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Catholic Bioethics discussion tonight! August 19, 2014

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There will be a presentation by a Catholic bio-ethicist at Prince of Peace parish in Plano tonight, Aug 19, from 7p-8:30p.  The talk will be in the Saint James Hall.  The talk is being sponsored by the Prince of Peace Young Adult Ministry which is administered by my friend Josh Schwartz.  See below for all details.  A bit about the speaker:

Our presenter, Brandon P. Brown, studied political philosophy as an undergraduate at the University of Dallas. He completed his MD and MA through a joint degree program in philosophy and medicine at Indiana University. He is a past fellow of the Indiana University Center for Bioethics, and performed research on brain death at the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum in Rome, Italy. He is actively involved in undergraduate and graduate medical education in Indiana, serves as faculty in the School of Medicine, and has spoken on topics including beginning of life ethics, personhood, embryo adoption, and medical education.

Dr. Brown practices pediatric radiology at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, IN where he specializes in prenatal imaging. At IU, he is Assistant Professor of Radiology, Medical Humanities, and Philosophy.

I know nothing of the presenter other than the above, but I do know Josh is very solid and has been doing some very good work in local parishes.  It was Josh and Father Rangel who organized the Good Friday Procession from downtown Dallas to north Plano this year, passing and praying outside some local mills and strip joints along the way.  I really hope to participate next year!  And I love Father Rangel!

Anyway, if you’re interested in bio-ethics or have questions about in vitro and all the Frankensteinian behavior of the medical community today, it might not be a bad presentation to attend.


Support White Rose Women’s Center – dinner with Rick Santorum August 19, 2014

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You can say what  you will about former Senator Santorum’s politics overall, he was very pro-life in the Senate and there is not a better organization to support, locally.  White Rose Women’s Center, whose two locations provide crisis pregnancy services to women being pressured to kill their child, is always in need of support.  Their only limitation in helping women and families in need is their resources.  Major fundraising efforts like this result in more abortions stopped, more lives saved, and more souls converted, if not to a life of virtue at least from the depths that led them to contemplate abortion.  Many souls reached by White Rose either do convert, or practice their Catholic Faith in a much more pious and faithful manner after interacting with this great charitable service.

The dinner is Friday October 24 at 7 pm at the Dallas Country Club.   You can register here at the White Rose site.



The only question I have is whether fish will be served.  Of course it will, right?!

You can also contact the below for reservations:

Cheryl Kubic

No, I have no idea of the price.  But remember it’s for a very, very good cause.

Contemplating the above made me think what some of the crisis pregnancy centers will do once the mills shutting down under HB2 are gone.  Two are next to mills that won’t exist in a couple of weeks, God willing.  And there will be the new Planned Barrenhood super abortuary to contend with. I’m sure there will be a CPC near that PB abortuary soon.  As for the other locations, I wonder if they will close?

What a great day, though, when their won’t be mills next to some of the crisis pregnancy centers, because they’ve gone!  If HB2 isn’t overturned between now and then, I’m going to have a party on Sept 1!

Pro-life prayer vigil outside the new Planned Barrenhood mill in South Dallas Sat Aug 16 August 12, 2014

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There will be a major pro-life prayer vigil, apparently interfaith, outside the new Planned Barrenhood mega-mill set to open soon in South Dallas.  Banned Parenthood is opening this new facility so they can continue to perform abortions, ostensibly in conformance with last year’s HB2, which made minimum health and safety requirements for abortion mills mandatory.  All other mills in Dallas, it is my understanding, will be closing Aug 31, since the law goes into effect Sept 1 (save for Curtis Boyd’s abattoir).

The vigil starts at 10a, so it probably won’t be much above 95 at that point.  Comparatively temperate.  The mill is at 7989 West Virginia Dr in Dallas near Methodist Hospital (I certainly hope Methodist didn’t give privileges to the abortionists.  My brother works there).

There will also be an “informational meeting” at Christ for the Nations conference center at 350 W. Kiest in Dallas at 11:30.  There will be a former Planned Parenthood employee laying down the evils of that organization, as if my readers needed any more evidence.  I’ll be skipping that.  But we may try to go to the morning vigil.

All info here—–>>>>> South_Dallas_Vigil_8-16-14

Interesting that Texas Alliance for Life is involved.  They have been controversial with some pro-lifers in some of their stances.


Thorough report on the grave and continuing problems at Catholic Relief Services August 11, 2014

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Christine Niles has an internet radio show called Forward Boldly.  She interviewed Dr. Stephen Mosher of the Population Research Institute late last week regarding the ongoing scandal of Catholic Relief Services’ involvement in distribution of contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization agents in its “relief” work in Africa and other places.

The program is an hour long but very worth listening to.  While it does rehash some material from last  year’s scandalous revelations regarding CRS and its far too cozy relationship with many pro-abort, contraceptive-distributing, population control agencies, there is much new ground covered.  This is a really valuable contribution, I thank Christine and Dr. Mosher for their efforts:

Key takeaways, for me:

  • Catholic Relief Services’ near total dependence on federal funding has resulted in a severe compromise of the organization’s Catholic character and moral behavior.  CRS receives over 70% of its funding from the federal government
  • The US bishops interpret both the receipt of federal funding, and the Constitution’s “no establishment” clause, to mean they cannot “discriminate” in hiring only faithful Catholics to staff organizations like CRS.  Note, the bishops never fought over this interpretation, they simply yielded to it as a matter of course. So, CRS in Africa and around the world is frequently staffed with leftist atheists, evangelical protestants, pagan libertines, etc., all working to undermine Catholic Doctrine in one of the few places it is still relatively observed, Africa.
  • CRS is staffed with many people from radical population control NGOs like International Planned Barrenhood and the UN Population Fund.  These organizations are totally, completely steeped in the contraceptive/abortive mindset.  The idea that these people once hired by a Catholic institution would suddenly give up their lifelong support for abortion or contraception at the behest of the Church is ludicrous.  The data indicates they do not.
  • CRS in Africa and, I’m certain, around the world, operates like a rogue agent, completely independent from local diocesan oversight.  This is the claim of bishops of Madagascar.
  • CRS has been directly involved in the distribution of contraceptives and dangerous abortifacients like Depo-Provera.
  • CRS routinely engages in obfuscation and prevarication in attempting to escape moral culpability and oversight of its pro-population control activities
  • USAID, the source of much of CRS’ funding, is one of the most virulently, dogmatic population control agencies in the world.  Does anyone think he who pays the piper does not call the tune, in this case?

There are many more really devastating points raised in the show.  I encourage you to listen to all of it.

The federal government is no friend of the Church, or the moral order. The federal government is increasingly an institution of radical social change, endemically hostile to the interests of the Church and right moral conduct.  And yet, the bishops of the United States choose to be more and more and MORE dependent on federal funding.  Right now they are getting deeply embroiled in this immigration fiasco/”crisis,” receiving federal funding to provide some kind of help, but note the timing: the federal government just imposed a regulation saying even private contractors, like churches, who receive federal funding, cannot discriminate on the basis of “sexual orientation.”  The Church in this country has already been badly compromised over the issue of federal funding for contraception and abortion and the willingness of at least some Church organs to provide those services, now the Church is faced with endorsing sodomy in order to keep Uncle Sam’s gravy train rolling.  OK, perhaps not “faced,” quite yet, but soon, and inevitably.

As the threats against the rights of the Church from the government mount, as the undermining of the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ advances,it is well past time to end this dependence on federal funding.  It will only be used more and more as a club to attempt to beat the Church into sexular pagan submission.

There is also very good content featuring Michael Hitchborn from American Life League, which I shouldn’t neglect to mention.  When I hear him describe how often the bishop’s seem utterly surprised to find out what is going on at their own agencies, agencies they supposedly spend most of their time overseeing (which is why bishops are supposed to be so rarely available within their own dioceses, because they are always off performing USCCB-level tasks), I have to laugh.  Either the bishops are saying they have no control over their bureaucracy, in which case, nice management skills there, or the exasperation at the continued revelation of these ongoing scandals and the highly problematic nature of all these bureaucracies is just an effort at cover-up and blame-shifting.  Which one would like to think would be beneath the nature of a prelate in Christ’s Holy Church, but I don’t think we can make that assumption, given the course of the entire abuse scandal.

I guess a good question is, how, and when, did the episcopate in this country (and so many others) go so totally off the rails.  And why?

Pro-abort communists touring Texas in opposition to HB2 August 4, 2014

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As has been covered extensively on this blog, House Bill 2 was a major pro-life measure that imposed several very reasonable restrictions on abortionists.  The first of these was that all baby murderers had to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles.  Another key measure Bloody_Coat_Hangers_Texas_Abortionrequired abortion facilities to meet the same health and safety standards as other ambulatory surgery centers.  Abortion is a messy, bloody process – anyone who sees the poor women wheeled out of abortionist’s abattoirs, the women pale and shaken, often with visible blood stains, knows this to be true.  But it is this restriction that most rankles the abortion industry because it is likely to be the most effective – most abortion mills are dingy, run down, ill-maintained, and come nowhere close to passing the minimum health and safety requirements. To do so would cut too deeply into the abortionists real goal, his profits.  So many mills are shutting down or scheduled to do so in advance of the implementation of this measure Sept 1.

In light of that, there is an ongoing lawsuit against the State of Texas being heard in an Austin courtroom right now.  A number of pro-life warriors from Dallas actually went down to Austin to witness for life during this critical fight.  Of course, the pro-aborts were there, too.  They have been “touring” Texas in a bus for the past few days [I cannot recommend going to that link.  There is unfortunate use of language].  And as usual, they are getting outside funding to cover their very comfortable little trip through this great State.  In fact, $30,000 to cover about a dozen radical communist abortion lovers, as RS McCain reports:

“Stop Patriarchy” (@StopPatriarchy) is a front group for theRevolutionary Communist Party (RCP), a Maoist cult led by Bob Avakian, a septuagenarian leftover of 1960s Berkeley radicalism. (For background on these deranged freaks, read the entries “Robert Avakian”and “Revolutionary Communist Party” at Discover the Networks.)

The commies held a protest Thursday in Houston, Texas:

If the War Against Women is a national battle, Texas is ground zero.
That’s according to Sunsara Taylor, a leader of Stop Patriarchy, a movement that is attempting end to the enslavement and degradation of women — notably when it comes to the right to an abortion and the production of pornography.
“Roe v. Wade began in Texas, and the (pro-life constituency) plan(s) on ending it in Texas,” Taylor said. “We came here to stand up against that.”
Thursday, Stop Patriarchy held the first protest of its 2014 abortion rights freedom ride, outside the Harris County Republican Party Offices. Protesters chanted, “fetuses are not babies,”  [an utter demonic lie. This is the fundamental philosophical flaw at the heart of the pro-abort lie.  If a fetus is not a baby, when does it become one?  Barbara Boxer, IDIOT-CA, famously could not even remotely answer this question on the floor of the US Senate.] “abortion is not murder” and “women are not incubators.”  They also held up faux-bloodied coat hangers and held photos of women who died from illegal abortions, an homage to the commonality of the practice during the early 20th century. [It was never common. Abortion was not 1/100th as common prior to Roe v. Wade as it became afterwards. Statistics claiming deaths of women from abortion prior to Roe were completely made up.  The real data shows that perhaps a handful - 5 or 6 - women died a year from complications from botched, illegal abortions, not much different from the number who die with botched, legal abortions today.  Abortion is a very dangerous procedure and complications are extremely common. Which underscores the necessity of the state law for these mills to meet at least some minimum health and safety requirements.  But you cannot say that to a demonic communist pro-abort]
Taylor said that, under the guidance of Texas’s Republican Party, women could be forced back to the practices of those dangerous days to deal with unwanted pregnancies. [Are these feminists admitting that abortion, far from being the empowering and liberating experience they purport it to be, is something often foisted on women without their choice or consent?  That seems to be what they are saying]  On Sept. 1, as part of legislation under Texas House Bill 2, there are projected to be six abortion clinics in the state.
Stop Patriarchy will make other stops in Austin, San Antonio and Rio Grande Valley as part of its crowdfunded trip until Aug. 21. [This is a great victory and blessing, the closure of 2/3 of the baby murder mills in Texas]

…….You might think that a self-described revolutionary communist like Taylor, if interviewed by the mainstream media, would at least use that as an opportunity to mention, y’know, communism and revolution. But no, there seems to be some kind of tacit agreement that these subjects won’t be mentioned in the mainstream press.  [Of course not, the media is filled with progressive allies of commies if not outright



communists themselves, and they will do nothing that will hurt their cause.  The media is utterly lost, and with it, the Republic, or very nearly so]

Texas Right for Life does mention the RCP, pointing out that some pro-abortion activists in Texas are angry because Stop Patriarchy managed to raise more than $30,000 for their Texas tour……..[That's what I mean by comfort. 32 large for ten women for a week. Very comfortable.  These pro-aborts are paid professional communist out of state agitators.  They have absolutely no valid voice in this matter]

[McCain goes on to note that even the whole wire coat hanger business is nothing but a prop for political theater] “The wire hanger is indeed a powerful symbol — the symbol of a lie engineered with malice aforethought. . . .“The wire hanger . . . is not an accurate symbol of a bloody and regrettable past, but is rather . . . a fund-raising tool. “[I]t is a grotesque fund-raising tool, but then abortion is a grotesque business. The wire hanger is a way to change the subject from the reality of abortion in these United States, which is that it exists mainly as a tool for enabling sexual convenience at the cost of a human life.”  [Dang straight.  Good qoute]

—————–End Quote—————-

But communists have always loved abortion, because it, along with contraception and divorce, are the key enablers of the destruction of the

12 wk

12 wk

family. Absent family, the communist state can more readily assume its totalitarian nature.  That is why Lenin and his cohort instituted all three in the formerly very conservative society of Russia after their victory in the Bolshevik Revolution.  The damage to Russian culture and the psyche of millions of individual Russians has been immense – the Russian population is in free fall and their birth rate, in spite of recent government incentives to improve it, remains catastrophically low.

And these pro-abort communists, who are the very core of the pro-abort demondustry, want to keep this evil forever in this state!  They don’t have any one’s interest at heart save for their own, and their own sick lust for power and “revolution.”

What is really sad is how much these women have accepted a monstrously evil ideology that goes completely against feminine nature and every higher instinct of women.  I cannot imagine the gaping wounds that led them into such a nightmarish belief system.  That is to say, they are profoundly screwed up.  It is very easy to be angry at such people, because their ideas hurt so many others, but what they really are is sad, pathetic. They have been sold a lie of titanic proportions and bought it entirely.  And that lie will only cause they themselves to be miserable throughout their life.  It’s a tragedy all around, while satan laughs.

Raging feminist professor who assaulted pro-lifers at UCSB pleads no contest July 24, 2014

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You remember the raging feminist professor who attacked pro-life students from Thomas Aquinas College at UC-Santa Barbara a few months ago?  She pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor charges.  So, yay for justice? Money says she gets a slap on the wrist:

The pro-abortion feminist studies professor at University of California Santa Barbara who attacked a young pro-life activist, stole and destroyed her sign, and encouraged a group of students to violence, inciting an angry mob, has plead no contest to criminal charges.

The incident, which took place on March 4, saw two pro-life students Thrin and Joan Short, lead the peaceful pro-life outreach event with 11 friends, most of whom were students from Thomas Aquinas College.

They used signs displaying images of abortion victims to begin conversations with students before a confrontation by Professor of Feminist Studies, Mireille Miller-Young turned violent.  The angry professor interrupted the students’ calm interaction with the activists by grabbing a pro-life sign out of the hands of one of them, carrying the sign off through the campus flanked by her students, and then assaulting Thrin Short while trying to hide from police, who were on their way, the group said.

Police officers later found the remains of the sign, which had been destroyed. UC Santa Barbara police are completing their report to be submitted for prosecution.

Now, Miller-Young has entered a plea of nolo contendere (no contest) to the criminal charges against her, which include grand theft, vandalism, and battery. The plea means that she will be convicted on the three misdemeanor charges. A sentencing hearing has been set for late August, 2014.

This being California, and a really radically left wing college campus (one of the most thoroughly leftist in the country), and she being a radical feminist, I bet the total penalty comes down to 10 hours community service and a fine of less than $100.

Duties at college will count for community service, so the change in her life will be minimal.

The university has been very defensive and has imposed no known sanction against the professor (of a made up subject).  University officials have, for the most part, blamed the pro-lifers for the incident.

Peace and love, after all.  Until you get in our f—in’ way…….

For the record: Some of Abortion Barbie’s top campaign contributors July 21, 2014

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I mentioned in a post a month or two back that I had met an old school Republican party delegate, who shocked me when he told me he thought the masquerade known as same-sex marriage was just A-OK by him.  I relayed in this post how this guy sends me a lot mailings that amount to bated-breath Republican propaganda.  I ignore much of it.  But he put together some data on demonrat gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis aka Abortion Barbie’s funding sources, and I thought, for the record, it would not a bad thing to share.  I guess much of this was cobbled together from a recent Dallas Snoring News article.  It might be useful to scratch a few folks or organizations off your list, if you had any doubt:

* Actress Jennifer Garner………………$ 25,000

* Actor Matt Damon………………………$   5,000

* Marlo Thomas……………………………$   5,000

* Carrie Fisher……………………………..$      500

* Tom Hanks……………………………….$      500 [I too bought the fantasy peddled in the 90s, when he was at his peak, that Tom Hanks was a nice, normal guy.  There is no normal in Hollywood.  They are as alien to you and me as creatures from Mars]

* Abgail Disney,Walts grand daughter $ 5,000


* Houston Trial Lawyers Steve and Amber Mostyn…………….$ 738,000 includes $100,000 of air travel costs. We all know why trial lawyers want Democrats in office

* Willie Nelson……………………………..$ 250,000 and he also performed at a Wendy Fund Raiser [Oh Willie, all that pot has rotted your brain.  You're blinded to the totalitarian tendencies of progressivism and its nature as an outlook built on blood.  You never cease to disappoint me.  This is not the Depression, Willie, and this is not your grandfathers demonrat party.  Funny thing, an area priest knew Willie growing up in Abbot, and he's a screaming lib, too.  Something in the water, there?]

* Battleground Texas……………………$ 1,000,000 I am guessing Battle Ground got this money from the Natl Dem Party fund [This is the Obama-sourced group trying to turn Texas dem, permanently]

* Service Employees Union…………..$    250,000

* Assoc of State,county,employees  $    100,000

* Intnl brotherhood of Elec workers…$     50,000

* Planned Parenthood President……$     101,000 which includes $12,000 for website development.

* Emily’s List: supporter of abortion…$       75,000


I’m sure those last two have given a lot more than that, or will.  Most demonrat politicians thrive on illegal, under the table donations, as Obama did in his elections, taking money from foreign sources, the traitor.

In reality, I hope the dems and especially the pro-aborts go all-in and donate all the money they have to support Davis, because it will all be wasted.  It’s money that could be used for even more evil purposes, at least in this case, it won’t do as much real damage.


Planned Barrenhood to open new super mill in South Dallas July 16, 2014

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Naturally, that’s where most of the minorities are.

The below just goes to show you can’t trust a pro-abort. People who kill for a living are unlikely to bat an eye over a “little” thing like lying to someone’s face.  I say that because some time ago, I had a conversation with an area abortion mill worker who told me most of the mills would be closing when the state’s ambulatory surgery requirements went into effect.  This individual told me directly that Planned Barrenhood would be closing their mill and leaving only their Fort Worth abattoir open. They also said almost every other mill would close, too.

Well, either that was just bold-faced lying or it plans have changed, but shrill Cecile Richards was in town recently to tell us how wonderful it is that PB will be open a new megamill in South Dallas soon (they will close their other mill on Greenville Ave):

Planned Parenthood will open a new abortion clinic in Dallas in August that meets the structural standards of
an ambulatory surgical center, as required by the state’s new law.

In September, all abortion clinics will have to meet the structural requirments — such as specific room and doorway sizes, air sterilization systems, backup generators, blood supplies and male and female locker rooms.

Including the new Dallas clinic, seven of the 21 abortion clinics operating in the state meet the requirements.

The Center for Reproductive Rights filed a lawsuit on behalf of several abortion providers in Texas challenging the structural requirements.

Planned Parenthood purchased and renovated an existing surgical center with donations from the Building our Futures Fund.

“Our board and some of our donors and supporters put together a campaign to meet the needs of our patients over the coming years,” said Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas spokeswoman Sarah Wheat. Aside from funding the new clinic, the donations will go towards patient assistance and renovating family planning clinics in North Texas.

All abortion procedures will be transferred to the new facility beginning in August.

Some of the other mills – Robinson’s, Routh Street – are incapable of meeting the new requirements in their present locations, which are little more than hovels.  The pro-abort I spoke with indicated they would close, but Robinson has given no indication he plans to quit.  Maybe he’ll move to Planned Barrenhood.  This new facility will be large enough to have several killing rooms.

In other Banned Parenthood related news, Planned Parenthood in Colorado is being sued for failing to report the rape of a 13 year old girl and returning her to her abuser:

Planned Parenthood faces a legal challenge in Colorado after Cary Smith, of Federal Heights, discovered that clinic staff failed to inquire or report about suspected sexual abuse of her thirteen-year-old daughter after giving her an abortion……

…….Throughout the visit, four staff members spoke with and observed R.Z. and her step-father. All of them had opportunity to see that R.Z.’s birth date indicated she was only thirteen—well below the age of consent. Yet, none of them asked R.Z. about their relationship. None of them asked why their last names were different. None of them asked about potential sex abuse. And none of them reported anything to the state

After the abortion, R.Z. walked back out to the parking lot, got into her step-father’s car, and went back home. And the abuse continued…….[What an unmitigated nightmare. This child was abused by her step-father.  I read somewhere that rates of abuse by step-fathers are much higher than those of biological fathers.  Another wonderful result of no-fault divorce.]

……The first medical professionals who had seen R.Z.—the four Planned Parenthood staff members—must have known that her daughter was a potential victim of sexual abuse. These were professionals who had the information to do something. They had opportunity to ask R.Z. before her mother even knew.

And they had the responsibility to act—to report suspected child sex abuse—under Colorado law.

But these professionals did nothing. Worse, they performed a dangerous, legally-restricted procedure on a minor child, without informing her mother, and turned R.Z. back over to her rapist following the abortion.

At Planned Parenthood, they don’t want to know how old girls are.  They don’t want to know how old their partners are. They do everything they can to remain deliberately ignorant so they can avoid the mandatory reporter laws.  They do all they can, in essence, to allow the abuse to continue, even if they know it is rape.

And as former Kansas Attorney Phil Kline and the Live Action crew have found out, this attitude is systematic within Planned Parenthood.

Yet they remain one of the most sacred allies of the demonrat party.  Catholics don’t need to know anything else to know that voting democrat is gravely immoral.

Someone posited to me that the bishops should make clear that voting democrat is an act that incurs automatic excommunication.  I’m sure that would go over real well at the secret sessions of the USCCB!  But it’s an interesting thought.  I think it could be argued that the democrat party has become so thoroughly committed to advancing  evil in the last few years that voting for a democrat candidate, even one that pretends to be pro-life, is tantamount to a rejection of the Faith and grounds for excommunication.  What do you think?

Not that the Repubniks are any great shakes.  They have their own massive problems, like loving usury and being far more “Christian” in word than in deed.


Much news on the abortion front July 15, 2014

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There has been a great deal of news on the abortion front.  A former Planned Parenthood worker who has converted to the pro-life cause gave a speech recently in which she described her mill on baby-killing days.  It is chilling, to say the least:

Former Planned Parenthood worker Judith Fetrow spoke at a conference sponsored by The Pro-Life Action League which was recorded in a series of videos entitled Abortion: The Inside Story.The video series can be found here.

Judith Fetrow first discusses how legal abortion is not as safe as many believe:

It is difficult work at abortion for any length of time and continue to believe that it is a safe procedure. Even with the best doctors, abortion days are filled with minor and sometimes major complications. I watched Dr. William P perforate a woman’s uterus and then lie about the severity of the perforation. The most horrifying complication that I witnessed was a woman who stopped breathing during the abortion. Dr. Michael Sussman just walked out of the room when he was finished. Despite my telling him that our client was not breathing, he left me alone with her. When Dr. Sussman was forced to return we didn’t even follow emergency protocol for that situation. It was a miracle that this woman didn’t die.

I began to wonder if we were really caring for these women, or if we were just working for another corporation whose only interest was the bottom line.  [I don't have any wonder.  But even more, Planned Barrenhood is a completely diabolical organization that is utterly wedded to the idea of child sacrifice to the demonic gods of sexular paganism.  That's not how they think about it, consciously, but they regard abortion as the most sacred and inviolable shibboleth they hold, the thing with which they would not part if pushed to the last extreme.  That it is demonic is apparent to faithful souls, but they pretend it is liberating. I think they do know that abortion is the necessary and vital backstop for the entire sexular pagan ethos of free love and all that, and they are wedded to that ethos above all else.  They would rather shut down than stop abortin' and contraceptin'.]

Although workers can be protected from seeing the babies’ butchered bodies, there is no inoculation to make clinic workers immune to the smell of blood, and the smell of blood permeates the clinic on killing days. Generally there is one clinic worker in charge of the babies. No one at Planned Parenthood wanted this job. I did not particularly want this job. However, I did not want to see the babies treated disrespectfully. I did not want to hear Janice [another clinic worker] callously say she was taking the kids and putting them into daycare….

There is much more at the link.  Truly satanic.  Those poor workers.  Do they have any idea of the evil they are committing on a daily basis?  I can say from experience that they universally live in a state of complete denial, often aided by alcohol or other substances to keep their consciences good and dead.

In other news from Live Action, they have another video exposing Planned Barrenhood’s ongoing (and all too often successful) attempts to instill the most perverse practices of the sexular pagan culture in children.  I won’t post the video in this case, as I’ve done in the past, but just link to it.  There is apparently nothing to bizarre or extreme for a Banned Parenthood staffer to communicate to a child as “normal” sexual practice.  But what would one expect from women who participate in the murder of babies all day, or work for such a ghoulish organization?  Mary Poppins?

Finally, with numerous state laws slowly (too slowly) but steadily eroding the “right to choose” (to murder your baby), Senate Majority Leader and all around thug Harry Reid is trying to push what is being called the most radical pro-abort bill in history through the Senate.  Hearings are ongoing in the Judiciary committee, but this bill could pass the demonrat controlled Senate.  I don’t think it will go anywhere from there – and maybe there will be enough dems in touch re-election bids to keep this thing from passing – but it nevertheless is not good.  Some of the details, via CatholicVote:

…..the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act.” The bill was introduced in response to the Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case.

What would happen to the numerous pro-woman and pro-child protections passed in the states all across the country if this mega abortion bill became law?

  • Informed consent laws? Eliminated.
  • Laws that protect pain-capable children after 20 weeks? Gone.
  • Clinic regulations? All of them wiped away.
  • Conscience protections? Nearly all such protections would be decimated.
  • Ultrasounds for vulnerable women? Banned.

My friend summed it up well: “This bill is the Freedom of Choice Act on steroids.”

The democrat party is once again communicating to its base and to the country at large that they hold no more cherished belief than the false right of women to kill their children.  Dems are in a near-panic over advancing state pro-life laws, and would certainly overturn them if they could find the votes.  This demonstrates to this Catholic the utter demonic immorality of that party and highlights why I have never, in my life, voted for a demonrat, and certainly never will.  Not that Repubniks are Catholic all-stars, they are far from it, but in many respects still less offensive to conscience than the dems.  Nevertheless, I continue to seek alternatives to both that are more acceptable from the Catholic standpoint.

The war continues. But we’ll only be fighting rear-guard actions at best, and nibbling away here and there, until we convince at least a large minority of Americans that we’ll never be rid of abortion until people become willing to give up their “sacred” contraception.

But we all know what a chore it is to be punished with a baby, so I won’t hold my breath.

Deranged pro-abort attacks pro-life demonstrators July 11, 2014

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I expect we will see more of this.  A deranged pro-abort attacked some peaceful pro-life protesters outside a public building in Columbus, OH.  There have been some follow-up interviews with the attacker in which she makes plain she has absolutely no concept of what constitutes assault, battery, stages of fetal development, the First Amendment, etc.  In short, she is a deluded and ignorant woman, who needs many prayers.

Video of the assault below, big language warning, this woman is the definition of unhinged (first f-bomb comes about 2 seconds in):

This woman has so drunk the pro-abort kool-aid.  “Clump of cells at 12 weeks,” I’m sure that’s what they told her when she had her abortion(s).  Here is what a baby at 12 weeks looks like:


Deceased 12 week old:


My God what a tragedy for a person to believe such demonic lies.  In point of fact, a baby stops being a “clump of cells” after  just a few days, but even then, it is still a person.

Given all the idiocy she spouts about racism – which seems hilarious, as she is lily white – and “white male privilege,” it’s pretty obvious this fast food worker (with possible advanced degrees in gender studies/queer theory) has drank deeply from the leftist hate-mongering trough.

This assault does raise an interesting question. Does the increasingly radical and militant rhetoric from the pro-abort camp, with constant talk of “war on women,” “if you don’t have a uterus you have no right to talk about it,” and the fear-mongering that the pro-abort left uses, help precipitate attacks like these?  We have seen the pro-abort left and militant atheists grow more and more extreme in rhetoric and violent in action in the past few years. I have experienced this personally myself.  I am not one to think that broad cultural memes excuse people’s actions at all, but perhaps the converse is true: that extremist baby- and man-hating rhetoric that feminists like this are steeped in causes some of them to act out their rage in more concrete ways.

Her name is Victoria Duran, btw.  That makes it easier to pray for her conversion and healing.

A little education for Miss Duran (her father’s name? – what a slave of patriarchy!).  Here is what a baby looks like at even 5 weeks:


Hands eyes heart brain……not a clump of cells.  It is, in fact, obviously human.

Poor lost souls like this.  Each one a tragedy, and there are hundreds of millions of them, worldwide.

This is what comes of the rejection of Christendom and hating God.  Just demonic evil.


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