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Oh, no: priest uses smart phone in confessional October 13, 2014

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I had the following related to me by a new commenter recently.  This is simply their allegation, I have no other evidence.  The allegation is that a priest at a parish in McKinney was using their smart phone while hearing Confessions.  That is not to say that they were talking on the phone, but there are many other avenues of communication with a smart phone – text, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, the whole panoply of social media.  I have reviewed the matter with several knowledgeable lay people and two trusted priests.  First, the allegation:

A priest was hearing my confession the other day – one of the gravest confessions of my life – and I could see his iPhone glowing behind the screen, and his thumb moving across it. (I haven’t shared this on social media – in fact this is the first time I’ve said it “out loud.”)

There was much more in the comment left, but that was the only bit about the confessional.  I was quite scandalized when I first read the comment, and replied with one of my own that was probably a bit too strong.  I see no reason why the commenter would be making this matter up. I am taking the allegation at face value, but do bear in mind that it is only one side of the story.

But, having discussed the matter with the aforementioned faithful souls and reflected on it for some time, and assuming the comment was genuine and related the facts correctly, I can say the following (the conditions were, auricular Confession with the penitent separated from the priest by a screen that could be somewhat seen through.  I have no idea if at this parish the priests can ID the penitents, but the penitents can apparently see something of what the priest is doing):

  • This is an egregious abuse of charity.  Even if the priest was only looking up some matter related to the case of the penitent (dubious), it gives the appearance of being disinterested at a most critical and sensitive time.  It is terrible pastoral practice.  If the priest does feel it necessary or helpful to research some matter while in the confessional, he should make what he is doing plain to the penitent, to assuage them of scandal.
  • The risk of scandalizing the penitent is enormous.  For all the penitent knows, the priest could have been texting someone saying “get a load of what this person just said!”  I pray that is not the case, I think it unlikely, but to operate a communications device of any kind while in the confessional casts serious doubt on the sanctity of the Sacrament and the validity of the seal.  Again, disastrous pastoral practice.  It could probably never be proved that the priest was communicating with someone – or that he was not – but to even give the impression that such could be occurring could be devastating to many souls.
  • This matter has apparently come up in the Diocese of Rome and the diocese issued a dictum of some kind banning priests from using cell phones in the confessional.  That should be clear, I think, in every diocese.
  • One can only imagine the hurt and violation a penitent would feel in this situation.  There they are, pouring their soul out, and the priest gives the impression he is at the least giving them something less than his full attention.  That could cause wavering souls, souls who have perhaps been away from the Church and the Sacrament for a very long time, to never return.  What an incalculable loss that would be.
  • A letter should be sent to the Diocese of Dallas reporting the incident.  If the commenter reads this post, be charitable and focus on the scandal and hurt this cell phone use caused you.  You could send a copy of the letter to the priest/parish in question – the Diocese will almost certainly forward your report to the pastor of the parish in question, regardless.
  • This is not a matter that will result in laicization or any kind of heavy disciplinary action against the priest – unless there was clear evidence the seal had been violated – but it is very important and certainly should be conveyed, charitably, to local authorities.  One would hope that a letter or other communique by Bishop Farrell would be made to the priest in question and that he be advised to stop with the smart phone in the Confessional.

Confession is such a crucial, helpful, but at the same time personal and sensitive Sacrament, its sanctity must be guarded with great vigilance.  Over the past several decades, Confession has been downplayed and ignored in so many dioceses and parishes. I know this is something Bishop Farrell has made a point of trying to rectify in our own Diocese of Dallas. So I am certain Bishop Farrell would take this matter very seriously and respond appropriately.

Confession is the great, forgotten Sacrament of our post-conciliar age.  So many Catholics erroneously believe that Confession is either no longer necessary or doesn’t apply to them – apparently, they are sinless, like our Blessed Mother.  Even among the few Catholics who always satisfy their Sunday obligation, Confession is quite rare.  Few receive Confession even yearly, let alone every week or two as many Saints prescribe.  To scandalize those few who do avail themselves of this beautiful and utterly vital Sacrament is simply unconscionable.

I made this post more public because I think it a matter that is deserving of wider attention and consideration.  Let us not see smart phones in the confessional (I know some priests already object if they observe penitents using smart phones or other such devices).  I think this is a matter of common sense and decency.

First Friday at the Carmelites TONIGHT (10/03/14) October 3, 2014

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Join the good nuns of the Carmel of the Infant Jesus of Prague and Saint Joseph as they storm Heaven with their prayers during ALL NIGHT ADORATION tonight, 10/03.  There will be Mass (TLM) at 8p and 3a.  The vigil ends with NO Mass at 7a.  Confession before and sometimes after both TLMs.

All details in the flyer below.  Please come!

Allnightcarmelites_october 2014

MJD, who is always so kind to send me these reminders, wanted me to share the below:

St Peter the Apostle – Dallas


Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament begins at 5:30 PM

Father Edward will recite the Rosary in Latin during adoration at 6:45 PM

Benediction before Mass starting at 7 PM


Obama targeting conservatives by sending Ebola to Dallas? October 2, 2014

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Just thought I’d start a conspiracy theory. But seriously, why on earth hasn’t travel from these West African locales, always so poverty stricken and problematic under the best of conditions, been stopped, yet?  And it seems Obama has no intention of stopping such travel?

It seems there might be another infected person in Honolulu.  But here in Dallas, over the course of about 60 hours, the number of people exposed to this deadly disease has exploded from 1, to 5, to 18, and now to over 120, including an ambulance and crew who may have come into contact with Lord knows how many others.

It actually would make a good conspiracy theory, but I fear this is simply another conspiracy of incompetence from the least prepared, least experienced, but most arrogant and self-satisfied President in US history, and the bureaucracy he has helped transform into a self-interested politicized cabal of nincompoops.

Don’t say I never give  you any reasons to pray!

On the plus side, it’s raining cats and dogs, which is desperately needed but generally disapproved of by the cats and dogs themselves.  At our house, this is the first significant rain we’ve gotten in over 2 months.  May it be the first of many.  Yesterday, Oct 1 it was 95, more than a bit above normal even for Dallas.


Catholic Bioethics discussion tonight! August 19, 2014

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There will be a presentation by a Catholic bio-ethicist at Prince of Peace parish in Plano tonight, Aug 19, from 7p-8:30p.  The talk will be in the Saint James Hall.  The talk is being sponsored by the Prince of Peace Young Adult Ministry which is administered by my friend Josh Schwartz.  See below for all details.  A bit about the speaker:

Our presenter, Brandon P. Brown, studied political philosophy as an undergraduate at the University of Dallas. He completed his MD and MA through a joint degree program in philosophy and medicine at Indiana University. He is a past fellow of the Indiana University Center for Bioethics, and performed research on brain death at the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum in Rome, Italy. He is actively involved in undergraduate and graduate medical education in Indiana, serves as faculty in the School of Medicine, and has spoken on topics including beginning of life ethics, personhood, embryo adoption, and medical education.

Dr. Brown practices pediatric radiology at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, IN where he specializes in prenatal imaging. At IU, he is Assistant Professor of Radiology, Medical Humanities, and Philosophy.

I know nothing of the presenter other than the above, but I do know Josh is very solid and has been doing some very good work in local parishes.  It was Josh and Father Rangel who organized the Good Friday Procession from downtown Dallas to north Plano this year, passing and praying outside some local mills and strip joints along the way.  I really hope to participate next year!  And I love Father Rangel!

Anyway, if you’re interested in bio-ethics or have questions about in vitro and all the Frankensteinian behavior of the medical community today, it might not be a bad presentation to attend.


Biography of Blessed Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko on KERA tonight at 7p June 2, 2014

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For those who have TV, there is a biography of martyred Polish priest Blessed Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko tonight (06/02) at 7pm on KERA-World, channel 13.2.  I saw most of it last night and it’s not bad.  The documentary is narrated by Martin Sheen.

For those outside the Dallas area, you can go to this website to see when the documentary about Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko, Messenger of Truth, will air in your area.

Given the paucity of worthwhile entertainment for families I thought you might appreciate this suggestion.

I tell you, one of the best parts for me was hearing far lefty Martin Sheen reading a script that pounded on communists pretty hard.  I wonder if his tongue suffered many bite marks as a result?


Amazing Witness: Long Catholic Procession across Dallas Good Friday April 14, 2014

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I know the priest who is helping organize this.  He’s one of those young priests so many of us have such hopes for.  Another organizer I know well.  I haven’t seen him as much as I used to, but he’s also a great young Catholic with a burgeoning family and who has been helping try to restore the Faith.

What is planned is an all day, 20+ mile pilgrimage from Downtown Dallas to the Shops at Legacy in Plano.  The hike is scheduled to take 12 hours.  Since a lot of folks may find such a long hike a bit beyond their capabilities, the organizers are asking people to fill 3 hour shifts.  You can sign up here for one of those shifts.  There are various stops along the way where you can join up with the group.  At the Shops at Legacy end, there will be prayers and recitation of the Gospel of St. John.   After that, the group is going over to St. Sophia Catholic Church for Jerusalem Matins.


That’s my friend J Schwartz you can contact there for more info.

For now, here is more from the Facebook page:

At 9am on Good Friday we will meet in Downtown Dallas (exact place TBA) and we are going to begin with reading the Scriptures, prayer and worship. Then we are all going to carry Crosses (life sized wooden crosses) from Downtown Dallas to the Shops at Legacy near Frisco! Google maps estimates “walking” this will take around 9 hours. We will also take 15-20 minute breaks every 3 hours to read the Scriptures on what happened to Jesus at that time, pray, eat, drink (12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm) and conclude by 9pm at the Shops at Legacy. Who knows whom God will bring into our path on this journey to share Christ with and pray for as we walk across the Metroplex?!
Now I KNOW that not everyone can do this all day because of work and other reasons. So we are asking people to sign up for either one hour blocks to do this or, what I would prefer is, to at least commit to a 3 hour block (9am-12pm, 12pm-3pm, 3pm-6pm, 6pm-9pm). Obviously, we as Catholics should take into account the different devotions at our parishes (i.e. Stations of the Cross and Veneration of the Cross). However, I am asking everyone try to commit to some time block. For those of you interested in the 6-9pm block of time, we will end the walk portion of the pilgrimage at the Shops at Legacy pond, where we will pass out the Gospel of John and pray together. Afterward, we have been invited to join St. Sophia Catholic Church (a Byzantine Rite Catholic Church) to pray the Jerusalem Matins with them at their parish (5600 N Colony Blvd The Colony, TX 75056). What a great way to conclude a phenomenal day of pray and ministry!
In addition, we are asking for volunteers to bring water and food to the 4 rest stops throughout the day. Let me know if you would like to help with that. Here is where you can sign up: http://goo.gl/R2mgXh

———–End Quote———–

We are going to be so involved at Mater Dei literally all day Friday I don’t think I can participate in this, which is a shame, because I’d love to.

This is exactly the kind of activity we need to engage in if we are going to not just evangelize the culture, but to show the world the Church is not going to slip quietly away, leaving the world in darkness and evil. Who knows what hearts might not be stirred to repentance by seeing this procession? It looks like some of the time slots have some pretty good coverage, others, not so much.  So if you are not already committed to devotions at your parish all day Friday, perhaps you could try to help out with this.  Note, you will be carrying a large cross.  But that’s what makes it doubly awesome!

I do have to note, I did see on Facebook I believe this procession will have some ecumenical overtones. I believe some evangelicals are participating.  I know that may rub some traddies the wrong way, but in this case, as a nascent effort requiring a substantial commitment, I am tending to overlook it.  Hopefully there will be some evangelizing not only of the pagan culture with this procession, but also of any separated souls who participate.  Knowing the priest and the other organizer well, I don’t have much concern that there will be any indifferentism or watering down of the Faith.

But just to  make sure, you might want to make sure Our Lady is well represented.


Divine Mercy Conference this week in Dallas March 7, 2014

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Sorry for the late notice, the conference actually opens tonight. I’m a little unsure on Saturday attendance, I get the impression that while Friday and Sunday events are open to all, those on Saturday are only open to those who have made a donation to some organization.  Anyway, here are the details via MJD:

Father Mitch Pacwa from EWTN will be giving talks.  Mass, Confession, Holy Hour, Procession, Benediction, Veneration of First Class relic of St. Faustina.



     at Divine Mercy of Our Lord Catholic Church   [Mesquite]
     -7:00 PM-      Opening Mass with Bishop Douglas Deshotel- 
                Auxiliary Bishop of Dallas (to be confirmed)
     -8:00 PM-      Exposition, Sung Chapel, Holy Hour, Benediction 
        and Procession (Fr. Zmudzinski, C.P.M.) 

      at Divine Mercy of Our Lord Catholic Church  
   AM  -8:00          Praise and Worship Songs  [Ummm.......]
     -8:40           Welcome and Orientation and Initial Prayers
     -9:00          First Talk: The Love and Mercy of God in Human History
     -9:50         (Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.) (Meditation Song)
     10:00          Second Talk: The Divine Mercy Message to St. Faustina
     10:50          (Dr. Bryan Thatcher)  (Meditation Song)
     11:00          Third Talk: Healing of humanity through the power of the
               (Fr. Chuck Zmudzinski, C.P.M.)  the Love and Mercy of God  
     11:50          Songs of Praise and Thanksgiving

PM  12:00          LUNCH (available from Cafeteria at minimal cost)
      12:45          Praise Songs 
      -1:00          Fourth Talk: Talk on the Holy Eucharist, source and
              (Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J)   summit of Love and Mercy
      -1:50          Meditation Song 
      -2:00          Fifth Talk: Daily Living experience of the Gospel of Love 
               (Dr. Bryan Thatcher)     and Mercy, through the Cenacle
                Practical Living of Love and Mercy
      -2:50           Exposition and Holy Hour: 
      -3:00           Sung Chaplet, Holy Hour (Talk), Benediction and 
                (Fr. Chuck Zmudzinski) Procession of the Blessed 
       -4:00            Confessions (in the Classrooms) and Veneration of 
          St. Faustina’s Relic
       -5:00            Mass for the FIRST SUNDAY OF LENT-2014  
                 Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. (OPEN TO EVERYONE)

         (OPEN TO ALL)

(at the Mesquite Arena, 1818 Rodeo Dr., Mesquite, Tx. 75149)
-2:00 PM-  Divine Mercy Stations of the Cross
and Consecration Prayers
-2:50 PM- Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (Deacon Bill Jasmin)
-3:00 PM- Sung Chaplet of Divine Mercy
-4:00 PM- Solemn High Mass and Closing Ritual with  [This means a sung NO - I'd love to hear a report of how this Mass was offered.  I won't be able to attend. Key details would be Ad Orientem, any Latin, male servers, incense, communion rail (heh - unlikely), etc]
Most Rev. Kevin Farrell, D.D. Bishop of
Dallas, Texas (to be confirmed)
After my conversion, I attended a number of Fullness of Truth conferences, and they certainly helped guide me in a better practice of the Faith.  I wouldn’t say they played a role in my embracing the traditional practice of the Faith, and while I might at present take issue with the direction of some of the presentations at these conferences, I would say overall they actually helped guide me towards a more traditional practice of the Faith.  They certainly helped reveal the dearth of catechesis available at most parishes.

Check it out if you have interest/time.

Buy some nice Catholic art for Lent! February 18, 2014

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This would help a local family in serious need out quite a bit:

Bridegroom Press sells attractive imagery for Stations of the Cross. All the fourteen stations are included, represented by Catholic artistic masterpieces dating from the 14th to the 19th centuries.

Buy a set and place them around your home to do Stations without ever leaving the house!  Glue them on cardboard. Make little wooden frames for them that could be used indoors or out, as I did.  Just buy them to enjoy the art.

There are some really beautiful images.





Please consider helping this family out by buying some good art in time for Lent.

The god-father of “new age” was a sick anti-Catholic deviant February 18, 2014

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Below I will excerpt some portions of Amchurch Comes Out, from pp. 225-232.  They deal with the history and thought of Carl Jung, purported expert in psychoanalysis and founder of what is commonly called the new age religion.  I haven’t blogged on new age in a while, but this is critical, critical information on the man considered the founder and intellectual guiding light of this false, perverse religion.  New age practices tragically remain incredibly widespread in the Church, with numerous local parishes in the Dallas area hosting yoga, enneagrams, reiki, transcendental meditation, etc.  All of these practices are impossible to reconcile with proper Catholic spirituality as they are oriented towards self-exaltation and finding “the god within.”

There is much explosive information below.  How anyone could even remotely adhere to new age practices based on this man’s Church-hatred and perversion is beyond me:

In his 1933 classic, Essays of a Catholic, [eminent Catholic historian Hillaire] Belloc predicted that “when the gods of the new paganism come they will not be merely insufficient, as were the gods of Greece, nor merely false; they will be evil.  One might put it in a sentence, and say that the new paganism, foolishly expecting satisfaction, will fall, before it knows where it is, into satanism.”

In that same period, the 1930s, Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung began sending out his anointed disciples from Zurich to Britain and the United States to spread his Jungian doctrines and establish what historian and psychologist Dr. Richard Noll described as “an anti-orthodox Christianity cult of redemption or Nietszchean religion [the same kind of sick false religion that powered Nazism, of which Jung was a big fan] ,” finding fertile ground especially among disorientated Catholics [though not until the 1960s].

……..Jung’s entire life and work was motivated by a desire to overthrow the Catholic Church, whose religious doctrine and moral teachings he considered the source of all the neuroses which afflicted Western man.  In short: Jung hated the Catholic Church, and by his experience with occult forces, he believed he could destroy it by unleashing the power of disordered sex.

With the financial backing of some of the wealthiest Americans, including the Rockefeller family, and teh support of Marxist ideologues, eugenicists, and sexual libertines in the media, universitis, and government, Jung’s program to deconstruct orthodox Christianity became the playbook for the managerial elite of the new planned society of the 1930s….. [referring here to the New Deal]

Jung’s influence cannot be underestimated…..

…..By 1912, Jung was totally absorbed by eroticism and entranced by the occult, particularly the ritualistic liturgies of Mithras. [Remember, modernist thought was at its height at this time. Pope St. Pius X had formally defined and anathematized the heresy a few years before.  What is not widely known, is that many of these early adherents to modernism soon fell into the occult. Occult practices were rampant among academics, especially left wing academics, in the period from 1900-1940 or so]  That year, he announced he could no longer be a Christian, and that only the “new” science of psychoanalysis – as he defined it – could offer personal and cultural renewal and rebirth  [setting up "science" - even though it wasn't real science - as a false god.  Very common.  These men seek to overthrow God and replace Him with.......themselves.  It is the very oldest heresy, it is satan's heresy]

To Jung, honoring “god” meant honoring the libido. Indeed…….”Jung offers the psychoanalytic term ‘libido’ as a mystical substitute for ‘vital force’  [vital force - that is a term straight out of the modernist heresy] or even ‘god.’ …….

…..”The experience of a god within was always a key promise of Jung, and his method of psychotherapy, and it is indeed a central part of Jung’s repudiation of traditional Christianity that offered a God that was distant, transcendental and absolute……..

……Having a “god within” could lead to the experience of becoming one with “god,” or merging with this god-force in some way.  It is clear from his many statements that Jung felt that the central experience of transformation in the ancient mystery cults of the Hellenistic world involved just such a process or experience of self-deification.  [And achieving "contact" or "union" with this personal, individual "god within" remains the sole focus of all new age practices. This is a god of the individual's making, in spite of occasional "Catholic" cover language to the contrary used by new age sisters like Joyce Rupp, and thus a false god, a competitor to the One, True, God. Little wonder, then, so many new age types wind up wandering further and further into paganism, the occult, wicca, etc.]

……..Jung’s drive to formulate a new religion was the result of trying to justify his own sins; the betrayal of his wife and the betrayal and seduction of his patient Sabina Spielrein. He needs to conceive a ‘better religion, one that wouldn’t condemn him for his sins. [All public heresy is driven by private sin]

At bottom, Jung betrayed his father, his wife, his patient, and, of course, Christ, in trying to ease the rebukes his conscience delivered. [Jung had been baptized as a protestant]

[Condensing some other disparate quotes:  Jung began arranging orgies from among his female and male patients, he used these sex orgies to drive people away from their Christian upbringing and to introduce them into the occult, he defended infidelity and fornication, he got increasingly into witchcraft and other satanism, etc]

….Jung has been the driving force of the “quiet revolution” in the Catholic Church for the past sixty years, at least. His teachings long ago replaced those of Jesus Christ, St. Paul, St. Augustine, and St. Thomas Aquinas in the “mainstream” of Catholic teaching in seminaries, convents, Catholic colleges and universities, retreat programs and spiritual formation courses in Western Europe and the United States – a revolution which most Catholics have not yet noticed. [Indeed, I started this blog in response to a scandalous series of Lenten retreats hosted by new age female religious.]

Even more peculiar is the fact that Jung, an “apostle for adultery,” who believed in (and practiced polygamy), who devoted his life to overthrowing patriarchal society and reviving ancient pagan gods of the libido, should have his “insights” into masculinity, femininity, and sexuality upheld by a woman – Dolores Leckey – who headed the US bishop’s marriage and family life office in their national conference for 20 years! [And, of course, these new age heresies have been widely promoted by numerous religious, like Richard Rohr, Thomas Keating, Joyce Rupp, etc.  The vast majority of 60+ year old religious in this country adhere to new age practices in one manner or another.  That is why their orders are already well past the point of collapse - they embrace a spirituality directly antithetical to the right practice of the Faith]

Jung’s obsession with overthrowing orthodox Christianity is detailed in Dr. Richard Noll’s The Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of C.G. Jung.

[Regarding Jung's theories of masculinity, femininity, and "finding the god within", supposedly based on his psychoanalytical research, which have found wide acceptance in the Church in the US, and which featured in a book written by the aforementioned Dolores Leckey]……Those particular ideas of Jung’s have no scientific validity.  Essentially, Jung borrowed this cluster of ideas from the Aryan spirituality and occultism of his day….

……People who say such things think they are speaking scientifically, but this vocabulary comes from an occult tradition prevalent at the turn of the century in Germany….. [a tradition prevalent because of modernist rejection of Catholicism, which was rampant in Germany at that time]

…Walk into a typical Catholic bookstore and browse in the “spirituality” section, and you’ll see the best-selling books of such popularizers of the Jung cult as priests Basil Pennington, Richard Rohr, and Thomas Keating.

Read the lists for “spirituality” programs and retreats in many diocesan newspapers, and you will see programs on Jungian dream analysis, discovering the child within, contacting your inner “god/goddess,” or similar such Jungian therapy programs predominate, even though they have nothing to do with Catholic spirituality, and are inherently antithetical to it.

————-End Quote————

And thus, new age errors have become, incredibly, one of the most prominent if not the most prominent approaches to spirituality abroad in the Church in the US today.

As I said, this blog got started as a response to a particularly egregious series of Lenten retreats given in the Dallas Diocese back in 2010.  Since that time, there have still been retreats featuring female religious, but they have featured individuals without much of a paper trail, so that it is difficult to ascertain just what they present.  But I know there are still numerous parishes in the Diocese that regularly promote and host new age spirituality practices, from yoga to reiki to new age/eastern meditation……the list is quite extensive.  When I presented problems regarding these practices to some area pastors, the response ranged from silence to hostility.

I used to peruse parish bulletins to see what they had going on regarding these types of programs.  I haven’t done that of late, but intend to get back to it.  It will probably mean a lot fewer posts, but more focused.  You, dear reader, could certainly help in that regard.  Especially here in the Dallas Diocese (but I would consider posting materials from other nearby dioceses), if you find in your parish bulletin some problematic activity, you could certainly bring that to my attention, or you could contact the pastor yourself if you feel able.  Always be constantly polite and thankful.

If you found something you thought worthy for me to pursue, you could e-mail it to me or leave a comment on the blog.

The reason for doing this is to protect souls from being exposed to destructive, diabolically-inspired new age practices.  My personal experience with these folks, and Paul Likoudis confirms such in Amchurch Comes Out, is that they are almost impossible to convert. Once souls get lost in these very self-oriented, inwardly-turned practices, there is almost an addictive quality that leads them deeper and deeper into paganism and the occult, and turning them around takes a practical miracle.  Prevention, in this case, is utterly paramount. You have to stop people being exposed to this entre’ into the occult.

Spiritually speaking, folks absorbed into new age are exposed to all kinds of dark spiritual forces. That, coupled with the great temptation to pride (making god unto oneself), makes new age a uniquely dangerous practice.

It is a spiritual nightmare and we desperately need to make souls aware of just how dangerous this new age stuff is.  One of the major sources of the great spiritual weakness in the Church today, and the prevalence of very dark forces as witnessed in priest boy rape and all that, is this widespread dabbling in near-occult practices.


Mary of Nazareth movie…….looks good? February 12, 2014

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So I’ve seen ads for this movie for a while and finally watched the trailer last night.  Has anyone seen a screening?  It looks to have potential, but I’ve been disappointed before.  This is produced by Carmel Communications and released by Ignatius?  So…….have you seen it?  Comments?

So this is specifically made for a Catholic audience?  We won’t see Our Blessed Mother reduced to some protestant-acceptable side figure who just happened to birth her some good Messiah?

The endorsements for the movie are a whose who of conservative Catholics.  All good, then?

I will say, from the trailer, they are either modifying Scripture for the script or they are using a somewhat funky translation of the Bible.  It didn’t exactly sound Douay-Reims.

I guess no DVDs on this until late this year.  That is probably how I will see it.  However, I do see it is playing this Sunday and next (2:30 pm) at Studio Movie Grill in Dallas at Spring Valley and North Central Expy.

Go see it.  Report back.  Father said seeing a movie is OK on a Sunday.


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