment sustaining of virtue were completely disregarded.  How on earth did Lena Dunham come to fondle her own mother, mistaking her parts for a cat?  How did she manage to repeatedly kiss her sister on the lips for 5 seconds at a time?  Somehow I managed entirely through my childhood without coming within 50 yards of either.]

Dunham also made a casual rape allegation she has refused to publicly either denounce or stand behind, resulting in at least one man’s life being ruined, and probably that of his entire family:

Lena Dunham never actually writes that she was raped by a mustachioed campus Republican named Barry at Oberlin College. She leads up to it with a long story about her childhood misuse of the word “rape” — she accuses her little sister of raping her and tells people that her father sticks a fork in her vagina when she misbehaves — and dwells on her lifelong fear of being raped. [Those who have experienced abuse often have enormous sensitivity to the future prospect of it happening again.  This girl is a walking tragedy, both sufferer and inflicter of an endless cycle of pain on others. I would never, ever want to be independently wealthy.  It is a curse for the vast majority.] She describes two different versions of the same sexual encounter, in the latter version insisting that she did not consent to what happened. And in a remarkably dishonest turn, she has other people describe the event as “rape,” thereby dodging any intellectual or moral responsibility for making the claim herself.

It takes me about two minutes to discover a Republican named Barry whose time at Oberlin coincided with Dunham’s. A few minutes later, I know a great deal about him: Where he works, where he lives, what he majored in, his high-school-prom plans, people we know in common, and other surprising intersections between our lives. When I call him at his office, I get the distinct impression that I am not the first reporter to have done so. “I don’t have anything to say about what I know you’re calling about,” he says. We speak very briefly, and he is concerned that I will use his name. It’s a strange thing to be concerned about — his name is out there, easily found. Oberlin opened an investigation into the incident after the publication of Dunham’s book and has consulted with the local police department. The statute of limitations for rape in Ohio is 20 years, and Dunham graduated in 2008.

As for how she got so irreversibly messed up, I think Kevin Williamson about nails it:

She did not get this way by accident; she got this way because the series of economic and intellectual cloisters in which she has lived her life have functioned as the emotional equivalent of Song-dynasty foot-binding: Intended to bring her nearer to perfection, they have instead left her disfigured and disabled……Dunham is busily building an ever-thicker cocoon of fantasy, prescription drugs, and weaponized celebrity, manipulating reality to her own specifications. If she is emblematic of her generation, it is in that her life, in her own telling, is a reminder that being ruined by comfort and privilege is as easy as (perhaps easier than) being crippled by privation and abuse.

There is your left wing elite, America.  Dunham is just a less intelligent version of very many others who are just as perverse and just as disassociated from virtue and reason as she is.  Dunham was not smart enough to know where to draw the line in the telling of her tales.  She revealed far too much and of the wrong things.  Her bio has turned into a PR disaster and her career will be gravely inhibited.  But there are tens of thousands just as perverse as she who did not make the same mistakes, and direct our society through the leftist dominated government-media-entertainment complex more and more every day.

What we have to understand is that leftism is inherently, consciously opposed to Christianity and especially that old “monster,” the Catholic Church.  The Church was the reason for the left’s coming into being and has been the primary target in almost all the revolutions the left has inflicted upon helpless innocents since.  The kinds of perversion outlined in brief above – there was much, much more – have been prominent characteristics of the radical elements in Western Civilization since they first burst on the scene at the start of the 16th century.  They are as antithetical to the Faith as satan himself, but through centuries of propaganda have become accepted as “normal” by huge swaths of people.

Sometimes the enemy is a frightening muslim dressed in black battle fatigues and with an AK and C4 strapped to his back.  Sometimes it is a diminutive little girl who sells herself a slice at a time.  The latter may be the more destructive.

Understanding the cold sterility of perverse, “same-sex” relations October 29, 2014

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The very philosophical E.Bougis at FideCogitActio has a post examining the ontological differences between normal, rightly ordered (and God-ordained) desires ordered towards the procreation of children, and the cold, barren sterility of perverse relations between people of the same sex.  Both Mr. Bougis’ own analysis, and a quote from Germain Grisez are worthy of reading.  First, Mr. Bougis:

Homosexuality is, by definition, love of one’s sameness-in-sex. It is, in other words, love of one’s self-in-sex. Homosexuality is, therefore, onanism by a longer name. It is the quintessence of the contraceptive (i.e. sterile) mentality. As such, it is not simply immoral; it is an aesthetic outrage, and therefore it is the pageant of our grotesque age.

For those who are, like me, unaware of what “onanism” means, it means self-abuse.  And without going into too much detail, I fervently agree. I have long believed that so-called homosexuality is a very highly developed form of narcissistic self-love, fed by self-abuse, that over time and especially with repeated exposure to pornography can eventually – not in every case, but in some – cause an individual to actually develop appetites for the same in intimate relations rather than the opposite.  Yes there are many corollary factors such as childhood sex abuse by a same-sex abuser (THE number one cause for falling into this kind of lifestyle), absent or distant fathers, perhaps even a certain predisposition to this kind of perversion, but overall, the perverse appetites develop as a result of unconstrained and truly abusive descent into addictive self-pleasuring.  As the mind and soul experience more and more of this pleasure at the, ahem, hands of the self, somehow the natural appetites are deranged to desire not the opposite, but the same in this powerful and almost totally misunderstood realm of psycho-sexual behavior.  Acceptance of self-abuse as “natural, normal, and harmless” in pseudo-scientific literature on the subject in such disastrous “guides” as The Joy of Sex and others caused, I believe, the explosion in perverse behavior we have seen in the past few decades.  Between normal relations rendered sterile by contraception, and the virtual epidemic of self-abuse in our culture (virtually every man today abuses himself regularly, and the large majority of women now, too), individual’s normal repulsion towards unnatural behaviors has been dramatically lessened, and the groundwork laid for “tolerance” and even “acceptance” of incredibly destructive behaviors.  We presently have an epidemic of intentional sterility in our culture, and that epidemic is destroying it.  God always allows our own worst sins to be our downfall, whether as individuals, or as a society.

On to Germain Grisez’ comments:

[A]lthough it is true that partners in sodomy also could conceivably share in a committed relationship with sincere mutual affection and express their feelings in ways that would be appropriate in any friendship, the coupling of two bodies of the same sex cannot form one complete organism and so cannot contribute to a bodily communion of persons. Hence, the experience of intimacy of the partners in sodomy cannot be the experience of any real unity between them. [Which is why so many same-sex “couples” practice serial “infidelity” and few relations last any length of time.  Even those most “committed” partnerings held up as examples of “virtuous” same-sex behavior almost always tolerate regular couplings outside the “committed” relationship]Rather, each one’s experience of intimacy is private and incommunicable, and is no more a common good than is the mere experience of sexual arousal and orgasm. Therefore, the choice to engage in sodomy for the sake of that experience of intimacy in no way contributes to the partners’ real common good as committed friends.

Someone who admits that sodomy necessarily lacks the unitive significance of heterosexual intercourse which makes a couple a single reproductive principle might nevertheless suggest that a couple can choose such sodomitic intercourse as a way of communicating good will and affection. [I’m sorry, but to sodomize someone is such a violent, unnatural act, I find any such claims to be mere shams, ridiculous cover given to try to excuse the inexcusable.]However, just as with fornicators, sexual intercourse is not chosen by sodomites in preference to conversation and mutually beneficial acts because it is the more expressive means of communicating good will and affection. Rather, it is chosen because it provides subjective satisfactions otherwise unavailable. [And I think the act in question involves the acting out of very sick and twisted roles of aggressor and submissive which, in almost every human society in history until now, were always understood to be the resort of a demented mind.  Fem-fem acting out is just as sick even if the abuse takes place in different ways.] Consequently, while sodomites may not choose, as fornicators do, an illusory good instead of a real one, they do choose to use their own and each other’s bodies to provide subjective satisfactions, and thus they choose self-disintegrity as masturbators do. Of course, while masturbators can be interested exclusively in the experience of sexual arousal and orgasm, sodomites also are interested in the illusion of intimacy.” (From The Way of the Lord Jesus, vol. 2)

Perhaps, but  I would argue that even these relatively benign (but still outrageously perverse) reasons for this behavior given above are rare in the individuals so accursed.  That is why even in public demonstrations of their perversions these poor lost souls cannot help but engage in outrageous displays of nudity, sado-masochism, denigration of wholesome institutions (like the Church and family), and violence.  Anyone who has seen photos of “pride” parades knows this to be true, and while perhaps most do not engage in these very public displays of degeneration, a very large number do so in private.


And what is more, these folks know, deep down inside, what they are.  That is why they demand such constant affirmations and even glorification from the culture at large, and why they will persecute the faithful with an unyielding savagery.

It is amazing I even have to write this.  The very idea that someone would have to explain the manifest grotesqueness of this perverse behavior against widespread societal acceptance would have shocked the average person from even 20 or 30 years ago.  That is how far we have fallen, so very fast.

And yet our beloved Church is absolutely infested with this perversion.  Lord, have mercy.



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