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Testimony of Iraqi Catholics: told By radical islamists to give them all their money and leave, or get a bullet in the brain July 28, 2014

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This is the death cult religion so many in the hierarchy of the Church fall all over themselves extolling and praising.  This is the so-called “religion of peace.”  How long must we put up with this prevaricating charade?  How long must we hear lies that bear the stench of death?

God bless that woman for her faith.  She just gave a great testimony of it, and of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Wow, what a calamity.  There are simply not words.  Rorate’s coverage has been quite good and thorough.  I am heartened to see that some in France, at least, seem to be getting it.

This is a genocide. This is the greatest humanitarian crisis the world has seen in decades, at least since the nightmares in Rwanda and Burundi of 20  years ago.  The barbarities that are being committed are simply beyond what decent, civilized people can imagine.  At the following link – AND I CANNOT WARN YOU ENOUGH HOW GRAPHIC THE LIVELEAK VIDEO IS! – there is footage of human beings, perceived enemies of this new satanic death cult islamic “caliphate,” who have been chopped to pieces in slaughterhouses like animals. There is footage of even muslim “enemies” of extremist islam being mowed down by the dozen in ritualistic killings.  That is how the radical muslim behaves towards all those who do not include “inshallah” in every cursed phrase they speak, who do not adhere to their stupid and evil wahhabism.

The link just above also provides powerful contextual evidence of the relation between this present genocide against Christians in Iraq and Syria and that perpetrated against Armenians in Turkey after WWI.  In fact, in both cases, the radical muslims insist that killing Christians is an “acceptable sacrifice” to ‘allah’” – which it may be, if “allah” is indeed satan, as many ancient Christians maintained.

But our first muslim president (in effect if not in fact) can not be bothered to reply.  He has shown himself to be a bitter enemy of Christianity in general and the Church in particular throughout his presidency.


Oh Lord give us strength to pray and fast!  Lift this terrible scourge from Your Church!  We know we have been unfaithful, we know we have strayed so far!  We know that right worship of You has been perverted and that heretical, sinful error abounds!  We know sin abounds in what little remains of Christendom – may Your Grace abound more!

All you good Saints martyred by islam – pray for us!  Pray for our Church!  Pray especially for the souls suffering these nightmares!  End the scourge of this evil, perverse religion around the world!

“The mohammadan is either at your neck or at your feet.”  -  Winston Churchill  Say what you will about the  man, he knew people.  I wonder if he knew that the progressive left would eventually choose islam over Christianity (at least, by all available evidence)?



Perry describes moral catastrophe from illegal immigration July 24, 2014

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Texas Governor Rick Perry gave an interview last night in which he outlined some truly calamitous results from absolutely unconstrained illegal immigration over the southern border of the United States.  Perry claimed some 3000 murders and 8000 sexual assaults were directly attributable to illegal immigrants – and just since 2008!  He also said 203,000 immigrants over that period had been jailed for one crime or another:

This is an absolute catastrophe on so many levels. Catastrophic for the victims, for the moral integrity of the state and nation, and even catastrophic for the perpetrators, who perhaps would not have found themselves in the circumstances to commit such crimes had they remain at home.  I don’t know how these figures were arrived at, or how accurate they are (or what they leave out – like how many people have been maimed for life due to the drunken driving that is epidemic among many Hispanic immigrants), but they point to just one “small” problem area with unconstrained immigration.

A local priest related a tale during a sermon some time back. It seemed a young Mexican man had wanted to come to the US.  He had even prayed to the Blessed Virgin to help him come here.  He tried this for months, but still he was unable to immigrate.  Then he tried praying to the demon “santa muerte,” and, what do you know, he made it to the US!  But then everything went horribly wrong.  He fell into gangs and drugs, committed many terrible crimes, and was sentenced to life in prison – a life ruined and a huge burden on this nation’s taxpayers.  He confessed to the priest that he did not know why things had gone so wrong.  The priest told him it was not God’s Will that he come to the US, that the Blessed Virgin had been protecting him by keeping him in Mexico, and that the demon lured him here and to ultimate destruction.

How many similar tales are there?!?  Perhaps not involving santa muerte, but who knows, it’s very popular in Mexico and Central America.

There is a good post here discussing a proper, non-ideological and unbiased (that is, not self-serving) Catholic approach to immigration, as outlined by Saint Thomas Aquinas.  Yes, there is a Christian duty to care for the less fortunate in our midst and even welcome strangers in certain regards, but a nation has a primary duty to safeguard its own citizens, promote the greater good, preserve morals, and prevent fractious spirits or those who refuse to assimilate the nation’s values into its midst.  There is also a reasonable limit – a nation does not have to permit itself to be overrun by huge numbers of immigrants in a short period of time, because doing so would pose a threat to the nation’s unity and the security and well-being of the existing citizenry.  Reasonable laws can be set, and no, not everyone has a “right” to come to this nation or any other.

All these things are eminently logical and clearly discernible from the natural law and human reason.  This ain’t rocket science.  And yet such reasonable and sensical policies seem utterly missing from the current debate, and, it must sadly be said, from the leadership (ahem) we’ve seen from our bishops on this matter.  Self-serving arguments are rarely convincing, but in this case it is sad to see self-interest cause reason and even what could be considered by many the greatest good, of all involved (citizen and non-citizen alike), to be cast aside.  It is also most dismaying to see the leadership of the Church in this country using the manipulative language and blatant emotionalism of the Left in this debate.  All of this is very far from the classical or traditional Catholic approach.

Build a fence.  Build a minefield.  Keep heavy patrols.  Use airborne sensors.  Whatever it takes. Israel has managed to cut illegal crossings along its own long border by 99% through fences and patrols. There is no reason this nation cannot do the same. Then we can talk about what to do with those here. Then we can talk about revising the broken immigration system. Then we can set reasonable limits and argue about them like mad, because reasonable people can disagree on such things.  But the present disastrous and immoral situation must end, before any other step can be taken.

And there is nothing injurious to Faith and Morals in saying so, in spite of all the rhetoric you hear to the contrary.

1914: The end of Western Civilization July 24, 2014

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Rorate has linked to a very interesting video from CNS (I’m not sure what has happened, CNS now trots out some very good, even very tradition-friendly material, while CNA has suddenly swung hard left – ultra-ultramontanism?) regarding the effect WWI had on Europe.  The claim made by the video by several historians is that WWI ended Western Civilization, and that we have been living in  a sort of hedonistic, strange twilight denouement ever since.  It’s not a claim I disagree with much.

This got me thinking though…..when did the “beginning of the end occur?”  1789?  1776?  Or perhaps, was it 1517?  Aye……..you could make a pretty powerful argument that what occurred starting in 1914 was a very predictable result of what occurred in 1517.  For protestantism fed rationalism, which fed hostility to religion, and then on to the endarkenment, radical new forms of government sequestering Christianity to an increasingly secondary status, and on and on through the slow decay of decades until finally, inexorably, Europe arrived at 1914.  It  is a certainty Europe has never recovered from the disasters of the First World War, and probably never will – at least not in its present construction.  Europe is one of many entities in the world that appears to desire final death and dissolution (witness the catastrophically low birth rates), to be replaced by something else, and some indeterminate point in the future.

Enough harangues from me, the video, which perhaps m any of you have already seen:



Several points that cross my mind:

  • I think Rorate is right that the most significant remaining element of 2500 year old Western Civilization is the TLM, and with the TLM, complete re-birth is possible. There are some other elements remaining, as well, but primarily only observed by a limited few, often regarded as cranks or dismissed as hopelessly out of date.  It is interesting to consider whether the death wish towards the TLM that overtook many very influential mid-century Church leaders was part of this general rejection of all things European, Western, traditional, etc.  Think also on the cult of PC and the ludicrously exaggerated consideration expressed by Westerners towards “exotic” others – primitive jungle tribes have as valuable a “culture” as the West, or islam as a religion of “peace” equal to the Church, etc.
  • It would not necessarily be the greatest argument, but one could argue that it was the Central Powers in WWI who were the main defenders of traditional European culture, rather than the Entente.  Austria-Hungary was the most visibly Catholic government in Europe in 1914.  All the Central Powers were monarchies.  The war, in the minds of the Entente, came down to a struggle between stuffy, hidebound, reactionary monarchies and the new, liberal, “enlightened” (there’s that term, a coup of PR by the philosophes) democracies.  The Central Powers of course saw the opposite – they saw themselves as the defenders of traditional European government, societal order, etc., and France and Britain as dangerous, radical nations determined to destroy European civilization.  As the war dragged on, Kaiser Wilhelm II would fantasize about having all the prime ministers and other leaders of the Entente powers come and bend the knee before His Imperial Majesty, to prove the ultimate superiority of monarchism and traditional European values.  Now, this argument has several fallacies – there was probably no more traditional or authoritarian country in Europe in 1914 than Russia, and she was an Entente power, and there were ardent Catholics fighting for every country involved – but it’s interesting to consider.  From the standpoint of lovers of the Church and Western Civilization, there were no real “good guys” in WWI.  Everyone lost.
  • A final consideration is the fact that there is always something worse that can happen, and leftists/progressives/liberals have a knack for bringing that worse thing about.  WWI was a “triumph for democracy” in the victorious nations (it had to be something great, instead of what it was, the ultimate futile and pointless European war), but that “triumph” unleashed the hell of WWII.  The Entente Powers really did want to crush profound aspects of European culture and reshape the world according to their own liberal image. That was basically the main argument for the US entering the war – to “make the world safe for democracy.”  So all the monarchies of the Central Powers were deliberately crushed, and the same rhetoric and ideals fueled the Russian Revolution.  But the governments that rose from the ashes of WWI in Central Europe were either pathetically weak or even more monstrous constructs.  Today, progressives seem determined to see Christianity reduced to irrelevance, but what will come in Christianity’s train?  Something far worse, we can be assured.

But that makes no difference to us.  We shall always remain, as we know that Jesus Christ is the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.  He did not promise us worldly victory or power.  He just promised that if we take up our cross and follow Him, we will have eternal life.

And that, is the point of it all.


Another study confirms: culture being destroyed for the sake of 2% of the population July 21, 2014

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The Centers for Disease Control, who apparently cannot control disease very well,  has performed one of the more detailed studies yet as to the number of self-reported “homosexuals” in this country. The number, as so many previous studies have shown, is very low – about 2% claim to be “gay, lesbian, or bisexual,” while a further 1% didn’t answer the question.  Almost 97% affirmed their heterosexuality.

However, given that I have much personal experience with individuals who are either now presently involved in perverse relationships but used to be heterosexual, or used to be sodo-oriented but now claim to be “straight,” even this 2% figure is likely fluid for a large number of the respondents.  The number of hardcore, “born that way” and “that way for life” sodomites is usually about 1%.  So for the sake of the 1%, the 99% are witnessing the destruction of marriage as it has always been known, and general moral and cultural collapse (in which many of the 99% are gleefully participating for their own reasons, but many of those would rather the destruction stop at their preferred sin, like contraception, rather than go away to total social-sexual chaos).

Given the level of coverage issues surrounding same-sex attracted people generate, one would think there would be a lot more of them.  And in fact, most people drastically overestimate the number of homosexuals around, precisely for that reason.  The article below notes some of the reasons for that.  However, given that the author is an atheist, he winds up blaming both left and right for the over-magnification of the “homosexual” issue.  I will take his data and a few points and argue differently - the reason this matter has been so powerfully advanced and is receiving so much attention is due to the hard left’s perverse need to destroy the existing culture, and especially Christianity, if they are ever to realize their Huxley-esqe Brave New World of sexular socialist pagan utopia:

Given the prominence of the issue, you would expect homosexuality to be rampant in America. When asked to estimate how many gay people there are, most people guess that it’s on the order of 20% to 25% of the population. But yet another study has been released by the CDC giving a more scientific estimate, and it finds that almost 97 percent of Americans describe themselves as straight — the actual number who describes themselves as gay, lesbian, or bisexual is 2.3%. So the public’s perception is off by a whole order of magnitude.

It’s almost as if someone has been conspiring to elevate this issue way beyond its actual cultural significance. That is precisely what we find, and both sides are to blame.

For the moderate left……..the culture war over homosexuality is partly an attempt find a new civil rights movement to fight over so they can maintain a manufactured moral high ground.

This explains why they demand, not merely tolerance for homosexuals, but a kind of mandatory obeisance enforced by the state. You don’t want to actively cooperate in gay marriages by, say, making their wedding cakes? Too bad. You will be tolerant, you bastard, or we’ll bash you over the head. [Even more, the hard left desires to destroy, and completely, any entity that could possibly compete with the allegiance to the Leviathan state in the hearts, minds, and souls of men.  This aspect was "cooked into" liberalism in its inception way back in the endarkenment and even before]

This also explains a lot of bizarre proposals that can only be described as a form of trolling: deliberate attempts to provoke an outraged reaction. I’m talking about things like demanding as a matter of principle that transsexuals be allowed to use school restrooms that correspond to their artificial gender identity rather than their biological one. If homosexuals are about 2.3% of the population, transsexuals are a much smaller group. Even an analysis that argues that their number is underestimated (if you include many who are not out of the closet) still places the figure two to three orders of magnitude smaller—from about one tenth of one percent to one one-hundredth of a percent of the population.  [That's the most valuable data in this fairly erroneous piece.  Those so deranged as to be afflicted with gender dysphoria are of such small number that bending over backwards and enduring all kinds of hardship to satisfy their whims is about as ludicrous as it gets. The number of "transgendered" people ranges from the tens to the hundreds of thousands - in a nation of hundreds of millions, it is ridiculous to have to bend over backwards to please them, including further eroding sexual distinctions.]Such cases are so rare that you would think they could be dealt with reasonably in their individual and local contexts.

The author then goes on to say that the “right,” and in particular the loathed and feared “religious right,” is just as much to blame for the overemphasis on this issue as is the hard left, because “homosexuality” is just a means to get the extreme base of each side all excited and ready to donate money.  That ignores so much evidence it is laughable, and is the kind of statement that could only be made by an atheist, who pointedly finds absolutely nothing of valuable in religion or religiously-dictated morality and finds it ludicrous that anyone else could, either.

Now, I am not gullible. I know there are especially political elements on the right that constantly stoke fears of the depredations of the other side as a fundraising gimmick.  Duly noted. And I’m sure there are times when devout souls like myself get excited and perhaps exaggerate the import of some of the smaller episodes of persecution or decay in morality.
But overall, I am forced by the vast preponderance of the evidence to conclude that the atheist is blind to the impact of the present left-driven attack on the culture and traditional morality because he is himself a part of it.  Atheism is as distant from right morality, the very morality that led to Christendom, as is sodomy.  And Christendom, after attack and perversion, still informs and provides much of the framework for the modern secular liberal state, which this author uses as one of several surrogate religions. So by pretending that the actions of a mere 2% are of no import, that we should just “live and let live,” entirely misses the point.  Tolerance of sodomy poses an existential threat to this culture and the remnant of Christendom because it is an indicator of the utter triumph of the secular, self-pleasing mindset and the advance of a perverse morality so far from the truth it is actually evil.  And liberty cannot exist without virtue, and on a mass scale. That is why free societies have been so rare in human history – it’s been as rare as mass virtue.
So, as we see at present, as virtue in a society collapses, so does liberty.  This nation is obviously headed hard in the direction of totalitarianism.  The left wing party is utterly run amok.  They view that totalitarianism as a good thing, as they intend to be the overseers.  To the extent that support for sodomy, abortion, fornication, porn, contraception, divorce on demand, or whatever else moves the ball down the field, they are in favor of it. And yet, somehow the right is equally to blame?  Please.
One interesting facet Christopher Ferrara argues in Liberty: The God That Failed, is that even with our ability to vote and, supposedly, ‘choose’ our leaders, we are actually far, far less free in these United States in the Year of Our Lord 2014 than was the average peasant or burgher under the most “despotic” medieval king.  The modern secular state arrogates, through the very act of claiming to be the representative of the people and their will, powers to itself far, far more expansive, invasive, and destructive powers than any preceding form of government ever did.  And we see that in its most pristine, crystalline form in the more authoritarian fascist, communist, and socialist states. Orwell’s Eurasia is sort of the apotheosis of all that.
And all that invasive, crippling overreach can be traced back to a simple cause, as Solzhenitsyn noted: “men have forgotten about God.”
That is also, of course, the reason for the triumph of the hard left and all the perversions devastating this culture: men have forgotten about God.
Aye, and even within the Church.


For the record: Some of Abortion Barbie’s top campaign contributors July 21, 2014

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I mentioned in a post a month or two back that I had met an old school Republican party delegate, who shocked me when he told me he thought the masquerade known as same-sex marriage was just A-OK by him.  I relayed in this post how this guy sends me a lot mailings that amount to bated-breath Republican propaganda.  I ignore much of it.  But he put together some data on demonrat gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis aka Abortion Barbie’s funding sources, and I thought, for the record, it would not a bad thing to share.  I guess much of this was cobbled together from a recent Dallas Snoring News article.  It might be useful to scratch a few folks or organizations off your list, if you had any doubt:

* Actress Jennifer Garner………………$ 25,000

* Actor Matt Damon………………………$   5,000

* Marlo Thomas……………………………$   5,000

* Carrie Fisher……………………………..$      500

* Tom Hanks……………………………….$      500 [I too bought the fantasy peddled in the 90s, when he was at his peak, that Tom Hanks was a nice, normal guy.  There is no normal in Hollywood.  They are as alien to you and me as creatures from Mars]

* Abgail Disney,Walts grand daughter $ 5,000


* Houston Trial Lawyers Steve and Amber Mostyn…………….$ 738,000 includes $100,000 of air travel costs. We all know why trial lawyers want Democrats in office

* Willie Nelson……………………………..$ 250,000 and he also performed at a Wendy Fund Raiser [Oh Willie, all that pot has rotted your brain.  You're blinded to the totalitarian tendencies of progressivism and its nature as an outlook built on blood.  You never cease to disappoint me.  This is not the Depression, Willie, and this is not your grandfathers demonrat party.  Funny thing, an area priest knew Willie growing up in Abbot, and he's a screaming lib, too.  Something in the water, there?]

* Battleground Texas……………………$ 1,000,000 I am guessing Battle Ground got this money from the Natl Dem Party fund [This is the Obama-sourced group trying to turn Texas dem, permanently]

* Service Employees Union…………..$    250,000

* Assoc of State,county,employees  $    100,000

* Intnl brotherhood of Elec workers…$     50,000

* Planned Parenthood President……$     101,000 which includes $12,000 for website development.

* Emily’s List: supporter of abortion…$       75,000


I’m sure those last two have given a lot more than that, or will.  Most demonrat politicians thrive on illegal, under the table donations, as Obama did in his elections, taking money from foreign sources, the traitor.

In reality, I hope the dems and especially the pro-aborts go all-in and donate all the money they have to support Davis, because it will all be wasted.  It’s money that could be used for even more evil purposes, at least in this case, it won’t do as much real damage.


Quick Flightline Friday: MH17 shot down over Ukraine July 18, 2014

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I assume all readers are already aware that poor Malaysian Airlines, already afflicted with losing a 777 in some of the most mysterious circumstances ever, lost another $300 million dollar aircraft and, much more importantly, hundreds of lives when their 777-200ER was apparently shot down over eastern Ukraine by Russia or Russian-armed separatists.  The missile system used was likely a 9K37 (SA-11/SA-17) Buk radar guided mobile battlefield SAM system.  This is an upgraded version of the SA-6 Gainful missile system that has been used around the world in numerous conflicts, especially earning a nasty reputation as a very capable system in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.  The SA-11 is eminently capable of engaging aircraft at medium altitudes (10-40k ft) and carries a 150 lb fragmentation warhead – more than enough to bring down a large airliner.

It appears to have been a monumental tragedy, the Russian-armed and Russian-speaking separatists of eastern Ukraine – or Russian forces themselves operating in support of those separatists – likely mistakenly targeted the 777, thinking it was an An-26 Curl cargo aircraft.  Whoever fired the shot, they were horribly trained, SAM systems with decently trained crews are almost always capable of distinguishing civilian airliners from military aircraft, especially in established airways. It is interesting to note, however, that many airlines had already made the decision to abandon the air route over eastern Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict, and all airspace in eastern Ukraine is now closed, at all altitudes, to civilian traffic.  Malaysian Airlines was taking one heck of a risk flying only 1,00o feet above an airspace zone restricted for military operations.

Evidence of Russian involvement is mounting.  It is not unequivocal at this point, but it seems likely.  Separatist forces already obtained the black box and spirited it away to Moscow for “investigation.”  Separatists were quoted early on as claiming proudly on the internet that they had shot down another Ukrainian transport, but when it came out that it was actually a civilian airliner those tweets and other communiques were quickly pulled.  The State Security Service of the Ukraine is claiming they have intercepted communiques from separatist forces to Russian authorities and their own higher ups claiming responsibility for the attack. But there is some question on this, as apparently that Ukrainian Security apparatus has already tried to use doctored evidence to paint the separatists in a bad light.  Nevertheless, here it is:

The report below gives some general info.  The fact that the debris was spread over a large area (10 or more miles) indicates the aircraft broke up at altitude.  There were some pretty good sized chunks left, which tends to happen when an aircraft breaks apart – those chunks that survive the breakup, which can be pretty large, tend to stay intact until the hit the ground, and if they don’t contain any fuel there won’t be any fire. This is not at all unusual.  I already saw one person trying to say that if Flight 93 that crashed in Shanksville, PA on 09/11/01  left almost no debris, how could this crash have such large debris (in places – the main part of the crash, including the central fuselage, wing stubs, etc, everything was obliteratged)?  Well, that’s why, it broke apart at high altitude after suffering devastating structural damage from the missile warhead, but then continued more or less intact, at much reduced speed (less than 300 mph, certainly) until impact.

There was apparently 1 American on board.  Prayers for all those who died, and for their families.

No one is going to spin this up into a broader war, but it does make Russia look terrible.


Rainbow flag proudly waves on Vatican website? July 17, 2014

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Or at least the German Radio Vatikan page – but the URL is http://www.vaticana.va – so it’s official.

To say we are seeing a sea change in opinion on this issue of “normalizing” sodomy and many others would be a vast understatement.  Here is the photo (h/t Eponymous Fowler):



This is an image I never thought to see on a Vatican webpage. Even one associated with the increasingly problematic Vatican Information Bureau.

Wow.  Not quite the abomination of desolation, but getting disturbingly close.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean the Vatican/Church has now embraced sodomy.  But at the very least it shows someone with disastrously bad judgment.

Oh yeah, and then there’s this, I guess:


That’s actually from 3 years ago.  Bishop of Saltillo.

New militant religion of atheism, moral collapse closely related July 17, 2014

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I friend and reader of this blog, Terry Carroll (I don’t think he’ll mind if I use his full name), gave my family a remarkable gift of a rather large number of very good books recently.  I have dived into a couple of them already, and want to share an excerpt from the preface of one of them with you today, Edward Feser’s The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the New Atheism. BTW, the publisher of this book, St. Augustine’s Press, seems to carry a good number of rather philosophically oriented but highly orthodox books from some very heavy hitters: Aquinas, Suarez, etc .  You might add them to your list of safe and reputable publishers.

The below may not contain any great revelations, I don’t know, but I think it deftly describes the rapidly growing new pagan religion of atheism, which is something of a cult of science and leftist thinking turned into a religion of creeds, dogmas, heretics, devils (us!), and all the rest.  All of which only demonstrates the fact that man is an endemically religious creation, and absent Christianity will create all manner of disordered, even evil pagan religions to replace the God so many men desperately want to kill.  Begin quote (my emphasis and comments)

….The successes of the movement to recognize “same-sex” marriage have been nothing if not sudden. Just over a decade ago (this book was written in 2008) the very idea would have been laughed off as crackpot or extreme; now it is those who oppose it who are frequently labeled crackpots and extremists. But equally sudden has been the rise of ostentatious unbelief as as the de rigueur position of the smart set.  Mainstream progressives and non-conformists of earlier generations would have found it necessary to profess belief in at least a “social gospel” and to hide their doubts about the metaphysical claims of religion behind a haze of pseudo-theological psychobabble.  Yet atheist chic is now, out of the blue as it were, the stuff of best-sellers, celebrity endorsements, and suburban reading groups. It is as if the urbane cocktail hour secularist liberalism of the twentieth century has, by way of the slow but sure inebriation produced by an unbroken series of social and judicial triumphs, now become in the twenty-first century fall down sloppy drunk and lost all inhibition, by turns blaspheming, whoring, and otherwise offending against all sane and decent sensibilities as the mood strikes it. [What a great sentence.  If the rest of the book is like this, I'm really going to enjoy reading it.  But the metamorphosis of atheism from a sort of slinking and even embarrassing phenomenon of the elite into the out-n-proud, boastful religion of today is due to the increasing impact of the modernist errors outlined by Pope St. Pius X, who predicted exactly this result should modernism be accepted en masse. It is also the inevitable result of mass acceptance of endarkenment anti-Catholic beliefs, which had the direct goal of destroying the political and cultural influence of the Church and setting up a neo-Roman pagan, anti-Church state and culture.  Welcome to the future that was designed for you 300 years ago. Modernism is only one of the later, and most finally destructive, aspects of endarkenment beliefs.]

The confluence of these developments is no accident, though not for the reasons liberal secularists suppose.  To their minds (or what is left of them), sexual libertinism and contempt for religion, as public, mass phenomena (rather than as the private eccentricities of a decadent elite, which of course have always been with us) constitute the final victory of reason, twin fruits of the modern scientific worldview whose full consequences are only now becoming widely perceived over four centuries after its birth.  [I would argue again, this understanding of science as the fruit of only a pagan, "rational" mindset, is completely false, and another poison fruit of the endarkenment philosphes.  There have been many, many great scientists and thinkers of all stripes who were very pious souls at the same time.  Most of these were Catholic, some were in the sects, but they all had a deep faith.  It was the philosphes who started the propaganda campaign that identified science with their militant anti-Catholic paganism, and smeared Christians as benighted, ignorant idiots who opposed science.  Darwin latched onto that and sent it much further down the road.  The distinction that has been drawn between science and faith is a false one, and even more, science has today become a religion of its own, or a large part of the new sexularist pagan "atheist" religion.  Thus we have millions of people who treat as abject heretics those - even great scientists! - who doubt anthropocentric global warming, even though not even a handful of those millions are scientifically literate themselves, and most of them couldn't even be bothered to begin to understand the "science" behind the global warming jihad.] But in reality they are (to paraphrase Aquinas paraphrasing Aristotle) two very great errors that have followed gradually but inevitably, not upon any actual finding of modern science, but upon what might at first glance seem at most a relatively “small error” of a philosophical nature committed by the founders of modern science and modern philosophy. [I haven't gotten to that revelation, yet, but I suspect it has to do with what I discussed above, the deliberate attempt to turn faith into an irrational exercise of emotion and not one grounded in reason.  In reality, it is the "rationalists" who are profoundly emotional and closed to reasoned debate]

….it is a certain kind of moral and religious traditionalist, and not the secular liberal, who is the true upholder of reason….

…..But the most important thing to know about the belief that God exists is not that most citizens happen (for now, anyway) to share it, that it tends to uphold public morality, and so forth.  The most important thing to know about it is that it is true, and demonstrably so. [And Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, and many other have proven this so, from first principles] Similarly, the most important thing to know about “same-sex marriage” is not that it has been lawlessly imposed by certain courts even though a majority of citizens happen (again, for now anyway) to oppose it. [And here, 6 years later, most now support it, at least tacitly.  That is a preference cascade of unbelievable quickness and consequences] The most important thing to know about it is that the very idea is a metaphysical absurdity and a moral abomination, and (again) demonstrably so.  It is no more up to the courts or “the people” to “define” marriage than it is up to them to “define” whether the Pythagorean Theorem is true of right triangles, or whether water has the chemical structure H2O. In each case, what is at issue is a matter of objective fact that it is the business of reason to discover rather than democratic procedure to stipulate. 

———–End Quote————

And yet, the entire structure and philosophical order the informs the modern secular libertine state is one that admits no core Truth, no unbending Laws of God, but only the constantly varying will of the people as informed (or deformed) by interests with the ability to sway vast swaths of the population.  Thus, we really don’t have democracy, but an oligarchy pretending to be a democracy.  But that’s a whole different issue.

I think the point is this, and I’ve tried to make it several different ways at different times over the past year or two: where we are at today, as a culture, became more or less inevitable as soon as the endarkenment theories of Hobbes, Locke, Voltaire, Rousseau, and all the rest were accepted en masse. They are views that when acted upon lead invariably to anti-religious, and especially anti-Catholic, bias, as history shows. Now, you can either pursue these novel endarkenment ideas in a very radical manner, and wind up with the French Revolution, or you can pursue them in a much more conservative manner, and have an American Revolution.  But both tend over time not to liberty for individual souls, but with the steady growth of the state into an all-encompassing leviathan that must and will crush all competitors in its path, especially religion, because only religion can compete for men’s allegiance in a way similar to what the leviathan demands.

Again, the leviathan can come about quickly and violently, as in a communist revolution, or slowly and steathily, as in creeping socialism of greater and greater scope around the world, but with the direction this country has taken for the last century, it appears the leviathan will come about eventually in every liberal democratic state no matter what, because the totalitarian pagan state was the ideal upon which the endarkenment philosophy was founded.  And wherever the state expands, the Church contracts, because you cannot serve both God and Mammon.

We are simply witnessing what happened in Canada and most all of Europe decades ago now in this country.  And look at the state of the Church in those places.

Sorry to be a downer, but I think this thing has to break before it can be fixed.  So maybe this immigration isn’t a bad thing, if it hastens that eventual result.


Much news on the abortion front July 15, 2014

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There has been a great deal of news on the abortion front.  A former Planned Parenthood worker who has converted to the pro-life cause gave a speech recently in which she described her mill on baby-killing days.  It is chilling, to say the least:

Former Planned Parenthood worker Judith Fetrow spoke at a conference sponsored by The Pro-Life Action League which was recorded in a series of videos entitled Abortion: The Inside Story.The video series can be found here.

Judith Fetrow first discusses how legal abortion is not as safe as many believe:

It is difficult work at abortion for any length of time and continue to believe that it is a safe procedure. Even with the best doctors, abortion days are filled with minor and sometimes major complications. I watched Dr. William P perforate a woman’s uterus and then lie about the severity of the perforation. The most horrifying complication that I witnessed was a woman who stopped breathing during the abortion. Dr. Michael Sussman just walked out of the room when he was finished. Despite my telling him that our client was not breathing, he left me alone with her. When Dr. Sussman was forced to return we didn’t even follow emergency protocol for that situation. It was a miracle that this woman didn’t die.

I began to wonder if we were really caring for these women, or if we were just working for another corporation whose only interest was the bottom line.  [I don't have any wonder.  But even more, Planned Barrenhood is a completely diabolical organization that is utterly wedded to the idea of child sacrifice to the demonic gods of sexular paganism.  That's not how they think about it, consciously, but they regard abortion as the most sacred and inviolable shibboleth they hold, the thing with which they would not part if pushed to the last extreme.  That it is demonic is apparent to faithful souls, but they pretend it is liberating. I think they do know that abortion is the necessary and vital backstop for the entire sexular pagan ethos of free love and all that, and they are wedded to that ethos above all else.  They would rather shut down than stop abortin' and contraceptin'.]

Although workers can be protected from seeing the babies’ butchered bodies, there is no inoculation to make clinic workers immune to the smell of blood, and the smell of blood permeates the clinic on killing days. Generally there is one clinic worker in charge of the babies. No one at Planned Parenthood wanted this job. I did not particularly want this job. However, I did not want to see the babies treated disrespectfully. I did not want to hear Janice [another clinic worker] callously say she was taking the kids and putting them into daycare….

There is much more at the link.  Truly satanic.  Those poor workers.  Do they have any idea of the evil they are committing on a daily basis?  I can say from experience that they universally live in a state of complete denial, often aided by alcohol or other substances to keep their consciences good and dead.

In other news from Live Action, they have another video exposing Planned Barrenhood’s ongoing (and all too often successful) attempts to instill the most perverse practices of the sexular pagan culture in children.  I won’t post the video in this case, as I’ve done in the past, but just link to it.  There is apparently nothing to bizarre or extreme for a Banned Parenthood staffer to communicate to a child as “normal” sexual practice.  But what would one expect from women who participate in the murder of babies all day, or work for such a ghoulish organization?  Mary Poppins?

Finally, with numerous state laws slowly (too slowly) but steadily eroding the “right to choose” (to murder your baby), Senate Majority Leader and all around thug Harry Reid is trying to push what is being called the most radical pro-abort bill in history through the Senate.  Hearings are ongoing in the Judiciary committee, but this bill could pass the demonrat controlled Senate.  I don’t think it will go anywhere from there – and maybe there will be enough dems in touch re-election bids to keep this thing from passing – but it nevertheless is not good.  Some of the details, via CatholicVote:

…..the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act.” The bill was introduced in response to the Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case.

What would happen to the numerous pro-woman and pro-child protections passed in the states all across the country if this mega abortion bill became law?

  • Informed consent laws? Eliminated.
  • Laws that protect pain-capable children after 20 weeks? Gone.
  • Clinic regulations? All of them wiped away.
  • Conscience protections? Nearly all such protections would be decimated.
  • Ultrasounds for vulnerable women? Banned.

My friend summed it up well: “This bill is the Freedom of Choice Act on steroids.”

The democrat party is once again communicating to its base and to the country at large that they hold no more cherished belief than the false right of women to kill their children.  Dems are in a near-panic over advancing state pro-life laws, and would certainly overturn them if they could find the votes.  This demonstrates to this Catholic the utter demonic immorality of that party and highlights why I have never, in my life, voted for a demonrat, and certainly never will.  Not that Repubniks are Catholic all-stars, they are far from it, but in many respects still less offensive to conscience than the dems.  Nevertheless, I continue to seek alternatives to both that are more acceptable from the Catholic standpoint.

The war continues. But we’ll only be fighting rear-guard actions at best, and nibbling away here and there, until we convince at least a large minority of Americans that we’ll never be rid of abortion until people become willing to give up their “sacred” contraception.

But we all know what a chore it is to be punished with a baby, so I won’t hold my breath.

Fr. Carota on the suffering caused by “progressive Catholicism” July 14, 2014

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I always come away from Fr. Carota’s site feeling edified.  He has a post on perhaps an often overlooked impact of false, progressive notions of Catholicism – if it can be called such.  He explores how progressive Catholics fail to teach the Faith, which in turn produces millions of uncatechized, sinful Catholics, who in turn sin and cause havoc in the culture. And there is no one calling them to account, unless we consider the USCCB’s preoccupation with fake climate change, farm bills, and all the rest.

Some interesting perspective, at least (I add emphasis and comments):

I let Johann tell all the boys the story so that they could learn how bad drugs are.  I tell them every marijuana joint has blood on it from all the violence behind the growing and selling of it[Which reinforces what I said last week.  It is probably not unreasonable to say that all illegal drugs are covered in blood, often completely innocent blood.  Another reason never to use them.]

After this, all the young men and boys could not stop telling me, one after another, about their own bad experiences they have had or are living with right now.  They told me about drug dealers living next door to them, the loud gun shots they have to hear at night and police helicopters circling around their neighborhoods, looking for criminals.  From the very tiniest of them (5 yrs. old) to the oldest they all wanted to tell me about what they are going through.

Now to my point and theory.  Johann’s friends, who were into drugs, were baptized, made their first communions and were confirmed (Catholics).  Most of the neighbors to these boys are Catholics.  A lot of the shootings and drug dealing done here in this part of Phoenix is done by baptized. [Gary Moran, the man who shot and killed Fr. Kenneth Walker and maimed Fr. Terra, is likely a baptized Catholic]

So, most people would just explain all this violence here in Phoenix and in Mexico as people making bad choices or doing bad things.

I will, over and over again, point out that the “New Evangelization” of the Vatican II Church is not producing holy Catholics. [I think that's the key, isn't it?  Isn't that the crisis in the Church reduced to its essence?  Yes, we can argue about points of theology, novelties like collegiality and ecumenism, changes/abuses in the Liturgy, and all the rest, but the simple fact of the matter is that the Church since Vatican II seems to be producing far, far less holy Catholics than the pre-conciliar Church.  There are likely a number of reasons for this, but one of the key ones is that the Truth is simply no longer taught to the vast majority of Catholics. This includes a generation or more of clergy.  So we have the blind leading the blind.  That's not to say the situation cannot improve. There are priests and lay people who find they are missing much and start to learn more about the Church as She was, but they are relatively few.  And so the cultural rot continues to advance.]  I contend that by the easy going progressive catechesis we are only producing bad Catholics who are then end up doing evil things, (like Catholics who are in the Mexican Cartels).  This is then causing the children, that I work with, to suffer from the crimes that are happening around them everyday and every night. [Another problem is that so many Hispanics who come to this country leave the Church, as are millions in Central and South America.  I will one day do a post on the myriad evangelical sects that have popped up in Irving in the past 10 years or so, with large congregations, and entirely devoted to Catholic Hispanics who have left the Church.  The Church is hemorrhaging Her members, because they are spiritually starved by the pablum they receive]

What we desperately need right now is strong traditional Catholic moral teaching.  The bleeding heart liberal Catholics always want to water down morals out of compassion for the divorced and remarried or the homosexual.  Whenever we water down one of the 10 Commandments or the traditional morals of the Catholic Church, it only undermines the structure that society stands on and the results is crime that the children have to suffer from.

I say that the silent victims of progressive modernistic Catholicism are the children who are never listened to by the pope, cardinals, bishops, priests and religious.  They are the ones being aborted (murdered by the thousands daily), are sexually abused by their stepdads, crying as their parents split up and get an annulment and marry a new stepparent that they have to adjust too.  [Divorce is devastating for children.  Even to adult children. My college roommate descended into a year of absolute drunken dissolution after his parents divorced before his sophomore year of college.  My friend was never right after that.  He has never managed to maintain stable relationships, and leads a highly disordered life to this day.]   Children are suffering by having to have homosexual “parents” or parents bringing different sex partners home every weekend.  Does anyone ever talk about the social injustice that these children have to bear day in and day out? [Children are the ultimate victims of almost all the aspects of the advancing sexular pagan culture.  Contraception prevents millions from being born and aborts millions more, direct abortion kills millions, millions are devastated by divorce and the subsequent unstable relationships that follow, rates of child sex abuse among children of "homosexual" parents are enormous.....I could continue for a very long time]

To be clear, when we water down the Gospel and traditional Catholic morals, it produces Catholics and others who do evil things that hurt children.  It hurts God and it hurts children and it hurts society.  Immoral Catholics and other people cause crime.  Crime hurts everyone, especially children who are afraid and are hurt everyday and every night. [And those children are overwhelmingly predisposed to commit the same egregious faults their parents did, or even worse. So, each generation winds up being more deranged than the one before.  I don't know how long we can continue like this before society fundamentally breaks and we face a calamity of biblical proportions.]

————End Quote———–

If we had ten divisions of such priests, our troubles in the Church would be over, very quickly (source?).


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