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It is not enough to be present at Mass…… April 11, 2014

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…..we must make a definite offering of it to God.  Some excerpts from Explanation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass by Fr. Martin von Cochem:

It is not enough to be present at Mass in order to share in the fruits of the Mass: we must make a definite offering of It to God in union with the officiating priest. The Mass is a Sacrifice, and it appertains to the nature of a sacrifice that it should be offered to the Deity.  Therefore those persons who fail to do this, either with their lips or in their bbe14e06c0280238d2f86133387f54e0heart, do not derive half [I'm not sure how you quantify it, but hopefully the point is made] of the benefit from the Mass that others do, although they fulfill the precept of the Church, whilst piously reciting other prayers that have nothing of the character of an offering……….

………We read in the life of St. Mary Magdalene dei Pazzi that she was supernaturally taught that the oblation of Christ’s Blood was most efficacious in turning away the divine anger, provoked by the transgressions of mankind. In fact, God complained to her of the little done by man to appease His wrath, and exhorted her to do her utmost with this aim. She therefore was accustomed many times – no less than fifty times a day – to offer the Sacred Blood of Christ for the living and the dead. And repeatedly it was granted her to see souls whom she had been instrumental in converting, or of releasing from Purgatory, by this oblation of the Precious Blood.

m_massShe used to also say that it was much to be feared that the impenitence of sinners is to be attributed to our apathy.  For if we were more zealous in offering the Blood of Christ to God on their behalf, He would doubtless, moved by our prayers, have preserved them from eternal reprobation; and she admonished all Christians constantly to make this oblation of Our Lord’s Passion and His Precious Blood for the erring and the sinful.  Let us remember this, for it places within our reach an easy means of appeasing the wrath of God, of converting sinners, relieving the suffering souls, expiating our own wrong-doing.  At no time, as we have already said, can this oblation of the Precious Blood be made so opportunely, so effectually,a s during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. It is then offered not only by word, but in deed, for the Sacred Blood is truly and actually there in the Chalice and is offered up by the priest not only in his own name, but in that of the whole Church, and more specially of those who are present.

———-End Quote———

More souls are released from Purgatory during Mass than at any other time!  So please remember them in your Mass intentions!



Yes! Someone else gets it! April 11, 2014

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I’ve probably been spending too much time reading secular blogs of late…..if this one qualified.  Robert Stacy McCain is at least a moderately devout evangelical protestant and father of 6, even if he does have an unfortunate tendency to give fly to really impure language and imagery.  He needs to stop doing that.

But there is no other writer out there I’ve found that has tackled the sick marxist dogma of feminism better than he has.  Further, he has made the connection that feminism as a movement is about destroying the family as the prime building block of society, either out of twisted hatred or to better groom souls to accept government as their savior, lord, and master.

He had a post yesterday   [content warning, you might not want to go there] discussing the new phenomenon of “heterosexual guilt syndrome.” Primarily afflicting women (but I’m sure men are not far behind), y0uth today are being so groomed into radical feminist ideology (and remember, a feminist is just a marxist lesbian) that they actually feel guilt for NOT falling into this grave perversion.  As an indicator of how utterly upside down Western “culture” has become, this is a pretty good one: Sodom and Sapphos are so utterly triumphant among elite opinion-shapers, young people today (well, ok, at least leftist young people, but that’s many if not most of them) actually wish they were sodomites so that they could bask in all the culturally-driven glory:

The “Girls” star thanked her sister Grace, now 22, saying, “I have always felt a strong and emotional connection to members of the LGBTQ community. It was actually a huge disappointment for me when I came of age and realized that I was sexually attracted to men. So when my sister came out, I thought, ‘Thank God, now someone in this family can truly represent my beliefs and passions.’”

So obviously this Lena Dunham character is deeply depraved and deranged, as evidenced by the pornographic show she produces for HBO.  But this phenomenon is hardly limited to her alone.  A radical feminist university professor has noted that she can no longer teach her students elementary aspects of biology – such as that, men and women, and males and females of any species, are different! – without attracting hoots and catcalls of “homophobia:”

I wanted them to find their way to the notion that it’s not “heteronormative” to recognize that sex is an evolutionarily adaptive  [God-given, my edit] reproduction strategy that, in humans, involves males and females; it’s just our biology, and there’s a complex, mutually interacting relationship between the biological and the social. I’ve been working toward that all semester. But they have not gotten there.

That is to say, this feminist university professor has found that her students already have such deeply ingrained, powerfully shaped notions regarding human sexuality and even biology – notions entirely shaped by radical sodomite rhetoric – that she cannot get them to accept basic facts like: men and women are different, there is a natural order to sexuality that is conceived to perpetuate the species, etc.

As we saw in the Charlotte, ahem, Catholic High School debacle, even Catholic students, or maybe especially Catholic students, are so deeply convicted of these homosexualist errors and depravities that they simply will not be told otherwise, that so-called homosexuality is not inborn, is not natural, and is in fact a profound perversion (something that should be obvious from the natural law, let alone theologically) of the created order.  But to say such nowadays is tantamount to heresy.  And people are being, effectively, burned at the stake over this nightmare. The poor nun that did nothing but repeat constant Catholic Dogma and some relevant sociological data has now been cashiered and will probably never be seen in public again.  That is the power of the sodomite lobby, and all the errors it has perpetuated.

What’s the end game?  As I said at the top, and as RS McCain notes, it’s to end the family as the building block of society:

Yet this phenomenon — Feminist Heterosexual Guilt Syndrome — is implicit in contemporary liberal culture, which holds that sex is merely a form of pleasure, without any spiritual or moral dimension, to be regulated only by mutual consent. Liberalism’s apparent neutrality toward the sexual preferences of consenting adults, however, is belied by the incessant cheerleading for contraception, abortion and homosexuality. Contraception and abortion are necessary to the liberal project of diverting women from the path toward marriage and motherhood by suppressing their natural fertility. And homosexuality is celebrated by liberals as part of the same project, to de-legitimize the traditional family as a normative social institution.

And these folks just keep moving the ball forward.  The effort heretofore has been to normalize sodomy and its female equivalent – now the effort is to convince people that everyone is at least a latent sodomite and to convince all – or as many as possible – that homosexuality is “naturally” superior.  There is a growing movement among marxist lesbians to assail all heterosexual relations as “rape.”  They claim women naturally “hate” men and and are repulsed by them, and it is only the oppressive patriarchy and patriarchal cultural conditioning that results in women having sex with men.  Black is white, up is down, Laverne is Shirley: there is no depth to the depravity that will come so long as people forget God.

Ultimately, they want everyone to be like them. Having even a small minority reject their claims is enough to drive them nuts, because they still have the law of God written on their hearts.  And even if, in some nightmare future, they do convince almost everyone to embrace sodomy, they will still be miserable and angry and refuse to understand why.  Because God will remain, and so will His Law, and they will remain counter to it.

You may say, oh TE, slow down, you’re getting too excited.  If you chart back all the progressive claims these radicals have made in the area of sexuality, you can see how the most radical claims, the most egregious, laughable stuff, suddenly becomes the accepted norm, and shortly thereafter, required belief, 15-20 years after the first outbreak of the new level of error.  Same-sex marriage was first posited on a serious level about 20 years ago.  Everyone laughed.  Not so funny anymore.  Leftist academics first began really arguing for legalized abortion, out in the public, starting in the early-mid 50s. In 1973, they got it. Now they’re arguing that all heterosexual relations are rape.

I wouldn’t laugh.

Sebelius’ Reign of Terror Is Over April 11, 2014

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Cruella Deville has outlived her usefulness for the Zero.  She’s been thrown under the bus, like so many before her, ostensibly due to the manifold failures of Obamacare:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has resigned from the Obama administration, a move that comes just months after Americans started signing up for health insurance coverage under Obamacare.

President Barack Obama accepted her resignation earlier this week and will nominate the Office of Management and Budget’s Sylvia Matthews Burwell, 48, as the next head of the HHS, the New York Times reported.

The new head of HHS is just a younger version of the same:


Is a hair brush too much to ask?  What?

Burwell is not Catholic, at least.  So maybe she’ll actually have more respect for Catholic belief than an invincibly convinced heretic.

What am I saying?!?  She’s a lefty, and already, during the government shutdown theater of last fall, she was the one that directed stupid, draconian steps – like closing national monuments that cost nothing to operate – in order to amp up the pressure on Republicans. She’s a Clinton loyalist, so I think we know her.  She’s obviously pro-abort to the core, or she wouldn’t have gotten the job.

Meet the new boss, same as the old.


Does Sebelius have a reputation left to detract from?

Michael Voris on the homofascist tyranny April 10, 2014

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Good word.  Good video, but the first minute plus is ads for future programs.

Christians are derided as “Christofascists” merely for maintaining that what was always believed to be a sin, still is.

Homofascism is something entirely different: it is a real movement to so utterly crush all dissent from the now dominant open cultural obeisance towards perversion that such dissent is all but impossible.  It is incredible how quickly this has occurred, it makes the previous social revolutions seem placid by comparison.

An interesting thought – the internet was billed as a wonderful vehicle for empowerment and letting the little guy have a voice. But through the constant barrage of certain messages, and even more chillingly, thought police that roam the internet, reporting heretics and singling them out for annihilation, the internet is increasingly becoming a vehicle for severe repression and social control.  Unless one has a large and vocal following, like Phil Robertson, one can see their life destroyed via one of these internet campaigns.  As we move forward, many of us (heh) may be made to suffer for things we’ve said or done at one point or another on the internet.

It might just turn out, as Ferrara argues, that so many of these man-made means of granting liberty are a chimera, not only doomed to fail, but doomed to become instruments of repression.  It is one of the highest ironies of our age that in our supposedly “free, liberal” democracies, government is far more invasive, rapacious, and less responsive to individual needs than were the “tyrannical” monarchies of the former Catholic social order.

I don’t intend to go deeply into that topic right now, but you might want to think about whether that might be true.



Fr. von Cochem – more extrinsic Grace available in TLM than NO April 10, 2014

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What’s that you say?  How on earth could a priest dead nearly 350 years have spoken about the Novus Ordo?  Oh, he spake.  He spake indeed (from Explanation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, pp. 284-5):

The Victim is the same in all Masses, none other than Jesus Christ Himself, and in this regard all Masses are equally good, equally precious.  With regard to the sacrificial act, the offering of the Victim, the more lightdevoutly the priest says the Mass, the more acceptable to God is the Sacrifice he offers, and the more abundant are the graces is brings down from above, both upon the priest who celebrates the Mass and the individual for whom he offers it. 

We find a confirmation of this in the writings of St. Bonaventure, who says: “All Masses are equally good, as far as Christ is concerned; but as far as the priest is concerned, one may be better than another. Therefore it is more profitable to hear the Mass of a good priest than of an indifferent one.” Cardinal Bona also corroborates this opinion: “The more holy and pleasing to God,” he says, “a priest is the more acceptable are his prayers and oblations; and the greater his devotion the greater the benefit derived form his Mass. For just as other good works performed by a pious man gain merit in proportion to the zeal and devotion wherewith they are performed, so Holy Mass is more or less profitable both to the priest who says it and to the persons for whom it is said according as it is celebrated with more or less fervor.” This is the reason why in the Mass the priest frequently beseeches God graciously to accept his oblation, and to vouchsafe that it may be conducive to his own salvation and that of the people.

———-End Quote———-

When the Mass was revolutionized in the 1960s, numerous actions which constitute sacramentals were removed. I believe the number of signs of the Cross the priest makes was reduced from something like 33 to 3. Invocations of the Most Holy Name and the Trinity plummeted likewise.  Genuflections, bowings, many prayers with indulgences attached……all were greatly reduced.  All of these actions are sources of Grace.  Then there is the entire matter of the priest having his back turned towards His Lord in the Tabernacle, and no longer visibly leading the people in prayer and supplication before God, but the community has turned inward on itself.

Intrinsically – because if properly offered it contains the Real Presence and the only Sacrifice acceptable to God – the Novus Ordo is the equal of the TLM, at least notionally.  But extrinsically, there is a massive difference, and that is what Fr. von Cochem observes above, though he frames his discussion in terms of a Mass well-offered by a holy priest, versus a more lackadaisical Mass offered by a less holy priest.  The TLM simply has more because it retains all those actions which are sources of Grace not just for the priest, but for all those in attendance and indeed for the entire Church and world.

I should note, of course, the same applies to varying types of Novus Ordo Masses.  A very reverent Novus Ordo offers more Grace to equally participating souls than does a very irreverent and abusive one. And it is quite possible to offer the NO in a way that brings it much closer to the TLM.

None of this is to say that souls who assist at the TLM are “better” than those who assist at Novus Ordos.  It’s not to say that the NO is not efficacious of Grace or anything like that.  But it is to say that, all other things equal, the TLM offers more Grace, more benefit to souls, than does the Novus Ordo.  And that is no small thing.


Reason #10,875 for homeschooling – trans-type teaching 5th graders April 10, 2014

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And here I just did a post about detraction.  But seeing this has already been covered by secular blogs way, way bigger than mine, I think it fits under the definition of public knowledge.

One might expect this in San Francisco or New York, but not Lumberton, Texas. For those outside Texas (and probably many within), Lumberton is small logging town deep in the pine forests of SE Texas (yes, Texas has forests).  The school district there has actually been the site of a number of scandals of late, from teachers proselytizing for Obama and bashing conservatives to having students dress up in burqas as part of some kind of goofy multi-culti foolishness.  Even though the area is probably 60% hardcore conservative, the district apparently hired a left-liberal superintendent.

In this case, a man who was married and straight up male acting until about 2 years ago, when he went through a traumatic divorce, has now decided he is a woman and has been working as a substitute teacher for 5th graders at a Lumberton school.  There seems a tight correlation between the divorce and the sudden discovery of this poor soul’s “true identity” (talk about Stockholm Syndrome).

So the whole thing’s a mess, and the future employment of this very lost soul will be debated at the school board meeting in Lumberton tonight:

I first heard about the issue when my youngest brother came home and told me about the kids talking about a male substitute teacher that was in a different class. This teacher was signing his name as Mrs. I thought that was strange, but I did not realize the extent of what was going on until I heard Chip Darby talking about the issue on freedom 1300. Apparently there was a male teacher wearing a dress and makeup at the Lumberton Intermediate School.

The teacher’s name is Laura Jane Klug (born Kurt Klug). I looked him up on Facebookand what I found was an emotionally disturbed and confused older man. He has not always wanted to be a woman.

According to a note he posted on his Facebook page on July 7th, 2011 titled “How Much More Can I Take?” Kurt Klug was emotionally distraught and seemingly ready to give in with his life because of the pain of his female wife leaving him. The pain and distraught of his wife leaving him must have driven him to decide that he wanted to become a woman. [So much for born that way] From 2011 until now, Kurt changed his name to Laura Jane Klug and started dressing up like a woman and acting like a woman……

Let me get one thing straight, I do not hate this man, nor am I angry at him. I feel bad for him. [Ditto]  He was so hurt and emotionally distraught that he was driven to wanting a radical change. [In fact, this is the second such story I've read in the past two months, where a divorce drove a formerly normal man into embracing extreme perversion.  It is a gross perversion of nature for people to pretend to be the other sex.  Sacred Scripture repeatedly decries people who fall into such extreme confusion/perversion as balefully sinful.]  He seems like he was and maybe still is a Christian, [deep East Texas is mission territory for the Church]  but he is certainly hurting and has lost his way. We all have issues and this is his issue.

That being said, a school house with young, impressionable, easily distracted and easily confused children is not the place for this man to be. The school has very strict dress codes and boys cannot even have long hair. The environment is controlled to minimize distractions so that the students can learn. Like it or not, a transvestite is a distraction. Not only that, he frightened and confused many students who then went home to their parents who had to have age inappropriate conversations with their children.

So, we’ll see how this plays out. Many parents are outraged, but, shockingly, some parents are supportive.  That’s an indicator of just how nutso upside down the world has become.  But that dang TV signal reaches Lumberton as well as just about anywhere else in the contiguous US.  And TV has perverted the thinking of millions.

There are several reports that this teacher is a huge distraction. Apparently, he’s doesn’t pass very well for a woman.  And many kids are confused.  In a sane time, such a troubled individual as someone who can’t even decide what sex they are would never be a candidate for a teacher.

I won’t go into detail on the stats again, but while negative life outcomes for aficionados of the sins of sodom and sapphos are many times higher those for without those proclivities, those for trans-types are literal orders of magnitude higher.  No single population group is more prone to suicide, drug abuse, suicidal sexual behavior, deliberate self-inflicted injury, severe mental problems, or general unhappiness than those who have become so confused and lost as to no longer know what sex they are. The suicide rate for transgender types is over 33%.

I know most of my readers are well aware that the public schools are no place for their children. But examples like this aside, they might not be the very worst place for your kids.  A priest the other night ranked methods of educating children from best to worst, so far as keeping your kids in the Faith:

  1. Homeschooling
  2. A very rare, private, non-diocesan good Catholic school
  3. Private evangelical protestant school
  4. Public schools
  5. Diocesan Catholic schools

And in fact, diocesan “Catholic” schools are a very distant 5th place; your kids are much better off in public schools than in diocesan Catholic schools, because in those schools – very rare exceptions aside – kids here from people who call themselves Catholic, and especially authority figures, “oh, you don’t have to believe that!”  Or, “we don’t believe that anymore.”  And these kids become so lost and so convicted of error, because they’ve heard it from Catholic authority figures, that it takes a literal moral miracle to convert them back.

And it was through Catholic education that much of the revolution within and against the Church was executed.  Numerous religious orders fell into the modernist heresy during the course of the 1950s and 60s, and they subsequently formed an entire generation of young Catholics in that heresy.  Those formerly young Catholics are the old grey heads around nowadays that continue to clamor for impossibilities like womyn priestesseses and Catholic acceptance of abortion. Frankly, most of those 60s kids fell away from the Faith decades ago.  There have been very few of those moral miracles the priest related.

A sermon every blogger (and commenter) should listen to… April 10, 2014

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…and pray about and consider deeply.

Being a blogger, offering hot opinions about any number of matters, but especially those internal to the Church, is a dangerous game.  It is frighteningly easy to fall into calumny and detraction.  For those that don’t know, calumny is making up false, derogatory things about a person and spreading that around to others, while detraction is revealing true things about a person that others really don’t have a right or need to know.  It’s about harming the good reputation of others.

Now, regarding both blogging and commenting on blogs, there are all manner of caveats. Is the matter public? Is the person (or group) putting themselves out there in a very public way?  Are the criticisms more general, or specific to a given individual (hint: stay general)?  Are there caveats in the language, using words like “most” or “many” instead of all.  And of course prudence and personal sentiment enter in quite a bit, as well.

Anyways, it’s probably better if I stop rationalizing and just lay the sermon on you.  Many thanks to VideoSancto for getting this one up, as soon as I heard it, I knew I had to post it.  Hopefully, that means I’m capable of some self-criticism and trying to prevent major departures into detraction (and I pray I never calumniate).

The seven ways of committing detraction:

1. Calumny
2. Exaggeration
3. Revealing hidden faults
4. Attributing malice to a good deed

5. Denying a good that one does
6. Remaining silent when others detract [probably guilty here, at times]
7. Minimizing the good another does [does Planned Barrenhood do any good?  How about sodom-lobbies?]

Please say three Hail Mary’s for the priest!

I should probably start to warn you now, I will not be posting most of next week.  Maybe some on Monday, then after that, the nada, nada, nada of St. John of the Cross until after Easter.

The TLM keeps breaking out into the mainstream April 10, 2014

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Commenter Molly alerted my yesterday to this article on one of Brietbart’s (RIP) many sites regarding the TLM and those who love it.  There’s not too much in it that will be new for those who already know and love the TLM, but it’s got some pretty good quotes, and further confirms the attraction the TLM has for the young. It also alerts us to another religious order, if you were not aware, that has embraced Tradition and has reaped great benefits from it.  That order is the Norbertines of Southern California, which has monasteries for both monks and nuns in the mountains outside LA. At 12:30 p.m. every Sunday [not, perhaps, the best time, but far from the worst] at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in the coastal Orange County town of Costa Mesa, California, first-time Mass attendees may think they’ve stepped back in time.

Some women in the pews are wearing lace chapel veils or scarves on their heads; the priest, deacons and altar boys (no girls) wouldn’t look out of place at the Vatican (with no sneakers or flip-flops peeking out under the robes); [that's always so annoying]  there’s incense in the air; and the liturgy is sung or spoken entirely in Latin. (You do have a missal with a side-by-side translation in English, with illustrations to follow along, and the homily is in English.)

There is also a conspicuous absence of contemporary Christian ditties (although the occasional traditional English language hymn sneaks in), hand-holding, or people standing in a pose that resembles the Bird Girl statue from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Clapping, beach-appropriate clothing, liturgical dance, or any “innovation” in the mass not approved by a pope are absent, as well.

The parish is run by the priests of the white-robed Norbertine Fathers, a religious order of preachers, headquartered locally at St. Michael’s Abbey in Silverado, in the Santa Ana Mountains in eastern Orange County.

They arere the spiritual descendants of the early fathers of the Church in California.

Starting in the mid-1700s, Franciscan missionaries from Spain–most famously Father Junipero Serra (whose native language was not Spanish, but Catalan)–had a huge effect on what would one day become California. They established missions, built churches with settlements around them, baptized the natives, and ensured that cities, counties, valleys, and mountain ranges across the region would bear the Spanish form of names of Catholic saints: San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Gabriel, San Joaquin, Santa Ana, and so on. [That is an impressive testament to the faith of the Spaniards who first explored and, to a degree, colonized these lands.  Virtually everything has a Church-related name.  In Mexico, the hostile socialist governments have renamed a great number of towns and geographical features with completely secular names in an attempt to expunge the Church's formerly omnipresent role in the Mexican culture.  That hasn't happened much of late, but for decades it did.  And, to a large extent, the secularists have succeeded, the Church in Mexico is nowhere near as influential or respected as it once was]

California’s capital is Sacramento (Spanish for Most Holy Sacrament, another name for the Eucharist), and Los Angeles was founded as El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles, or The Town of Our Lady Queen of Angels–a reference to the Virgin Mary.

As much as the liberal elites of the state would love to expunge or conceal California’s deep Catholic roots, it’s an effort doomed to failure by geography, if nothing else. But that doesn’t mean that a lot of damage can’t be done in the effort–and sometimes that damage comes from within.

In the years since Vatican II, the often misguided and misdirected implementation of its directives, especially under the leadership of such liberal California clergy as Cardinal Roger Mahony, disgraced former head of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles–with the enthusiastic participation of parishioners eager to express themselves or assert some authority, even in areas where they have none--have succeeded in watering down and deconstructing the faith in some parishes. [Some?  Is that not a rather significant understatement?]  This has been done to such a degree that Father Serra would probably hardly recognize it.

There’s been a lot of heterodoxy in Californian Catholicism–meaning opinions and doctrines that do not agree with the official, or orthodox, position. If past is prologue, the Church here could be expected to stray further and further into the fuzzy, indistinct, spiritual-but-not-religious, New Agey mantra so popular among the glitterati of the Golden State. [It's hardly limited to California....]

But, maybe not.

———–End Quote———

There is quite a bit more at the linka.  Go check it out.  It’s not an especially revealing article, but it’s worth your time.

It is interesting to me when even the secular press – on rare occasions – gets it.  They get the divide surrounding the TLM and the whole orthodox/heterodox struggle in the Church.  Not that there aren’t parishes without the TLM that are not orthodox.  But the main point of the divide, as always, hinges on the Mass. Which is why it was redefined in the first place.

Very scary – the coming “new world order church?” April 9, 2014

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That is what That The Bones You have Crushed May Thrill is calling the scandal of the spectacle surrounding the baptism of a baby – conceived using techniques that would have shocked Dr. Frankenstein – born into a lesbian couple in Argentina: the “new world order church.”  Those parents also received Confirmation, in spite of manifestly persisting in an unchaste relationship (there is no doubt these women are not chaste, the art they produce is pornographic).

If you want to see the “glorious” moment, watch this:

I know there are arguments on both sides of the debate on whether baptism should have been granted to this baby. Certainly, the child has done nothing wrong.  But infant baptism is supposed to be based on the idea that the child will be raised in a moral, virtuous Catholic home.  The faith of the parents and godparents is called upon to instill the same faith in the child until that child comes of age to develop their own faith.

Claiming that these women can somehow provide that basis in faith is, to me, ludicrous.  It is scandalous as all get out, like letting a satanist couple have their child baptized (Dear Lord, is that next?).  It seems to me to make a mockery of the faith.  An unchaste, porn-producing lesbian couple cannot be considered to be faithful! And their baby was produced by a method the church abhors – in vitro fertilization through the use of donated sperm!

The fact that this baptism was so heavily publicized (largely at the couple’s behest) indicates to me that this entire event was orchestrated strictly for advancing “the cause.”  We know adherents to “the cause” have many friends in the – far, far too many.  I also have to wonder if it is any coincidence that this baptism occurred in Argentina, certainly the first such scandalous baptisms to occur in South America, and quite possibly the world.  Is a none-too-subtle message being sent?

Is this the Church’s 21st century understanding of mercy, that sin, basically, doesn’t matter, all that matters is that people – no matter how distant their hearts are from Jesus Christ and His Church – go through a few public ceremonies of the Faith and give a sort of wink and a nod to Jesus, while their real god is themselves?  But I thought the pope was violently against this kind of crass formalism?

Dark days ahead.  The priest at the catechism class last night was explicating how the sodom and sapphos crowd are going to be the prime instigators of the persecution, within and without the Church. Be prepared to see those who loathe, hate, denounce, and torment you the most call themselves “Catholic.”

Lord, have mercy on us.

Another great online audio resource – Alleluia Audiobooks April 9, 2014

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Commenter Noah apprised me today of a site he has, Alleluia Audio Books, containing numerous sermons and other written materials from great Doctors and Fathers of the Church – St. Athanasius. St. Bernard of Clairvaux, St. Augustine…..and that’s just a very paltry beginning.

All the audio is free.  They are broken down by several categories – the Blessed Virgin, Our Blessed Lord, the Saints, etc.  There is a good selection already, and it looks like more recordings are added regularly.

If you are one of those Catholics who laments they never hear sermons on sin, judgment, hell, Purgatory, various vices, Grace, etc……there is quite a compendium of recordings on just these topics in the sermons section.

There is quite a bit of gold here, which I am only beginning to dig through.  There are some other audio sites out there, like the well known Audio Sancto and its Youtube corollary, but different strokes for different folks.  Some of the materials on Alleluia Audio Books might really work well for you.  Plus, since many of the recordings are straight out of writings from the Saints, you know you are getting catechesis from the most holy sources.

Stop by and check it out!




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