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Traditional Priest – Soft, liberal Katholycism will offer no resistance to resurgent militant Islam August 26, 2014

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Great post by Father Carota, as usual.  He notes that islam is increasing in population at a time when the Church is shedding members in the millions in most parts of the world, especially Europe and the Americas, Her traditional home.  Now, I have read detailed studies of islam’s own fertility collapse, and outside a few countries in Africa the population of muslims will peak around 2030 or 2040 and then begin to follow the same decline that is being seen almost everywhere else, but the problem is, islam’s fertility collapse is trailing Christianity’s by over 50 years, and that time interval represents an increasing window of danger as population percentages shift.  Irrespective of the demographics, so long as islam, and especially its radical wing, presents a very vibrant, cohesive, and countercultural set of beliefs, it will continue to attract more and souls disaffected with the prevailing sexular pagan status quo, the sort of soft socialism with pandemic sexual immorality that American hegemony has set loose upon the world.  The more the Church rejects Her own countercultural beliefs, the more elements within Her try to please the world and succumb to its prince, the fewer the souls that will be attracted to the Church’s far stronger, reasonable, glorious, charitable, and Truthful belief set.

So while the Church continues to retreat under the twin forces of sexular paganism and militant islam, many souls, including souls raised within the boundaries of the remnant of Christendom (Britain is the source of many of the most extreme of the ISIS psychopaths, including the one who beheaded that poor journalist), will drift into islam’s orbit or formally join this disordered, violent, and even diabolical religion.

Father Carota notes some of the depravities of islam, especially with respect to the persecution of Christians, as well as the cancers eating away at the Church. First, only a very brief list of islamic atrocities:

1) Raping Catholic and other non muslim women and girls. [and performing mass, forced genital mutilation.  They also sexually enslave islamists of sects other than wahhabism]

2) Driving Catholics and others out of their homes and country.

3) Bombing, burning and destroying Catholic, Orthodox and other christian churches.

4) Suicide bombings.

5) Kidnapping men, women and children to be sold as slaves, (and some as sex slaves). [indeed, the only parts of the world where slavery has not been totally eradicated are in islamic areas and, perhaps, in East Asia, where women and even children are sold into what amounts sexual slavery.  But as the sexular pagan ethos continues to advance in the West, there will be fewer and fewer philosophical and social strong points of opposition to slavery, and I fully believe that if this culture does not turn around, the utilitarian and materialist ethos dominant in the West will find justifications for the reintroduction of slavery and/or indentured servitude in the not too distant future]

6) Stealing Catholic’s and other’s houses, cars, jewelry and possessions as they are driven out of town.

7) Torturing, burring alive, crucifying and murdering of Catholics and other religion members, (and bragging about it on Youtube).

Father Carota also notes some specific atrocities muslims have committed, such as various bombings and terror attacks, and the constant treatment of women as chattel. He then asks how such a religion could be growing and attracting thousands of young men willing to die for religion, when most Catholics, far from being willing to suffer even a minor inconvenience to show up to Mass once or twice a year, demand the Church change it’s Dogmas to suit them and their sins.  And that is why islam is attracting at least a fair number of converts, because it presents a strong, masculine-seeming and vibrant set of beliefs in opposition to the ongoing pointlessness of self-absorbed existence in the West and much of the rest of the world.  Father Carota lists some reasons for islam’s growth:

1) They have passion for what they believe in.

2) They will kill you or make life difficult for you if you do not convert.

3) They give men a masculine role in their religion;  a) God made men to be leaders, and  b) Men and boys like to fight. [While Western women want to emasculate men and smash "patriarchy."  You know what......success in their endeavor will make them even more miserable than they are now.  But ideologues aren't much open to reason]

4) Religion and state work together for their religious laws. [This is very key.  Islam demands the state accord to the religion, and islamic nations enforce laws to perpetuate their faith.  We in the West are of course far too sophisticated for that, having chosen the false gods of "self-determination" and atheism as the de facto state religion.  States founded on such nebulous and ultimately false beliefs will not stand a religiously motivated enemy]

5) Men can marry a lot of women and have more sex.

6) Muslim men get non muslim women to fall in love with them and convert.  They then could later on find out that these men have other wives as well. [That's not the half of it.  They can claim any women from the infidels they conquer and keep them as concubines in their harem. This has been ongoing in Iraq and Syria. Those don't even count as marriages.  So muslim men get to screw a lot of different women, which has a certain animalistic appeal].

7) There is sex in heaven. [Their entire conception of "heaven" is entirely worldly.  Islam is incapable of understanding God or existence outside of time as they must be, where worldly "pleasures" (almost always associated with some pain or downside) have no meaning. That's because it's a recycled version of pre-Christian Judaism with heretical Arianism thrown in]

8) Oppressed races are given honor when they convert, like when (Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr), Mohammed Ali converted. (Read here his conversion on a pro muslim blog).  Many black men convert to the muslim religion in prison. [I don't know about "oppressed," but converts are certainly lauded.]

So what is the Church doing in opposition to this existential threat?

we Catholics 1) feminize our Catholic faith, 2) accept all religions as good and equal and 3) become more and more hedonistic, we will continue to see more and more Catholics converting to islam.

And that’s just the beginning.  We also see Church leaders fawning all over islam as a great “religion of peace,” we are told, rather coyly, that islam “worships the same God,” in the current catechism, we see Koran’s kissed, we see even TFG tell muslims there is no reason for them to convert……we see a very great deal, none of it good.  We see a constant denial of islam as an endemically hostile religion that seeks to conquer or convert the entire world, and has the zeal and willingness to do so. We also see  pointless “dialogue” that often gives scandal and undermines the Faith of the relatively few souls striving to accept and practice what the Church has always believed.  We see a very great deal.

Father Carota concludes:

I find it interesting that when the Israelites would become evil, God would send people from Babylon to destroy them and take them into exile.  Isn’t Iraq where Babylon was?  Yes, it is. [see Psalm 43, which I posted yesterday]

But God will never be outdone, even when we are giving away our Catholic souls to the muslims.  God will come to our aid.  And that is why we need the passionate traditional Catholic beliefs and practices.  At least a few of Jesus’ followers are standing up strong for His Catholic Faith.  And our loving Catholic witness in our everyday life, speaks powerfully in a world filled with selfishness and hate.

Meanwhile we should be praying, sacrificing and sending money to help the Catholic refugees from muslim terrorism.  Especially offer your Holy Rosaries for the conversion of muslims and the spreading of the Catholic faith. [I do, every day.  Even if my devotion and attentiveness during prayer is not what it should be] Mary has always had a powerful hand in defeating the muslims and all evil. [Dang right!  And another sign of the weakness in the Church today was the replacement of the great Feast of Our Lady of Victory every October  with Our Lady of the Rosary.  I have a great devotion to the Rosary, but Our Lady is also a powerful intercessor in earthly Christian struggles against rampaging hordes of pagans and infidels of all stripes, especially muslims.  She has intervened to effect miraculous victories on numerous occasions.  And, in response to the overly pacifist tendency in Catholicism today, a complete misunderstanding and misrepresentation of Saint Francis, in particular, our God is the God of Armies!  That's what "God of Hosts" means, He is the God of Armies, earthly and angelic!  And He always intervenes to protect and bring victory to His souls, when they are faithful to Him!]

I’ll add this final consideration – does not soft, liberal katholycism, far from offering any opposition to islam and its effectiveness in bringing in many converts, some former Catholics, but does it not instead immensely aid islam in its continued growth and depredations?  Does not the pathetically soft response of so many Church leaders only help convince radical islamists that Christianity is weak and ripe for attack?  And for how long must we be told that the great mass of muslims are peaceful and kind and loving, just like the best Catholics, when they seem to offer absolutely no opposition to the radical elements at all (exactly the opposite from how “radical” traditional Catholics are treated), and in fact can be found, in much coverage of the ongoing atrocities, happily milling around and taking photos and videos while people are crucified, beheaded, raped, or shot?  Where is the movement of this “great mass” of muslims in opposition to the radicals?  They are nowhere to be found, because they are either too cowed to stand against them, or really don’t mind seeing Christian, shiites, and others, get what they “deserve.”

End post.  I was going to post a great writing by Saint Louis, King of France, but I have run out of time.  Tomorrow, God willing!  Dang work!

REMINDER: Seeking local men to take stand against the perverse culture August 22, 2014

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Wow, that lede almost started out like a really bad personal ad.

So, I while back I broached the idea of getting a group of men together to give some witness outside some of the many “gentlemen’s clubs” (what a ludicrous euphemism) in this Diocese of Dallas.  The hope was to find 8 or 10 men willing to do so, to have a large enough group to hopefully insure at least 3 or 4 men would be able to participate on any given night.  I think 3 or 4 is the minimum number for safety.  I hoped to maybe make this a monthly or bi-weekly effort, and if it grew, possibly more frequently.

However, my initial request only netted two responses from locals.  I do thank you gentlemen profusely for your willingness to take a stand and remind men of their marriage vows, the perversity of such places, and the denigration of women that occurs therein.  Unfortunately, I don’t think 3 is going to be enough to make a start of this.

So I am asking local men, you don’t have to be Mater Dei parishioners, to strongly consider taking some really concrete action to oppose the growing immorality of our times.  There are so many reasons to take this one small action.  First and foremost, there are souls at stake.  Secondly, these places are gateway drugs for much more advanced immorality – not just drunkenness transitioning to hard drug use and addiction (most “dancers” are addicts), but also from parading one’s naked body to out and out prostitution.  Thirdly, these places were some of the first public occurrences of really lewd and lascivious behavior that became legal under ludicrous interpretations of ideas such as “freedom of expression.”  I can’t think of a better place to start rolling back the culture of death.  Fourth, we all like to think we are very good and holy and just doing all we can for ourselves, our families, and our communities, but is that really the case?

These places are a cancer on the whole culture.  You may not think these kinds of places have any bearing on you and your family, but you are mistaken.  They discolor and disorder the entire culture.  The very existence of these places is an offense against God, His Church, and good morals.

I don’t want to belabor the point, but I would find it kind of depressing if I can’t find even 8 or 10 other men to join me in trying to give some peaceful, prayerful witness outside these establishments.  I know we will experience 99% rejection and even hostility, but I am also completely confident at least a few souls will be reached if they are reminded how offensive these places truly are.

So please leave a comment or e-mail me!  You locals know who I am, by and large.  Again, you don’t have to go to Mater Dei (even though, the clubs are less than 10 minutes from many MDers who live in Irving).  I pray another 5 or 6 men will step forward to help get this started!  I have to believe there are at least that many men who read this blog who care enough to take part and have one night free a month!

Either way, God bless you.  Thank you for even listening to my whinge.

PS – I hope you can see how taking part in this activity may not only help the souls of others, but your own.

Updates on the Oklahoma City black mass debacle August 21, 2014

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So in spite of many souls who abstained from meat in the Diocese of Tulsa (at the behest of Bishop Edward Slattery) and elsewhere, it appears the diabolical black mass is still planned for the OKC civic center next month.  At this point, organizers are asking poeple to call the OKC mayor and city council.  There is also some more background from someone who has already called and spoken with Oklahoma City officials:

Debbie Martin, from the OK mayor’s office, returned my call this morning.  She was very sympathetic and said that although the mayor and council all opposed the black mass, the city attorney had informed them that they couldn’t deny the rental of the space because of freedom of speech.  I thanked her for her opposition (I’m sure all those opposed haven’t heard “thank you” enough), and pointed out three possible ideas, which she said she would pass along to the attorney.

  1. The Eucharist is stolen property (already under investigation)
  2. OK State law prohibits blasphemy
  3. This group already states that their services is a perversion of the Catholic mass (which implies that it is anti-religion, not religion, which would have been constitutionally protected).

Debbie also stated that police officers would be attending the “event” to make sure laws are not violated, and to make arrests, if needed.

I also heard from a board member that this event had occurred last year, [this is different from what I thought. I read somewhere they had attempted it but switched to a private venue last year] but apparently only one person attended in the audience.  I wasn’t aware of that.  May all the prayers and good efforts this year overwhelm all the evil from these events and put a stop to them, at least on public property.

Please keep up the calls, especially to Heaven

Yes, especially the last part.  Here is a list of numbers to call. Would you strongly consider, in your charity, calling at least one of the below?  From what I have gathered, calls to the Mayor and/or city council members are most likely to be effective.  They are listening, apparently, even if they feel – maybe conveniently, maybe not – bullied by their attorney into having to allow this blasphemous travesty.  I am skeptical the OKC city council would allow something particularly offensive to pentecostals or baptists, but who knows? Even if true, that would not necessarily prove prejudice, but could simply reveal lack of understanding of the actual Christian Faith, which is of course the Catholic Faith – and the utterly central role the Mass plays in that Faith.

Mayor Oklahoma City, Mike Cornett, 405-297-2424

City Councilmen:

James Greiner 405-297-2404

Dr. Ed Shadid 405-297-2402

Larry McAtee 405-297-2404

Pete White 405-297-2402

David Greenwell 405-297-2569

Meg Salyer 405-297-2402

John A. Pettis Jr. 405-297-2569

Patrick J. Ryan 405-297-2404


The following are some of the members of the Board of Directors of the OKC Civic Center:

Elizabeth Gray (she is a Catholic, I am told)

Walters Power International

2915 N. Classen Blvd. #400

Oklahoma City, OK 73106


Mark Funke

Bank SN

6301 Waterford Blvd. #101

Oklahoma City, OK  73113


Carl Edwards

Price Edwards & Company

210 Park Avenue #1000

OKC, OK  73102


You know what leftists, and especially sodomites do, right?  They would picket and threaten the places these commissioners work for, asking them how they could allow such a raging anti-sodomite “bigot” (i.e., someone who understands marriage to mean what it has always meant) to work for them?  Such tactics are immoral and unfair, but have been startlingly effective.  It is through such pressure tactics that many folks have been “converted” to the embrace of rank immorality, as it is much easier to just go along to get along.

The following is Bishop Slattery’s announcement from August 4, 2014 of his Diocese’s response to this black mass, which included the aforementioned period of fasting/abstinence, in which many good souls participated (I know some local priests did).  The video below, when I watched it two weeks ago, really impressed me, as I felt that Bishop Slattery conveyed true pain and umbrage at this most despicably evil of acts, conducted in broad daylight in full public view.  We are headed for most dark times, that such a thing would be permitted.  And if we ever needed conclusive evidence that this nation, founded on the false principle of “religious freedom” (or, officially endorsed agnosticism if not atheism), has a highly disordered system of political organization, I can’t think of a better example than this current one to give that proof. As we have seen over and over again of late, when it comes to made up rights like “freedom of expression” or even freedom of speech, they inevitably trump the purported “freedom of religion” and, even more, the rights of Jesus Christ our True and Sovereign King.  Thus, it certainly appears that very soon, sodomites will be able to petition the government to try to force churches to change their teachings and commit depraved acts of immorality in order to suit them.  And furthermore, it appears the government is growing more and more amenable to doing so every day.  Which only proves that any nation not founded with Jesus Christ as its visible head is profoundly disordered and doomed to eventual failure, and by failure I mean cruel repression of religion.  Anyway, the video, and watch closely from 1:15-1:30 for Bishop Slattery’s obvious pain at the idea of profanation of the Blessed Sacrament:

The sicker it gets……women in NYC now having “egg freezing” parties August 18, 2014

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While we Catholics argue over how to get a local priest to offer a sermon against contraception, the cultural calamity of fifty years ago, the culture keeps moving on and on and on.  It is difficult to imagine that women willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to have some eggs frozen (so they can continue contracepting a few more years, until they finally desire that child on demand) are going to be very open to many of our arguments regarding contraception.  Of course, miracles do happen, but there generally has to be openness to Grace.  It’s now such a “thing” there are even egg freezing parties in New York and other elite coastal cities, I guess to make the process a little more swinging and a bit less Frankensteinian:

Egg freezing has become such a popular procedure that according to a recent New York Post report, parties are now being thrown for it.

A startup known as EggBanxx recently invited young professional women in NYC to an informational party at New York City’s NoMad hotel to discuss egg-freezing.

During the $45-a-ticket event called “Let’s Chill,” over 70 female attendees socialized and learned about the egg-freezing process from fertility professionals, The Post reported.

The party was thrown to drum up business for EggBanxx, which says it’s trying to make the once-rare and pricey practice cheaper. EggBanxx prices for freezing and storing eggs for the first year range between $6,500 and $7,500 — about half the price it claims its competitors offer.

And it does seem to be a growing market for maternal women of a certain age. [How is a woman "maternal" if she is committed to several more years of "consequence-free" sex using contraception while hedging her bets on being able to conceive once she finally settles down?] More women over 30 are choosing to have children outside of marriage, according to The Daily Beast, which also said that the birth rate for unmarried women aged 30-34 “substantially surpassed” those of a younger age for the first time in 2012. [That is a moral catastrophe, a nation of bastards.  Oh, but Uncle Sugar will always be there to play daddy, and then incarcerate the poor youth for life after their third felony]

No wonder that the response has been “overwhelming,” Gina Bartasi, CEO of FertilityAuthority, the parent company of EggBanxx, told Business Insider. “Phones have been ringing off the hook. We know the interest is high.”

Bartasi told us that EggBanxx will throw another party in New York in September, eventually rolling out across the country in cities like Boston, San Fransisco, and Los Angeles in the near future. She said the company is aiming to target women 25 to 38 years old, and would discourage women over the age of 38, as “fertility is very low” at that point. [Is the term "boutique baby" too harsh?]

Bartasi looks at egg freezing as a positive step for the modern, professional woman. “Before, you had your career and you might have ended up with infertility treatments and years of heartache and lots and lots of expense and IVF cycles,” she told us. Now, egg freezing is “an insurance policy. It’s about having no regrets.” [No, it's about being willing to stoop to an endless level of depravity in order to have your cake and eat it, too, insisting in spite of nature and reason that a woman should be able to have a child on demand after years of chemically or otherwise frustrating her fecundity.]  

A bit of an aside to the above, but what is the divorce rate for women who have had 10 or more lifetime partners?  Is not a big part of what is sold to women today as the “ideal lifestyle” the concept of uninhibited gratification with a large number of (frequently nearly random or anonymous) partners at night while being a careerist lioness during the day?

These “parties” are just the latest development in an ongoing and accelerating trend towards female self-abasement.  Men do it too, don’t get me wrong, but women have traditionally been the societal guardians of virtue and when women begin, en masse, to shuck both their feminine instincts (given them by God) and virtues, cultures tend to go very downhill, very fast.  We appear to be heading in this world towards two opposite and hellish ends regarding female behavior (the readers of this blog obvious, I would pray, exceptions) – either severe islamic repression and treatment of women as absolute chattel, or severe progressive repression and treatment of women as nothing but objects of lust, the latter both in how they view themselves and in how they are treated by men (but all dressed up in fake language of “empowerment”).  The diabolical nature of feminism is revealed as a movement founded on allowing women to overcome being treated as mere sex objects now encourages women to behave as mere sex objects.  The worst characteristics of men are trumpeted as liberating and the greatest virtues of women are rejected as stultifying and inhibiting.

Amazing.  It is the literal antithesis of God’s intent for women (and men), and yet people are simply utterly blind to that fact, and to the destruction the collapse in moral virtue is having on the entire culture, economy, and structure of western society.  We are headed towards a fast and hard collapse that could well make the Fall of Rome look like a picnic.  And there will be marauding, extremist muslim hordes to prey on the decaying corpse of Christendom, as well, just as happened back in the post-Roman days of the “dark ages.”

But, God willing, through the suffering,  the Church will be renewed, and “we” will build again.

Bishops treat Traditional Mass worse than child rape August 14, 2014

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Wowzer, that’s a pretty clear and evocative way to put things.  But for the most part, I don’t think it’s false.  Prior to Summorum Pontificum, and even to some degree since, priests who raped boys (and abused a few girls) were given far, far more gentle treatment than those who had the temerity to offer the Traditional Latin Mass.  So says Michael Brendan Dougherty (I wonder if he is related to the family I know), via Rod Dreher, via Pertinacious Papist:

Summorum came too late to save that community in Poughkeepsie. In the New York Archdiocese as then ruled by Cardinal Edward Egan, the offense of saying this Mass and publishing tracts in its favor was treated as a far more serious crime and scandal than clerical pederasty. Cardinal Egan suspended my Poughkeepsie priest, and effectively exiled him from the life of the church. Priests who knew about the situation observed darkly that if he had raped children instead of saying this Mass, his career would have been better off.

The modus operandi then was that these Latin Mass people — “the crazies,” as they were called in the archbishop’s office [and often still are]  — should be contained in Saint Agnes in midtown Manhattan or in a few obscure parishes along the Hudson River. Egan was all too happy to see that Poughkeepsie parish closed and the building sold. He smudged us out like a penciled mistake. [And that was certainly the dominant treatment most priests and laity could expect prior to SP, and even since then.  It is generally better today, the hostility is less open, the closures less frequent - but it remains.  El Paso and New York have both experienced this heavy hand of official opprobrium towards the TLM in recent years.  And "containment," or "ghettoizing," is likely operative even where the TLM is tolerated relatively......relatively.....well.]

Dreher goes on to add:

This is a provocatively stated point, but nevertheless a sound one. The current cardinal archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan, had a South African priest sent packing after he had the temerity to defend the Latin mass community in a homily (partial transcript here), and now threatens to shut down Holy Innocents, the parish where NYC has its only daily Latin mass. Meanwhile, Cardinal Dolan tolerates things like the “Pre-Pride mass”.

Why does Cardinal Dolan consider the Latin mass a greater threat than a mass said as part of a Gay Pride festival? It’s mind-boggling. As you know, I’m no longer Catholic, and never was a Traditionalist Catholic, but for the entire time I was a Catholic communicant, I never understood the fear and loathing so many within the Catholic institution had for the Latin mass.  [Dreher's falling away was precipitated by knowing a little too much about too many bishops and priests in the boy rape scandal.  It shattered his faith, whatever it was]

By the way, under the plan Cardinal Dolan is considering, Holy Innocents parish will be merged with nearby St. Francis of Assisi parish — which hosts the Pre-Pride Mass. Priorities, I suppose. [If that comes to pass, it would seem a particularly nasty, thuggish way of flipping the bird at traditional Catholics]

That the disparity in treatment is true is simply indisputable….under a former bishop, a priest was almost cashiered in this Diocese for having the temerity to offer even the Novus Ordo in Latin.  That same bishop was deeply implicated in a number of sex abuse cases, but had the good fortune to have the cases in Dallas break early in the scandal, before public outrage had really grown to stratospheric heights.

Dreher tries to contemplate why this disparity exists.  He thinks it has something to do with the fact that the Mass is a rebuke to the excessive “optimism” of the post-conciliar religion.  I think it’s a little more substantive than that: there are many priests, prelates, chancery staff, religious, etc., who recognize the plain difference between the pre- and post-conciliar Church – these two things are not the same.  They reject the former as something strange, alien, and incompatible with the new religion.  They also view the Mass as the greatest single threat to the coup that was executed against the Church from within and which installed the new, much more worldly, accommodating, and indifferent religion stood up in place of the old.

Yes yes, hermeneutics and all that.  Balderdash. I mean, that was a nice, rather desperate attempt by one of the early architects of the revolution, who later recoiled from it, to mute its effects and reconcile the irreconcilable.  Sorry.  Mirus and all the neo-cats aside, you can’t paper over these differences.  It’s like Evel Knievel trying to jump the Grand Canyon – nice try, not gonna happen.  Old is old, and new is new, and ne’er the twain shall meet.

I think it simply something that has to be acknowledged, kept in mind, and then moved on from.  The TLM is punished by bishops and others because they are members of an inveterately hostile, competing religion.  And that new religion doesn’t have “hang ups” about child rape and all the rest that the old does.  So you get what we got.  We should probably be thankful it wasn’t worse.

And yes I realize that much abuse occurred before the Council, but that was hardly accomplished by the defenders of orthodoxy.  Vatican II did not materialize out of nowhere, there was a large underground movement in the Church that sought a revolution, and executed it when it had a chance (I have described it before as a seething cauldron of heresy).  It was members of that movement, by and large, especially in wayward religious orders, that performed most of that early (and later) abuse.

85 yo Assyrian takes up arms to defend his people August 14, 2014

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I don’t know if he’s Catholic or not, but he has a Christian name: Moses George.  Could be Assyrian Orthodox, I guess.

An 85 yo Assyrian man has had enough of muslims tormenting and killing his people and is ready to fight.  Thanks to reader D for sending this in:

85-year old Moshi Gewargis (Moses George), an Assyrian resident of Dohuk, has armed himself and volunteered to defend his town from the Islamic State. Three days ago he told his son he wanted to go to Mosul and fight to protect the Assyrians. In 2003, after the fall of regime, he joined in the effort to liberate Tel Kepe and was armed and drove in to help the local Assyrians. Mr. Gewargis has 10 children and 40 grandchildren. [That's my kind of man. 10 kids, knows how to use a gun, has fought before.....greatness.  And maybe the most epic mustache ever]

“I will proudly remain here and not leave,” he told one of his sons who lives in Chicago.

The question of arming the Assyrian Christians is now at the forefront, as they are not being protected by Iraqi or Kurdish security forces. On August 7 as ISIS advanced into the Nineveh Plain the Kurdish and Iraqi forces withdrew, leaving the area unprotected, which caused the flight of 200,000 Assyrians to the north and to the East.

Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako issued a statement on August 10 expressing disappointment at President Obama for appearing to commit only to the protection of Arbel, saying “The position of the American president Obama only to give military assistance to protect Erbil is disappointing. The talks about dividing Iraq are threatening. The Americans are not up to a rapid solution to give hope specifically as they are not going to attack the ISIS in Mosul and in the Nineveh Plain.”

Assyrian leaders throughout the world are now calling for arming the Assyrians, as they are the only ones that can protect themselves against ISIS.

That last bit is key.  The Kurds are mostly concerned about defending their own people and territory.  They do not have much excess force to extend there area of control into the Christian dominated Nineveh plain, nor do they have much interest in doing so.   They did so before mostly to keep ISIS away from Kurdistan.  They are pretty hard pressed doing even that, now, so if the Christians are going to be helped, they’re going to have to help themselves.

But they need the tools to do so.  I know it is always a risk to put capable weapons into the hands of irregular forces, but dire times call for expedient measures.  At least give these people a chance.  I understand end user certificates, always a dubious means of controlling who ends up using a supply of weapons, are being waived already in arming the Kurds.  If that’s the case, there is no reason not to arm the Assyrians, as well.  It’s going to take more than AKs and side arms.  It’s going to take some heavier weaponry.

Please continue praying.  It is making a difference.


Evidence of previous Arab (and Kurdish!) atrocities against Assyrians in 1933.  The Kurds are not great friends of the Christians in the area:


Catholic religious attacked in the Netherlands…….. August 14, 2014

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…….for wearing a T-shirt demonstrating solidarity with the persecuted Catholics in Iraq.  This shirt, here:


Amazing……I think Rorate started that meme.  The report via Tancred below:

 A Catholic seminary student from Colombia has been threatened and spat upon in Utrecht by radical Muslims: Brother Jaider Chantré Sanchez who upon just leaving  church on the weekend, while walking alone through the park when two Muslims began to pursue him, cursing and spitting . They are supposed to have shouted, “We will  kill all of you Christians.”  [Anti-semitism among muslims and many European leftists is becoming an epidemic.  During the most recent war against Gaza, there have been many ugly demonstrations directed against Jews and attacks on synagogues.  Much of that hatred can easily be redirected towards Christians, and likely will.  The Nazis killed nearly as many Catholics as they did Jews, after all]
“I was so scared. It is the first time something like  that’s happened to me,”    Chantré Sannchez recently explained in the newspaper “De Telegraaf “. “I was told in Colombia, the Netherlands is a tolerant country. But this does not seem to be so,” continued the student, who was able to escape. [Oh, they are very tolerant, provided you do and think exactly what they want all the time]  The attackers had apparently been traveling to an anti-Israel demonstration.  Yet Sanchez believes he has an explanation as to why they had become so aggressive, however, with this explanation: “I wore a T-shirt with the logo Nasrani. This is used by the IS-terrorist group in Iraq to mark houses of Christians. Many Christians wear those shirts now in solidarity with their fellow Muslims in Iraq. The logo must have seemed to the two Muslims like a red flag.”
I guess that would make the muslims the bull.  Europe’s vaunted “tolerance” is a thin veneer built on indifference and hypocrisy.  And as Europe becomes more and more islamic, that tolerance will rapidly go the way of the dodo and be replaced by something much uglier.  The thing about leftists is, there are only a few really committed, die hard types.  Most people go along with leftism because it is what the media and educational system tell them to believe, but they aren’t really convicted.  They are just as happy glomming on to whatever seems to be the strongest horse.  Just as most Germans were not convicted Nazis, but eagerly participated in assisting and upholding the regime once in place, and most Russians were not communists but quickly adapted to that regime, as well.
I will not be surprised at all if it becomes very difficult to be a Catholic in Europe very soon.  And after Europe, the Americas.



MUST WATCH: Powerful sermon on the sodo-mafia and destruction of the culture August 14, 2014

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I heard this sermon last Sunday and was quite moved.  It’s the kind of sermon, as another reader said, that makes you want to stand up and cheer and go man the ramparts.  It’s about the ongoing destruction of the culture and the few remaining intact institutions at the hands of the sodomite mafia.  As the priest duly notes, this is not an attack on individual souls struggling with certain sins.  We all struggle with sin.  Some of us, like addicts, may have even been given a special cross by Our Most Merciful Lord, being born with a certain predisposition to sin.  God does not afflict people, God gives gifts, and these crosses are special means for us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.

No, what the priest is addressing is the organized, well-funded, deliberate movement designed to destroy the foundations of all civilization in order to permit those given over to the grossest of perversions to have a free hand to engage in their base acts, and lure others into doing the same.  It is not about wanting to marry, it is about destroying marriage as an institution.  It is about freeing up children to the be objects of lust and sexual use by adults given totally over to a reprobate sense.  It is about turning life, given us by God to learn to draw near to Him and be happy with Him in Heaven, into a dystopic hedonist “pleasure” dome of wanton lust and endless depravity.

But that is not all.  Because the sodomite hedonists of our time, and their many allies who desire similar depravity from a “heterosexual” perspective, have such an all-encompassing vision completely contrary to the Christian Faith, the Christian Faith must be destroyed as a matter of course in order for them to achieve their ends.  Or, at the very least, Christian belief and practice must be so excoriated and discredited in the public mind that the few that adhere to it will be a persecuted and hated minority, driven from the public square and forced to exist, to the extent we are permitted to exist at all, in the deepest shadows.  We may well be driven underground.  There can be no accommodation with this enemy of the Faith -they seek  nothing less than the total destruction of the remaining elements of Christendom and its replacement with a sexular pagan ethos of ultimate derangement from virtue and embrace of evil.

I post a fair number of sermons.  All of them are very good, but this one is not just excellent but vital.  I pray it is listened to by all my readers:

“Willful apostasy from the known truth, after which we have all manner of reason to look toward a dreadful judgment, because apostates from the known truth seldom or never have the Grace to return to it. So they should be filled with a fearful expectation of judgment and look forward to the fury of a raging fire that will consume them.”

Such a key quote.  The only way this sexular pagan revolution has been able to come about is because Christians in general and Catholics in particular have gone along with this revolution more or less totally.  If some 90% of Catholics did not feel that contraception is not intrinsically evil, this mass moral degradation would never have come about.  If the vast majority of Catholics see nothing wrong in fornication, in adultery, in mass consumption of pornography, and now this final assault on marriage, what can we expect from pagans and those outside the Church?

I have been considering what I am about to say for some time but I feel it really must be implemented now.  I do a little to try to strengthen the faithful, but I do very little to try to convert those lost in sin.  I do pray outside mills some (my wife and children do much more), but by that point the souls we try to reach are so gone over into perversion and so lost in a reprobate sense that reaching them, converting them from their intended wickedness, requires a moral miracle.

And in addition to that, there are so many grave evils that take place in our culture, in this very city, that are totally unopposed.  I think it is time that they start being opposed.  That is why I would like to ask local readers of this blog – men only -to join me in forming a group that will protest outside the many, many strip clubs in this city at least one night a month, or more frequently if possible.  We will need at least 4 men at any one time for safety’s sake.  I don’t plan on being confrontational at all, just a few signs reminding the customers of these “gateway drugs” to moral degradation that they are committing adultery or fornication by using women in this most objectifying way.

I hope and pray some men will respond.  I do not think this is something that can prudently be done alone.  There is a sad assortment of these places within 4 miles or so of Mater Dei.  I hope a few local men would be willing to participate.

Please leave a response in the comments.  Or get in touch with me directly, those I’m thinking of know how.  This is one small act we can take to try to steer a few souls away from these dens of iniquity.  In times past, Catholic opposition to such places would have been a given.  In many dioceses and parishes, bishops and priests would have rallied the faithful to picket such places until they closed.  Such has occurred, many times.  But some time in the 60s or 70s both the leadership and laity lost their way and began to stand aside as the many dens of iniquity proliferated.  If we want to stand against this culture and, God willing, shake a few souls from their stuporous inebriation in lust, we’re going to have to act.  I pray you will join me.

Lord please let it stop – cataloging a few ISIS atrocities August 13, 2014

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Some of the photos below have appeared on a few Catholic sites.  But I felt they should be made available in order to catalog the depths of the evil we as Catholics are dealing with in the ongoing effort to depopulate the entire Mideast (eventually, you know it is coming to that) of Christians.  Some may disagree with posting these.  Some will appreciate it.  For others, it may be old news.

Please Lord let someone stop this evil.  I don’t know if there is anyone else with the ability and the will to do so. Most European nations can’t even deploy a battalion for more than token “peacekeeping.”  I still don’t favor US boots on the ground, but when I see the below, I have no problem arming the Kurds and Christians to the teeth and giving them air support and intelligence.

Pictures below are a mix from Iraq and Syria.  Of course I am equally concerned with what happens to Christians in both countries, and in other countries, as well as the other persecuted peoples, which is basically everyone save for the most insanely jihadist radical wahhabists.  The most backwards, idiotic, demonic, tribal bedoin form of islam from the depths of the Arabian peninsula is rapidly becoming the “elite” form of islam.  Amazing.

Maybe an answer is to bomb the Saudi and Qatari oil terminals.  They are ultimately behind all this with their $$. Pics are thumbnails for obvious reasons.  It was the last two that ripped my gut out.



Dead Yazidi children being carried to burial

ISIS pointing guns at Syrian infant

ISIS pointing guns at Syrian infant





In the last, that is ostensibly the girl’s father.  What crime could a 2 year old possibly commit to deserve beheading?  Not being a wahhabist muslim.  Now we know why the Spanish, in the Reconquista, called them infidel dogs.

There are other, even worse photos (and videos) out there.  All from the past year or two.  And these crimes are also frequently perpetrated within wahabbist regions themselves, against their own people – typically women and girls.  Genital mutilation, dousing faces with acid, poking out eyes, cutting off noses, ears, and tongues, sometimes all at the same time, are frequently enacted as revenge by muslim “men” upon their women due to some perceived slight.

I made a mistake recently, saying that these atrocities are unprecedented. It would be nice to be able to say that, but that would be untrue.  As a matter of fact, from the muslim genocide against the Armenians in 1915 to the anti-Christian pogroms in Nigeria, Sudan, and all over the Mideast, muslim persecution of Christians has been a constant fact of Christian existence in the Mideast from the inception of this wicked and perverse religion.  Islam is the antithesis of Christianity, it is cruelty and bloodshed and lust and perversity and backwardness all rolled up in one.  And yet somehow, we are called to forgive these people.  Not an easy task.

This is a scourge that must be stopped.  Lord, grant peace and your sanctifying Grace to the victims of this hellish persecution.  Lord, grant unity and strength to Your Church, and especially to those entrusted with those high offices of such great import.  Lord, guide the afflicted souls through this nightmare with Your constant aid and Grace.  And give wisdom, prudence, and strength of  conviction to the secular world’s leaders to deal with this existential threat to all that is good and holy in a decisive way.

I would opine that any single one of those photos above would be sufficient to immediately terminate all “dialogue” with this religion until it begins to exercise at least a little bit of self-discipline.  From what the world can tell, the radicals are utterly in charge and any “moderate” muslims are either too cowed or too ineffectual to do anything to even slightly hinder them, let alone stop these barbarities.

Pro-life prayer vigil outside the new Planned Barrenhood mill in South Dallas Sat Aug 16 August 12, 2014

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There will be a major pro-life prayer vigil, apparently interfaith, outside the new Planned Barrenhood mega-mill set to open soon in South Dallas.  Banned Parenthood is opening this new facility so they can continue to perform abortions, ostensibly in conformance with last year’s HB2, which made minimum health and safety requirements for abortion mills mandatory.  All other mills in Dallas, it is my understanding, will be closing Aug 31, since the law goes into effect Sept 1 (save for Curtis Boyd’s abattoir).

The vigil starts at 10a, so it probably won’t be much above 95 at that point.  Comparatively temperate.  The mill is at 7989 West Virginia Dr in Dallas near Methodist Hospital (I certainly hope Methodist didn’t give privileges to the abortionists.  My brother works there).

There will also be an “informational meeting” at Christ for the Nations conference center at 350 W. Kiest in Dallas at 11:30.  There will be a former Planned Parenthood employee laying down the evils of that organization, as if my readers needed any more evidence.  I’ll be skipping that.  But we may try to go to the morning vigil.

All info here—–>>>>> South_Dallas_Vigil_8-16-14

Interesting that Texas Alliance for Life is involved.  They have been controversial with some pro-lifers in some of their stances.



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