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Jihad comes to Oklahoma September 29, 2014

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Is there any coincidence, that mere days after a satanic black mass was held in Oklahoma City, a woman – a complete stranger – was beheaded in yet another case of “sudden jihad syndrome” in nearby Moore?  I think we would be wise not to discount the possible connection:

Police are charging a man accused of beheading a woman at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Okla.

The Moore Police Department says charges filed against Alton Alexander Nolen will include first-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

Law enforcement will officially file the paperwork in the District Attorney’s office Monday.

Alton Nolen is also accused of stabbing another woman before being shot himself by an Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office reserve deputy, Mark Vaughan, who is also the company CEO.

Nolen, a recent convert to Islam, allegedly attacked a woman Thursday at a Vaughan Foods processing plant, soon after he learned he’d lost his job there.

Police said he walked into the front office and attacked one of the first people he encountered, Colleen Hufford, 54.

He severed her head with a knife and then attacked 43-year-old Traci Johnson.

Johnson has been released from the hospital after being treated for numerous wounds.

Nolen, 30, was interviewed by investigators on Friday. Police have not revealed what he said.

The FBI said there are no indications linking Thursday’s attack to terrorism……… [Of course not!  Beheading random people is just your normal, everyday murder!  There isn't a prominent muslim group in the world trying to terrorize a vast region into submission using beheadings and similar terror tactics, including against children!]

……..The FBI is now looking into Nolen’s background after his former co-workers said he tried to convert them to Islam after converting to the religion himself.

Lewis says the FBI is working in conjunction with the Moore Police Department, especially when it comes to the religious aspect of the case.

No, it’s not. The FBI is involved to try to hush-up and intimidate all involved to drop any notion that this man’s religious belief had anything to do with the crime. Even though his Facebook was pasted with tributes to jihadis, he had very vocally converted to islam in prison, and he had been proselytizing his co-workers for some time, and to such a degree that he had to be fired.  But nothing to see here, move along!

I tell you, our government has rapidly devolved into a situation where coverups and constant lies are the standard operating procedure, all at the service of the agenda of the entrenched elites. By that, I do not just mean the present administration, but most of the bureaucracy from the local to the federal level, which seems to have gone whole hog over the past 10-15 years into being little more than taxpayer-funded agents of leftism.

This is a joke.

Regarding the mosque where Nolen was apparently radicalized, or further radicalized, no, nothing to see here:, yet again

went to the same mosque the Oklahoma Muslim who beheaded his co-worker today. I live ten minutes away!

The Imam was Imad Enchassi the last I heard. He was a friend of mine. He is a Lebanese-born Sunni who hates Israel. He once gave a sermon that the Israelis were trying to collapse al-Aqsa mosque by digging tunnels underneath it. They have no issue with Palestinian suicide bombings because, as it was explained to me, that is the only weapon the Palestinians have.

They sold Milestones in the book shop while I was there, which as you know calls for replacing all non-Islamic governments with Islamic ones. I remember listening to a tape a friend of mine, Yahya Graff, another white convert to Islam, had that prayed for the destruction of Israel and America.

The imam when I first converted, Suhaib Webb, is hailed as a moderate by liberals in the United States but he was the one that explicitly told me that according to Islam, three choices are to be given to non-Muslims: convert, pay the jizyah tax and live under Islamic rule, or jihad.

I’m sure that’s just your average run of the mill radicalism for Saudi- and Emirate-funded mosques.  So how common is this?

Perhaps becoming more so:

In a bizarre coincidence, a fired Oklahoma City nursing home employee was arrested Friday after a co-worker reported he threatened to cut her head off.

Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, 30, is being held in the Oklahoma County jail on a terrorism complaint. His bail is set at $1 million…….

……..Muriithi was identified as a native of Kenya who is living in Oklahoma City. He worked at Bellevue Nursing Home in northwest Oklahoma City, police reported………

……She said Muriithi identified himself as a Muslim and said he “represented ISIS and that ISIS kills Christians,” the detective told a judge in the affidavit. The two had not worked together before…….

…….The FBI said Friday about the tragedy in Moore that there is no current indication of any additional threat to residents of Oklahoma related to that incident. [Well, that statement could be true, if you steadfastly refuse to recognize reality.  Once again, it's all about perception and perceived threats to the leftist agenda, so nothing to see here. The more these events are so obviously related to the false religion of islam, the more the relation has to be denied.]

 Our government has become an utter joke. There are banana republics looking down on us now.  I guess this is what comes from having a muslim president.

Everything is upside down.  Having babies is bad (global warming), but sodomy good.  Humility means ostentatious displays of false simplicity.  Marriage is for sodomites, while heterosexuals don’t even bother anymore.  Thus, the world, absent the saving balm of Jesus Christ and His Church.  It is Kafka-esque madness.

On the upside, martyrdom atones enormously for sin, so we’ve got that going for us.

Over half of Canadian religious over 80! September 29, 2014

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Reader GM sent me this link, a general waste-of-time product of a bishop’s conference, in this case, Canadian, but with one not so golden nugget:

In the afternoon, the Most Reverend John Corriveau, O.F.M. Cap., Bishop of Nelson, B.C., led a panel discussion on the challenges facing consecrated life today. Father George Smith, C.S.B., General Superior of the Basilian Fathers and Vice President of the Canadian Religious Conference (CRC), was invited to present an overview of the current situation of religious life in Canada. In 2013, there were over 17,000 religious men and women in Canada. Fifty percent were over 80 years old and only one percent under 40.

I guess there are not so many young and faithful religious orders in Canada as in the US?  Then again, the Conference of Canadia has always been several steps ahead of even the USCCB in dogmatic, lockstep leftism.  So, it is little surprise they have tolerated few relatively orthodox religious orders.

In a mostly unrelated note, I was at a conference taught by a local traditional priest wherein he remarked that Seder meals, Jewish meals that precede Passover, have been co-opted by a good number of Novus Ordo Catholics. The priest stressed his opinion that this aping of Jewish practice is due both to the starvation so many Catholics feel for things liturgical and significant, being accustomed to a thin diet of watered down post-conciliar gruel, and to a tendency to return to the old temptation of Judaizing.

The Judaizers were those early Catholics, all converts from Judaism, who thought the New Covenant demanded all the old sacrifices of the Old Covenant, especially male circumcision. Also demanded were Jewish dietary restrictions and some other things of various levels of import. Since most converts at this time were adults, circumcision was both very painful and very dangerous.  The dietary restrictions were annoying to some, difficult to others.  The Judaizers fomented the first crisis in the Church, necessitating the First Ecumenical Council at Jerusalem, probably around AD 65 or so.  This is the famous encounter when Saint Paul, not the Pope and not even a bishop, challenged and corrected the first Pope, Saint Peter, to his face, over Peter’s duplicity in sometimes supporting the Judaizers, and sometimes not (yes, I know the specific issue was about eating with them, but there were much larger implications).  It was also against the Judaizers that Saint Paul wrote the Letter to the Galatians, warning them to reject “the Law,” meaning the Old Mosaic Law, and to expect salvation only through Grace (and, by necessity, works done in cooperation with Grace).  This statement has of course been twisted by protestants to their own destruction, to mean not what Saint Paul said (don’t listen to the Judaizers dragging you back to the Old Covenant), but some made-up notion that works (of the law!) mean nothing, and only Grace avails.  That one bit of Scripture, taken radically out of context and standing in total isolation, as usual, forms the essential basis of almost all of evangelical protestantism in the US and now, around the world.  And it could not be more wrong.  But I digress……..

Is it not interesting how the errors come around, though?  Saint Paul writes a letter against one heresy, which is then taken up, nearly 2000 years later, by others, to justify their new heresy!  Too bad Saint Paul could not live to be 3000 years old, but that would not be fair to him, and there would still be some heretic in the year 3001 who would take his words and twist them to his own destruction.

That is why we need our glorious mother, the Church, to provide understanding on the meaning of many difficult passages of Sacred Scripture. But always remember, contra protestants, our Church is older than Scripture, and holds the divine means to decipher, and proclaim, the Truth Christ has revealed.

If only our leaders would do so in good conscience.  But I am a sinner, and not fit to judge.

Meh, sometimes I just can’t help myself.

Our Brave New World…… September 29, 2014

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…….predicted nearly 100 years ago:


I have noted with increasing discomfort for a few years now, the growing similarities between our present culture and that prognosticated by Huxley back in the 1920s.  Huxley believed that the ultimate in totalitarianism would not come with an iron boot, but a velvet glove.  Through an intentional godlessness, elevation of the material over all else, and people’s constant hunger for pleasure, pleasure, pleasure.  While there was some subtle and even overt totalitarianism in Huxley’s Brave New World, it was nothing like Orwell’s “boot, smashing a human face, forever.”  Most of all, it was a perfect prediction of how perverse and evil society can and by necessity will become, absent Faith in God.  Which is odd, because Huxley was a secular atheist.  I guess that just goes to show that even those who see the perfect evil of their own ideology, cannot overcome their attachment to it.  Grace alone suffiices, I guess.

If you’ve never read Brave New World, now might not be a bad time.  I warn you, though, parts of the book – never fully shown in any of the lousy movies made – are very difficult to stand.

Thanks to reader D for the timely reminder.

Bishops who promote error, cave to culture just covering their own sins? September 29, 2014

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That is the message conveyed by two very important, if incredibly disquieting, recent posts on Rorate. The posts consider the forced resignation of British bishop Kieran Conry for having carried on, it is reported, multiple affairs with women, some of them married, over the past several years.  While he says such incidents “only” started six years ago, I judge that highly unlikely – he has probably never taken his vow of celibacy seriously in the slightest.  And what is worse, as a lawsuit being filed in England seeks to prove, the hierarchy in England and probably all the way to Rome well knew this man was not only conducting multiple affairs, but often with women already married!  How many marriages has he helped destroy?  How many children’s lives have been irrevocably ruined by his out of control libido and those of the slatterns he’s dallied with?  And this is a supposed successor to the Apostles?  How many like him are there?

As Rorate notes below, when bishops refuse to teach the Truth, or, even more disturbingly, suddenly turn tail in the face of the culture and become a public opponent of Church Doctrine, as we have seen some very highly placed bishops do, of late, it almost certainly means something very, very bad:

This collapse of Bishops’ moral position, their personal moral position, is a tumor destroying the credibility of the Church from the inside and from all sides. When a bishop (or priest) who certainly knows better says something bizarre and completely outside Catholic Tradition, or begins to waver when faced with secularism, Catholic faithful should increasingly ask themselves the questions:

Is the bishop speaking for himself, or is he speaking on behalf of those blackmailing him? Is there truly such thing as a “moderate” bishop, or is he being “moderated” by the enemies of the Church out of fear that his duplicitous behavior will be revealed?  

Rorate notes the following comments by this disgraced former bishop:

‘It has been difficult keeping the secret,’ he told the Mail. ‘In some respects I feel very calm. It is liberating. It is a relief. I have been very careful not to make sexual morality a priority [in his sermons]. I don’t think it got in the way of my job, I don’t think people would say I have been a bad bishop. But I can’t defend myself. I did wrong. Full stop.’

Rorate has commentary here, but I’ll interject my own.  What self-serving tripe.  What unmitigated gall.  He has been caught performing acts of wanton immorality, of conducting himself in a completely shameful manner (even if most people, in these shameful days, do the same), and his only concern is his own relief?  And then he trumpets the fact that he has helped undermine Catholic Doctrine precisely because of his utter unfaithfulness and seeming happiness to continue in sin?  Has he sworn off any of these “relationships” (I doubt they rise even to that level)?  Has he evidenced true remorse for the scandal he has caused not just the faithful of Arundel and Brighton, but the entire Church? Not to my knowledge.  This man evidences absolute no sorrow over the scandal he has caused and the sins he has committed, he is sorry because he has been caught.  And, sir, by definition, you are not just a bad bishop, you are a demoniacal one.  

Picking up with Rorate again:

When, regarding any point of doctrine, but in particular sexual morality and marriage, you see a bishop who is speaking less about it, or less often, or is distorting it, or hiding or criticizing those points he dislikes, or calling it old-fashioned, or dismissing its relevance, or who suddenly turns away from his formerly courageous modus operandi when feeling the pressure of secular activists, watch out. [As in the case of Cardinal Dolan, perhaps?  Or Bishop Tobin?  Or Bishop Armand Ochoa?  Or Bishop Robert Lynch?  I could go on for quite some time]
This means a lot.
A lot.
……..This sad episode is relevant in itself, but also as a powerful symbol of a global problem — a grave warning to all the Catholic faithful, a fundamental breach of trust in the very core of the transmission of the Truth that is the very reason for the Apostolic Succession, a wound that can hardly be repaired afterwards. How many souls are thus lost?
Well, if you are one of many priests and bishops who believe steadfastly, contrary to all evidence from Scripture and Tradition, that All Dogs Go To Heaven, then you probably don’t much believe in Dogmas like the reality that many souls are damned to hell for all eternity.  It certainly makes being both an apostate and a manifest grave sinner much more convenient.  And note the tight relationship between the two: as Saint Thomas Aquinas and several other great Saints have said, heresy is almost always rooted in grave personal sin.  The heresy comes about to cover up for the soul’s inability to eschew grave sin, especially sins against the 6th and 9th Commandments.
But I fear Rorate is right – when bishops (or priests) suddenly start acting screwy, if they suddenly equivocate where they didn’t before, or are one of the many who simply refuse to proclaim the full Truth, especially regarding those sins which have come to be commonplace among the great majority of the faithful, WATCH OUT!  There might be some hideous scandal coming down the road, sooner rather than later.  And I have the understanding that there might be many more revelations of such scandals in the next few months or years.

This matter brings to mind a questions regarding that most toilsome of terms: “full communion.”  As in, are the individuals in the hierarchy who have been aware of his numerous infidelities for years in “full communion?”  What about all those bishops who preach error, ore refuse to teach difficult truths?  Is “full communion” so reductive as to mean nothing more than not doing something the Pope tells you to not to do, or vice versa?  Everything else is up for discussion? This is not to argue the point of view of the SSPX, this is a question of vital relevance for every Catholic striving to be faithful.

A final thought: Yes, former Bishop Conry is very deserving of prayers.  As are those women who knowingly  (or, doubtfully, unknowingly) aided in the corruption of a priest/bishop.  And we must always bear in mind our own sins, which, for some of us, might even exceed those of Bishop Conry.  But at the same time, we are discussing Doctrine, duty, and the manifest failure of the vast majority of bishops in these key elements of their apostolates.  This is a matter that goes beyond mere personal failings or judging individual sin* and extends to the core reasons for the crisis in the Church.  I shan’t apologize for taking a hard line on that.

Speaking of, another hint from “Boney” (what’s his name?!?  Help me out!), who lives in this afflicted Diocese (we, in Dallas, know how you feel), that there have been indicators for some time that things were far from right with former bishop Conry:

Whenever I met him he was kind, warm, interested in us and courteous, though I was a bit taken aback when he asked if we “really believed all that stuff” about Marian apparitions and sites of Marian pilgrimage. I got the impression he did not understand people’s devotion to Our Lady and the Saints, nor those who genuflected towards the Tabernacle and knelt for Holy Communion. 

My emphasis.  The great Moral Doctor Saint Alphonsus tells us that the lack of a strong devotion to the Blessed Mother is a moral, if not absolute, sign of pending damnation.  Or, more accurately, he says that a great devotion to the Blessed Mother is morally, if not absolutely, necessary for salvation. And he quotes other great Saints and theologians in his defense.

So perhaps there is no great mystery in former Bishop Conry’s fall, and the whole scandal. It all has to do with the widespread lack of respect and devotion given to Our Lady, Mother of God and Mother of the Church.

Our Lady, pray for Bishop Conry, the women, all those who knew and said nothing, and for all of us poor, weak, sinful souls.  Beg Your Son to have mercy on us!

* – Having said that, perhaps more judgmentalism, and more repercussions for such scandalous acts, might result in fewer people committing them?  Is that not how shunning in polite society used to work, before Western Civilization morally collapsed?

Below, “Lady Conry,” chosen over another Lady (via Daily Smail):

MoS2 Template Master

Diocese of Orange, CA, takes the protestant “Crystal Cathedral”……..and makes it worse September 26, 2014

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Hoy vey.  I remember when this story broke, a few years back.  Tod Brown, thankfully retired Bishop of Orange (replaced by FW’s former bishop, Kevin Vann), had taken the inexplicable act to purchase the facilities of a bankrupt evangelical sect and use those facilities for the new cathedral of Orange.  Many were nonplussed, as the gaudy, hyper-modernist “Crystal Cathedral” seemed a very poor match for Catholic liturgical sensibilities.  But, the perennial apologists  said, “hey, it may not look good now, but I can see how it could be turned into a really rollicking Catholic cathedral.”  Well, apologists, feast your eyes on this.  If it were any colder and more devoid of warmth, it would have to be moved to the South Pole – of Pluto (skip ahead to ~2:45 for the cathedral design proper):

Note in all the rationales given for this modern art museum cathedral above, virtually none refer to making the place Catholic.  They refer to “sacred” and “liturgical,” but not “Catholic.”  And for all the false erudition on display, they manage to completely miss the point.  You can’t get “sacred” from rationalist, analytical individuals.  You get sacred from holy, pious people.

So, what’s really changed – a central altar with no tabernacle, which I can’t stand, a lot of cold white stone, and some landscaping? Well, nothing says Catholic like a double row of trees.

I sure love Eliot B’s humor. His only comment on the aboveI say again, New Evangelization: put down the Super-Council, step away from the Church, and just go home. You’re still drunk. So very, very drunk.

I have a comment of my own: who could possibly take that “liturgical consultant @~3:00 seriously?  Are you kidding?

I really thought Bishop Vann was better than this.  Fooled me.  There’s not even a proper crucifix.  I don’t know what it is, it’s grotesque. Note how Sister “Kit” @0:30 has an equal length cross – think she played a big role in selecting picking that resurrectifix out?

Oh, look at the bone they threw the Catholics in a crypt church @~6:00!  How generous!

I’m sure these folks thought they designed just a bang up cathedral…….for their own religion, whatever that is.

Enjoy your cathedral for the next 70 years, Orange-ites.

A most pre-conciliar commentary on the idol of democracy September 25, 2014

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There is a great conceit held by many Americans and other Westerners; that democracy, whatever reality it has even in our own country, is the only acceptable form of government for not just advanced nations, but for peoples everywhere.  A veritable cult has grown up regarding notions such as popular sovereignty, the will of the people, representative government, and all the rest. Surely, there are arguments to commend this very Anglo-American system, but there are also powerful arguments against.  For one thing, what may be suited – but perhaps far form ideal – for some nations under certain favorable circumstances, may harbinge death for peoples in other places and times.  Such was the commentary of Father Bernard O’Reilly in his biography of Pope Leo XIII, commenting on the foisting of democracy, often  unwittingly, on Catholic peoples in Europe after the catastrophe of the French Revolution. I thought there were some edifying points below, perhaps you will agree:

The political quacks who think that the constitutional forms which suit the English race at home or in the United States ought also to suit Belgium, or France, or Spain, or Italy, forget that the institutions of of a country are the natural growth and outcome of a people’s habits and social life.  Where, as in Great Britain and in the American Union., the form of government, with the laws and the judiciary, has ever been a part of the people’s existence, it needs no political education to train the masses to the knowledge and exercise of their political rights.  They are matters of course, as familiar to the farmer in the country as his implements and methods of agriculture; as handy to the craftsman in the cities as the rules and practice of his trade.  How different among the Latin nations of Continental Europe and their offshoots was the use of the suffrage, whether open or secret, in electing to municipal or national offices!  What a farce the ballot was from the beginning, and is still in countries we might name! [And is, perhaps, becoming in this country?  Or has already become?]  And what oppression is practiced, in the name of liberty and under the sham of constitutional forms, by peoples among whom anti-Christian teachings destroy the religious and moral sense, with the elementary and essential ideas of individual right, making what they call free government the most hideous intolerance and the downright and unrestrained proscription of all opinions, convictions, and acts which differ from their own false and narrow notions!  [So true, as I think we can see in our own country more and more today, where the rights of minorities, especially religious minorities, and even more, Catholic minorities, are dashed upon the altar of “tolerance” – except for us and our beliefs!  Thus, every kink, every perversion, is held to trump the most dearly and deeply held Christian convictions.  And never forget, the most repressive countries in history, like the Soviet Union, had constitutions full of flowery language about rights, the power of the people, and all the rest – as they crushed the people, and especially the Church, under an iron boot!  

……….Belgium, Catholic Belgium, became especially the paradise of the occult force, not of the purely or professed benevolent and kindly associations which go by different names wherever the English language prevails, but of those bodies of conspirators against Church and State, against the entire social order inherited from the Christendom of the past, who are the legal and legitimate descendants of the masons and their illuminism.  English and American societies long and blindly refused to acknowledge the evidence offered them that this occult force on the Continent of Europe, as well as in Spanish and Portuguese America, was a vast and mighty conspiracy against God.  [This paragraph compares the differences between the relatively benign practice of mason in the Anglosphere, and the dark, even occult, conspiracies of the Lodge in the Latin countries, always directed at usurping the Church and seeing Her demise.  Of course, the masons in the Anglosphere did not have to trouble themselves to achieve the idol of "religious liberty" in England, the US, and other countries, as the triumph of protestantism in those lands, from long ago, made such efforts unnecessary.  But they gave much willing help to radical masonic elements in Mexico and other countries struggling to destroy the Church.  They have been all too successful.]

……..the battle…..has been fought from the beginning, between the supporters of Christianity, the advocates of a thorough religious education, on the one hand, and the conspirators against religion, who wanted to get possession of the youth and extinguish in their souls all knowledge or all love of the ancient faith of Christendom.

…...we in America are beginning to see that the public school system was from the first open to two serious and unanswerable objections. It levied a heavy tax on those who objected conscientiously to schools where no religion whatever was taught, [Aye, and I must pay handsomely to see others taught dread errors and be led down the wide path of destruction] and refused to grant any share of the school fund to denominations who insisted on a religious teaching in their schools; [No longer entirely true, at least at the federal level.  And how was that achieved?  Some very cogent criticisms argue that Church schools were only judged acceptable for federal funding when they became so thoroughly secularized and indifferent to our Faith that they were no longer seen as problematic from the reigning secular point of view.  The refusal to teach Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus figures prominently in such arguments] and it tended practically (as it has now, confessedly, ended in doing) to turn out young men and women indifferent to all religious principle and practice – men and women all the more dangerous to the community that their trained intellect and acquired knowledge are a terrible agency in the service of their passions, whereas no fear of God is there to restrain them from evil courses or to encourage them to well-doing.

Besides, in a country like the United States, where so many sects exist side by side, with equal rights before the law, [a foundational error in its own right] if the majority must decide the school question like all others of public importance, the minority must perforce submit.  Still, that minority will deem it oppression to be taxed for an institution which they cannot approve of or profit by without violating their conscience…….. [Sadly, the vast majority of Catholics no longer deem it a violation of conscience to have their children taught, or they themselves, the dreadest of errors.  And for all the world, it appears our leadership has simply exited the struggle, proclaiming the world and its errors right all along, does it not?]

……..Yet the English-speaking world, through its organ, the public press, has invariably sided with the tyrannical majority, and h eld up the struggles of Catholics to educate their children according to the Faith as the battle of the ignorant and intolerant fanaticism against the enlightenment, intellectual progress, and modern civilization.

And the struggle still goes on……in the year 1887.  It is still the contest between two antagonistic and diametrically opposed forces, that of religion on the one hand and that of irreligion on the other, for the possession of education, the mightiest means ever devised for the moral elevation or the utter destruction of the human race.

——————End Quote—————

So, one hundred and twenty seven years long, who, does it appear, won that battle, at least to this point?  It might also be asked, which side has decided to entirely give up the fight and surrender to the dominant culture, with its conceits of “enlightenment” and “reason,” which are really darker, and more ignorant, than any ideology since Christianity gained ascendancy 1700 years ago?

Something, perhaps, to ponder this weekend.

The boundless effrontery and childish tantrums of Church progressives September 25, 2014

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Father Michael Tegeder is an extremely left wing priest in the Archdiocese of Minneapolis-St. Paul.  He has always been in the most progressive wing of the Church, hailing from the wildly heretical (and haven for boy rapists) Saint John’s Abbey in Collegeville. He has been waging a one man war against the fairly orthodox Archbishop John Nienstedt for years.  He has continued to agitate over what seem to me like dubious charges of sex abuse by Archbishop Nienstedt himself. He has been aided in his jihad against +Nienstedt by a few other leftists (in an incredibly far left locale) and a few others, some reputable, others not.  None of the allegations have been substantiated to date – all remain in the realm of accusation alone.. +Nienstedt has been the recipient of this torrent of abuse and false allegations because of his orthodoxy.  The progressive priests who dominate the Archdioce of Minneapolis-St. Paul despise +Nienstedt’s orthodoxy – even as it is – and are determined to see him out.

Ridiculous hair

Ridiculous hair

As reported on Tegeder’s own blog (safe link, not to his blog), Archbishop Nienstedt received a complaint from someone visiting Father Tegeder’s parish.  The complaint listed numerous liturgical abuses, including a lay person giving the “homily,” homily content was heretical, leavened bread was used for the Hosts, and the sacred vessels were made from cheap stonewear.  There was also a big problem during distribution.  Here is how Fr. Tegeder replied:

Dear Archbishop John

I was not the presiding priest nor was I present on the said occasion. However, I take full responsibility for it, something all church leaders should consider doing. By the way, your public condemnation of Father ______ ______’s “crimes” was a good example of not taking responsibility. Your violation of respect for due process owed Father _______ was stunning. [This is not taking full responsibility, this is blame shifting of the worst kind.]

Regarding the actual communication I would have to say that things must be pretty good in Texas if this poor soul was “extremely distracted” by the things that he relates. [So, then, you admit, Father, that liturgical abuses are bad?] I would have referred this troubled Texan to the wise advice of Pope Francis who calls the church to stop obsessing about “small minded rules.”  [And, we see what we shall be up against for years and years......we shall constantly have the Pope's damaging comments thrown in our faces, even if those comments are totally non-Magisterial]

But what is most amazing to me is that with the concerns in the Archdiocese these days you would take the time to relay such concerns from a complete stranger. What did Jesus say about the splinter in your brother’s eye? [Again, blame shifting, complete refusal to acknowledge any kind of problem.  How ironic, then, to claim the archbishop needs to examine his own conscience. And, Father, people have the ability to manage more than one activity or area of emphasis at once.]

He and you seem so concerned about his so called rights as a Catholic being violated. I am more concerned about children being violated under your watch. You still owe us an explanation for your decisions involving Wehmeyer. [Witness how Father repeatedly completely avoids the topic at hand and makes the matter all about +Nienstedt's ostensible failings.  Is that how a virtuous man, or any man, behaves, or is that how a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar behaves? "She did it first!"]

As it turns out, the Sunday after I received this letter, the gospel reading was about handling differences in the church. Jesus says first of all go to the person and work it out. He says nothing about first reporting back to the local ordinary. If the man wants to discuss his issues please give him my address.  [Not if the person is already a notorious public scandalizer and sinner, which Father Tegeder certainly is.  In that case, one could expect an even more disrespectful and dismissive reply than the one sent to +Nienstedt, and it would be appropriate to go to his superior.]

I do have a concern over his state of mind as I do for yours. Indeed, I do not see how you can continue in your position. It cannot be good for you. Even Cardinal Burke has apparently seen the light and is moving on.  [What a despicable comment.  That's all I can say.  You can certainly tell just how much virtue our progressive betters are accustomed to practicing.]

I will continue to pray for you. [Such generosity - but wiccan chants don't count]20121213_mike-tegeder_33

—————–End Quote—————–

Father had the effrontery to claim that he “must be doing something right” to elicit complaints from +Nienstedt.  Of course, every diocese in the country, more or less, has a formal policy that complaints received at the diocesan level about a priest or parish are forwarded on to the “target” as a matter of course. So this was hardly +Nienstedt picking on poor progressive Father Tegeder, it was simply part of routine policy.

Look, please don’t think I’m defending Archbishop Nienstedt as a hero of orthodoxy, he’s not. He’s pretty good.  But he has also been the victim of the same kind of witch hunt that was used to persecute Bishop Finn, and on just as flimsy grounds.  I guess I just get sick of the utter lack of humility, endless childishness, supercilious clericalism and massive superiority complexes that so many left wing people in the Church so visibly demonstrate. I thought these progressives were all about inclusiveness, tolerance, and love? Sure, so long as you are on their side.  If you’re not, then they are the most dogmatic, hateful,  prosecutorial people imaginable – as the poor Franciscans of the Immaculate have learned to their great pain.

I’ve said many times of late, but it bears saying again, the reason people like Tegeder behave with such disdain towards Catholics is because they are members of an inveterately hostile competing religion that will brook absolutely no competition.  That religion is, of course, sexular paganism in any of its many flavors.  Almost all of these progressives are senior citizens who have never managed to leave their glory days of the 60s behind (even if they spent the 60s as dweebs living at home or watching all the action unfold on TV).  There is no future to the movement.  They are not reproducing themselves, because people can get leftism much more pure and undiluted outside the Church.  Their experimental Catholicism, the much ballyhooed but never accomplished “new evangelization,” has been a failure.  All one need do is consider virtually any statistical measure of the Church between 1965 and today to realize the extent of the failure – it is catastrophic.  But, being ideologues of a foreign religion, data makes no difference to the likes of Tegeder and his aging cohort.

Finally: I am hardly one to oppose calling bishops to account.  But the above isn’t a calling to account, it’s nothing more than a pointless rant (I want to say something else, something closer to reality, but not fit for this blog.)) intended to make the rantee feel superior.  Which superiority Tegeder, from his many newspaper quotes, seems to have quite a problem with.

Since he makes such a large point of prayer, I pray for his total conversion.

The not so mod squad

The not so mod squad

Local pro-life news: 40 Days for Life starts, HB2 under trial again September 25, 2014

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So, Forty Days for Life got started yesterday in the Diocese of Dallas and around the country yesterday on the Commemoration of Our Lady of Ransom.  You can sign up for vigil time outside mills at the Dallas 40 Days for Life website.

If you wonder why there are still so many mills to pray outside, that is because the same leftist Austin judge (Yeakel) who has constantly struck down pro-life laws on flimsy pretexts (almost always having his decisions overturned on appeal), declared the provisions of 2013’s HB2 requiring all abortion mills to meet minimum health and safety standards verboten. The decision was appealed to the 5th Circuit, which heard arguments September 12.  A final decision has not yet been made.  It is important to note that the 3 judge panel on every federal circuit court changes over time – the judges rotate in and out of assignments.  The current 3-judge panel is not as favorable to pro-life concerns as previous ones that have upheld all aspects of HB2 that have been appealed to the circuit thus far.  The current panel features one solid pro-life conservative female Bush 43 appointee, one leftist Obama appointee, and 1 Reagan appointee.  The matter of whether the ambulatory surgery center requirements will be upheld appears to be in his hands, and his behavior during arguments two weeks ago seem to indicate he could go either way.  As usual, an incredibly important judiciary decision which will either uphold or overturn the popular will, amounting to often usurping the supposedly sacrosanct democratic process, will come down to the opinion of just one man, peering into his magic eight ball in his pointed hat with crescent moons and stars on it.

A decision is expected any day.  Please pray that HB2 is upheld and the court rules that the ambulatory surgery requirements – absolutely minimal health and safety requirements mills have been able to avoid for decades – can be implemented immediately.  There is some speculation the court may uphold the requirements but give mills several more years to implement them.  They won’t, it will just allow the many shady mills like Routh Street and Robinson’s to stay open longer.  If HB2 is upheld and allowed to be implemented now, Routh Street and Robinson’s are expected to close immediately and Dallas will be left with two mills – Curtis Boyd’s Southwest Women’s abattoir on Greenville and the new Planned Barrenhood super-murder center in, where else?, south Dallas.

It is also doubted the Supreme Court would hear any of these cases, so the 5th Circuit’s decision will likely be final.

Oh, by the way, notorious pro-abort Ruth Vader Ginsburg has confirmed, yet again, what a vicious eugenicist she is.  You might pray for her conversion, too.

Circuit Court Judge, deciding case

Circuit Court Judge, deciding case


Bah! Need brain bleach! Latin “Gather Us In!” September 24, 2014

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Everytime I hear the first three notes of this sickening tune I get it stuck in my head for days!  Eliot Bougis, look what you’ve done!

Well, if I’m going to suffer, so are you:

Some intriguing questions from the same source, different post:

1) What did Vatican II teach us that the Church did not already know? IOW, what would a Catholic who were never exposed to the documents of Vatican II lack as a Catholic?

2) What is the magisterial basis for the concept of “dialogue”? I am aware of the biblical arguments that might be brought forward, which can be discussed in their own right, but what I would like to know is where “dialogue” is promoted in the pre-V2 Magisterium.

1 – I would answer, in practical terms (meaning out of the realm of the more esoteric aspects of theology) nothing.

2 – I would describe the basis as “problematic” and counter to much of the prior Magisterium, and especially the writings/exhortations of numerous Saints.  There are some references in the pre-conciliar Church, starting from perhaps 1880 or so, and growing in frequency and urgency as you move towards 1962.  But, Magisterial pronouncements, I can think of none.

Y usted? (soy muy formal)

UPDATE: Heh, brainwash. Sheesh.  You guys get top, top commentary here.  Worth every penny.  This update will only make sense for those who saw the original lede.

Profiles in hate: Dallas woman hates Rush Limbaugh sooooo much….. September 24, 2014

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…….she donated $4000 in tips she received from him while working as a waitress at swanky Nick and Sam’s steakhouse to an organization dedicated to paying for abortions of women who allegedly cannot afford them.  Which is a laugh, at least half the women I’ve spoken to outside mills had their abortions paid for by you and I, through Medicaid.  Now, they can get it through Obamacare, since over 1000 Obamacare plans pay for abortion, in spite of his lying executive order supposedly banning them.

But how much do you have to hate someone to take their very generous tip and turn it over to an organization dedicated to child murder?  This is not a rational reaction, but then again, the religion of sexular paganism will brook no heresy:

Tierce used to get some high rollers at the restaurant, including conservative talk show mogul Rush Limbaugh. Tierce waited on Limbaugh twice (both times he came in with Al Michaels, who was in town to call Cowboys games). Both times Limbaugh left her $2,000 tips on modest-size checks, once with twenty $100 bills.  “That was like blood money to me,” says Tierce, who does not share Limbaugh’s social views.

Tierce was also executive director of the TEA Fund, which provides money to women who can’t afford to get abortions. (She’s still active in the abortion rights world; you can read her recent New York Times Op-Ed piece on the subject here). So she did the only logical thing with Limbaugh’s cash. She donated a sizable chunk of it to the TEA Fund.

“It felt like laundering the money in a good way,” she says. “He’s such an obvious target for any feminist or sane person. It was really bizarre to me that he gave me $2,000, and he’s evil incarnate in some ways.” [Most intelligent people recognize oxymoron's when they see one, like "feminist" and "sane person."]

How screwed up does your thinking have to be, to feel that receiving money from a conservative commentator is “blood money,” while giving money to people who kill babies is…….not?  But that’s sexular paganism for you, up is down, black is white, evil good, and virtue vice.  It is the antithesis of Christianity – which it was deliberately designed to be.  What is frightening is that, today, there may well be more die-hard, truly committed adherents to sexular paganism than there are to Christianity of any stripe, let alone Catholicism.  We live in terrifyingly dark times.

But, we have the Light of the World.  So we shall not be afraid.  But her reaction is telling: it’s not based on reason, it’s based on pure emotion.  I tell you, leftists are the among the most religiously dogmatic people in the world today.  And I would know!

A couple more thoughts: Do you know how many women I’ve spoken to outside mills that had trouble paying for the abortion?  None.  I often hear they can’t afford to keep a baby, but never that they can’t afford the abortion. THAT’S WHY THEY’RE THERE!  And I doubt it’s this “TEAfund” that’s paying for any but a handful of them, if that.  TEAFund is less an organization to pay for abortion, than it is just another of the dozens dedicated to baby killing advocacy, trying to normalize and de-horrify the unspeakable abomination of abortion in most people’s minds.  It is also dedicated to trying to perpetuate the myth that most women who receive abortions are so desperately poor they haven’t $300 for a first trimester murder, which is also garbage.

Let’s see, a joyless, humorless, dogmatic lockstep feminist leftist with obvious daddy issues. Boy I bet this gal is just a barrel full of laughs.



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