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Sign a petition to support the establishment of a TLM December 16, 2014

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My wife found a petition from a group of souls in Staten Island desiring the TLM, who feel their reasonable requests to have this Mass offered there have been blocked for various reasons, most having to do with an antipathy from local pastors with that form of the Mass.  This is certainly a situation many Catholics drawn to the traditional Mass and traditional practice of the Faith have experienced.  Staten Island is a long way from Manhattan.  It seems there is at present no TLM on Staten Island.  .

I present this as an act of charity to the group, knowing that some readers would be happy to support those who desire the TLM wherever they may be.  Explanation  of the need for the petition below:

The mass in the Extraordinary Form is being greatly suppressed out here in Staten Island.  As per Summorum Pontificum, written by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, all faithful Catholics who wish to worship in this manner have the right to do so. We should not be marginalized or have to travel to attend a Mass we should have closer to our homes. Many priests out here have refused to have this Mass said, despite the fact that it is being requested. Some priests are saying that they do not know how to say the Mass, and need help, but are not reaching out to get that help. Some priests wish to say the Mass, but do not want to upset the parish administrators if they are “against” the Mass. 

And the actual text of the petition that will be presented, I guess, to the Archdiocese of New York:

His Eminence, Cardinal Timothy Dolan and His Excellency Bishop O’Hara

Your Eminence and Your Excellency,
We the undersigned, practicing Catholics of the Diocese of New York, and supporters of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass from elsewhere, in keeping with Pope Benedict XVI’s motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, respectfully request to have the Mass of Saint John XXIII (also called the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, the Traditional Latin Mass, the Vetus Ordo, or the Old Mass) offered at the Basilica of St. Peter or at another nearby parish on Staten Island. We request that Mass in the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite be offered on Sundays, feast days, and week days. We would also like to request establishment of a personal parish or the appointment of a chaplain for the extraordinary form of the Mass, as permitted under Summorum Pontificum. Our ultimate goal is the celebration of a High Mass (Missa Cantata or Missa Solemnis) on all Sundays and holy days, and by our signatures we commit to assisting at such celebrations on a regular basis, should they be offered.

That is a pretty large request.  Not just daily TLM, but a personal parish, which pretty much means the Fraternity or Institute coming in and administering a parish.  They might be better off starting their request for one TLM each Sunday.  I know it is their right to ask for what they are, but given the threat the TLM has been under in Manhattan already, a request like this, asking for the moon, if you will, may not be well received.

I wish them well, however.  I’ll sign the petition.  Thankfully the capitalized the m in Mass in the actual petition, the explanation, originally, did not have it capitalized.

It will be interesting to see if there is any positive response.  If so…….start a petition in your diocese?

How the “campus rape culture” meme and the UVA rape hoax got started December 16, 2014

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I have not covered what has been a huge and ongoing story in much of the secular internet: the fabricated claims of a grotesque and barbaric fraternity “rape initiation” at the Phi Kappa Psi house at the University of Virginia.  Having been in a fraternity and closely associated with many of them, I knew the allegations were complete fantasies from the start. In spite of leftist-feminist fantasies to the contrary (and isn’t the psychology at work there rather revealing), fraternities, while certainly not dens of virtue, are also not the nesting grounds of psychopaths, either.  Still, how did so many people come to believe that upper-crust white male college students could be members of what basically amounted to a sociopathic cult that systematically raped and abused women?  For well over a week after its first publication, the now notorious (and completely discredited) Rolling Stone article claiming that as “fact” had been accepted unquestioningly by virtually the entire media, until a couple of bloggers started looking into some of the details and finding them false or at least questionable (at first).  Now, it is clear the entire tale was likely fabricated from stem to stern, and whatever happened to Jackie Coakley that night, it wasn’t rape, and it wasn’t at a fraternity.  It seems she even made up having a date that night, in order to try to gain the attention of another male freshman student.

We’ve also been bombarded for years now with this demonrat-leftist-elite mantra that college campuses are havens of rapine and that women are systematically abused there, with administrations involved in constant coverups.  This is laughable, anyone who has been to college knows how radically left-wing the administrations invariably are, and how eager they are to advance every left wing social project that comes along. In fact, the acceptance of virtually every college administration of this false meme is testimony to that fact.  But as Department of Justice statistics just revealed, college women are actually less likely to experience the evil of rape than those outside college, and the “1 in 5″ or even “1 in 4″ statistic President Obama and other leftists have promoted as being the “actual” rate of “sexual assault” (defined down to include things like unwanted male stares or even friendly greetings) on campus is actually 0.6%.  That is, of 1000 women on campus, 6 have actually reported sexual assault.

I believe all this effort is really about leftist kow-towing to one of its core constituencies: marxist lesbians/feminists, who are pursuing their goal of a matriarchal society in which men are distinctly second-class citizens.  That is, this “rape culture” meme is far more about hatred of males and driving even more men from college campuses with kangaroo-court proceedings that eject men from college on the most specious of accusations (that don’t even come close to resulting in actual criminal charges) in order to further increase the preponderance of women on campus (who already outnumber men 60:40).  The thinking goes, since a college education is required for entre’ into most professions and leadership positions in society, by driving men from college, eventually women will come to dominate the levers of power and matriarchy will be born.  God help us all should this plan come to fruition.

While I generally disdain conservative women who claim to be feminists (that battle being very long lost, and feminism truly being, as Robert S. McCain has shown in a book-length series of posts, dominated by marxist lesbians at its upper levels), I found the following by Christina Summers to be a quite good analysis of how this false meme has been instigated by left-wing media outlets and eager accomplices in the government and academia.  I wonder if any Repuglican elected president in 2016 – if such occurs – will have the gumption to overturn the illegal and unconstitutional Department of Education and Department of Justice “rules” that have encouraged college administrations to act as judge, jury, and executioner of male students who run afoul of an aggrieved female student:

You know, part of me actually wants to see the whole collegiate-educational complex implode.  It is so completely eaten up with radical leftism and turns out such lousy products (save for a few disciplines), and is so bloated with administration and ludicrously expensive, that I’d like to see the entire paradigm blown up.  But college education is seen as such an indispensable requirement that being brave enough to forego that hoop we’re all supposed to jump through (irrespective of the financial sense of doing so for many people) is not an easy thing.  And another part of me wants to stick it to the feminists and administrators and just pack colleges to the gills with unabashedly masculine young men.

I do think the present status quo is going to have to change, college is becoming so ludicrously expensive (even state college), and so many degrees are of such little worth in the real world, that I can’t see the current educational bubble (caused, once again, by federal involvement and distortion of economics through loans and grants) lasting much longer. Maybe the problem will take care of itself.

It really needs to die, because academia is the seed-bed, the very core, of leftism in the US and the entire West.  By controlling the levers of power in academia, leftists have managed to gain control of much of the broader culture.

What Godlessness hath wrought – Houston girl brutally abused and murdered in satanic ritual December 16, 2014

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The area we live in, sort of central Irving, TX, has been rocked by a series of minor earthquakes of late.  We were having an Eric Genuis concert at the parish a few weeks ago when there was a loud bang.  It sounded like a small explosion, or, to me, a sonic boom.  But it was a 3.3 earthquake. There have a score or so of them, all very minor.

People are trying to explain why this is happening, given the geologic stability of almost all of Texas.  Is it fracking?  Is it construction?  Is Irving about to turn into Los Angeles?  My wife looked at these potential explanations, and had another one: how many signs does God need to send us of His displeasure at our collective behavior before we’ll start to take notice and consider repenting?

The culture seems almost gleeful in its increasing rejection of Christianity and its associated moral code, which is a code that shares many elements with most advanced cultures across great swaths of history, but Christendom was, of course, the ultimate expression, the ultimate achievement, of human society.  When a culture once formed by God and adhering to His Law rejects both, there is no bottom to which it will sink. In spiritual terms, the forces of good are very much on the run before the forces of evil.  This is not because evil is stronger – we all know that is utterly false.  It is because more and more people willingly choose to side with the evil than with the good.  This was, of course, prophesied repeatedly in Sacred Scripture, in both Old Testament and New, as being one of the major signs of the Parousia or “end times.”

As an ultimate expression of this trend, two young hispanic men in the Houston area decided they needed to brutally abuse, rape, and murder a young girl, with the goal of cementing their demented pact with satan (again, content warning below):

A Harris County jury on Thursday convicted 18-year-old Jose E. Reyes of capital murder in a death tied to a satanic ritual, agreeing with prosecutors that another crime was committed when  Corriann Cervantes was brutally killed.

Reyes was automatically sentenced to life in prison.

Jurors took a little more than an hour to reach a decision, rejecting arguments from defense attorneys that if  Reyes was guilty of a crime, it would be murder……..

……”There are so many horrible, heinous and inhumane things this defendant did,” said Assistant Harris County District Attorney Martina Longoria. “This is beyond imagination and in his words: it’s all good.”

The last piece of evidence in the trial that began Monday were letters from jail in which Reyes said the Devil was watching him and directing him to act during the slaying.

“He was standing there, watching me and Victor,” the teen wrote in a letter read to jurors Thursday.

“It’s all good. It’s what the Devil asked for.” [And this is exactly the kind of diabolical disorientation and love of evil the leftist-modernist project in both the Church and world is causing, souls so screwed up they actually think they will find power and fame and riches in satan. But he is the father of lies, and never follows through on whatever “promises” he makes. Never, ever, ever flirt with the demonic, including Harry Potter, Twilight, and all the rest of the very popular works that expose souls to darkness, magic, and all the rest of the paths to spiritual attack]


Prosecutors believe the three teens left a party to go to a vacant apartment to have consensual sex, but at some point Reyes told Alas he had sold his soul to the devil. Alas could also sell his soul, Reyes said, if they killed the teen. [How screwed up do you have to be, to find this proposition attractive?  By acknowledging satan, one is also acknowledging God, and deliberately rejecting Him in favor of ultimate evil]

The two then kept Cervantes from leaving the apartment as they beat, sexually assaulted and eventually killed her, prosecutors said.

Because of the circumstances, Longoria told jurors, they could find Reyes guilty of capital murder because of the kidnapping or sexually assault.

During the four-day trial, jurors saw graphic photos of heinous injuries that including an upside down cross carved on Cervantes’ stomach. Her right eye had been gouged out and she had been stabbed in the face and torso with a screwdriver. She had also been beaten in the face with the porcelain lid of a toilet tank.

Medical examiners and investigators testified Cervantes was also sexually assaulted.

Reyes’ lawyers argued there was not enough evidence to believe the sexual assault took place while Cervantes was alive. [Sick]

Back during the run up to the indescribably evil “satanic mass” in Oklahoma City, I wrote some posts describing satanism’s close association with hideous acts like the ones described above.  A satanist – by name, one of the Oklahoma group – came by to tell me how wrong and stupid I was, that satanism was all about……something nebulous that he couldn’t really define, but not acts of brutality.

Sure it is.  Just as the above indicates, nothing to see here, move along, the culture isn’t falling to pieces.

I wonder if “sancta muerte” didn’t play a role in this boy’s fall, or any of the other perverse superstitions that are all too common in the Hispanic community?  These things don’t just happen accidentally, people fall into this gravest of evils by a long process of deliberate bad choices and exposure to evil influences.  On rare occasions, people can pull themselves away from the evil without committing any atrocity or acts of which they are deeply ashamed, later, but most of the time, some kind of hideous tragedy results and the soul is lost, barring a huge moral miracle.

I fear we will see more of this as the decomposition of Christendom accelerates.

Not the abomination of desolation, but still bad: Creole, ummm…….Mass….at St. Peter’s December 16, 2014

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Ho boy:

Rome Reports calls this “creole,” but I’d call it more salsa or………I don’t know.  All I know is, what a wreck.

So maybe someone can find an exemption, but did problematic episodes of inculturation occur AT St. Peter’s during the previous pontificate? Maybe early on, before Pope Benedict dismissed the arch-modernist Marini (the bad one) as papal MC, an “affront” to which Marini is said to still hold a huge grudge?  But towards the end, at least the last few years, this kind of, I’ll say it, garbage, maybe happened at things like World Yute Day, but not at St. Peter’s?  Or am I misremembering?

h/t Boney

PS: This gets back to a point last week.  Seeing the wildly gesticulating performers, are such performances really about rendering honor and glory to God, or saying “LOOK AT ME!!!”?  I think the question not out of bounds, and that tends to be a troubling aspect about all lay involvement in the Mass, the hugely significant switch from Ad Orientem to versus poplum, priests with wireless mikes romping about the nave and sanctuary, and all the rest.  In all these things, there exists at least a serious temptation, if not, in all probability, a profound orientation, towards shifting the focus of the Mass – the Source and Summit of our Faith – from Jesus Christ, and onto the various “performers,” be they lectors, EMHCs, dancers, musicians, or whatever.

I sure know I have seen a lot of performers who crowd the very sanctuary seem to really, really get into what they are doing.

But blogging is totally different.  Not at all about attention-seeking, I swear.

Saint Bonaventure on the Visitation December 15, 2014

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While the liturgical Feast of the Visitation does not occur during the season of Advent, it is most assuredly an event that figures in with the anticipation of the Savior and our salvation which Advent heralds.  Thus, Dom Prosper Gueranger included this study of the Visitation by Saint Bonaveture in his volume from The Liturgical Year covering Advent.  I found it very edifying, I pray you do, too:

After this, Our Lady, pondering the words spoken unto her by the angel concerning her cousin Elizabeth, resolved to visit her, that she might congratulate with her and render her service.  She, therefore, together with Joseph her spouse, set out from Nazareth for the house of Elizabeth, which might perhaps be fourteen or fifteen miles distant from Jerusalem.  Neither the roughness nor the length of the journey discouraged her; but she walked with haste, forasmuch as she wished to be little seen in public.  She was not like other mothers, burthened by her Child, nor was it to be thought that the Lord Jesus would be a burthen to His Mother.  See, therefore, how the Queen of Heaven and earth takes this journey alone, with none but her spouse Joseph; not riding, but walking; neither is she escorted by troops of soldiers and barons, nor attended by handmaids and fine ladies. Her train is poverty, humility, modesty, and the beauty of all virtues.  The Lord Himself, too, is with her; and He verily hath a numerous and honorable suite, but it is not that of the world, vain and pompous.

Now, when she had entered the house of Elizabeth, she greeted her saying: “Hail! my sister Elizabeth!” But she, exulting, and full of joy, and inflamed by the Holy Spirit, rises and most tenderly embraces Mary, exclaiming for joy: “Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb! And whence is this to me, that there should come unto me the Mother of my Lord!”  For as soon as the Virgin had greeted Elizabeth, John, in his mother’s womb, was filled with the Holy Ghost, as was likewise the mother. Nor was it that the mother was filled and then her child, but contrariwise, the child was filled first, and he communicated the Spirit unto the mother.  The babe effected nought in Elizabeth’s soul, but he merited that the Holy Ghost should do a work in her soul, because the grace of the Divine Spirit had descended into him with greater abundance, and he was the first to receive the grace.  And as Elizabeth had perceived the coming of Mary, so did john perceive the coming of Jesus.  Therefore was it that he leaped for joy, and she prophesied. See the virtue of Our Lady’s words, when by their utterance the Holy Ghost was conferred; for so replenished was Mary with Him, that, by her merits, He filled others also with Himself. Upon this, Mary made answer unto Elizabeth, saying: “My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior.”

———–End Quote———-

So it is by Our Lady’s very words that immense Grace was and is transferred, that caused John the prophet to stir for the first time and to fulfill his role as he who makes straight the way of the Lord.

Dom Gueranger also writes thus in the entry for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception:

….Mary therefore existed, in the divine decree, before creation began.  This is the reason of the Church’s having, from the earliest ages, interpreted this sublime passage of the sacred volume of Jesus and of Mary unitedly, and ordering it and analogous passages of the Scriptures to be read in the assembly of the faithful on the solemnities or feast of the Mother of God. [that foregoing is in reference to the Epistle for the Immaculate Conception, Wisdom VIII] But if Mary be thus prominent in the divine and eternal plan; if, in the sense in which these mysterious texts are understood by the Church, she was, with Jesus, before every creature; could God permit her to be subjected to the original sin, which was to fall on all the children of Adam?  She is, it is true, to be a child of Adam like her Divine Son Himself, and to be born at the time fixed; but that torrent, which sweeps all mankind along, shall be turned away from her by God’s Grace; it shall not come near to her; and she shall transmit to her Son, who is also the Son of God, the human nature in its original perfection, created, as the apostle says, in holiness and justice.

——–End Quote——–

I bring this up, because both Scripture and the most ancient Tradition point to the Blessed Mother as the woman referred to throughout Scripture, and especially in Genesis, she who will crush the serpent while he snips at her heel. A local priest in a sermon yesterday noted that protestants try to say that the Hebrew text for Genesis makes reference to a male as being the one who will crush the serpent (meaning the Christ), and not a female. But the original Hebrew was written in an androgynous manner – it was only much latter that sexes were assigned to nouns used in Hebrew.  So, this claim falls apart, and since the original Scripture is unclear, we have to turn to Tradition, which predates Scripture in so many cases, anyway.

Thus occurred to me this point during the sermon, which I am surely a long time getting to: on this as on so many other points, the Catholic position on various doctrines rejected by protestants is not unsupported by Scripture, it is not some wild claim completely devoid of any Scriptural support, what has happened is that the protestants have rejected the Catholic interpretation for their own.  This goes to show, yet again, that “private interpretation” of Scripture, the so-called bedrock of protestantism, is just MY opinion on Scripture, and rejecting YOURS or the Church’s or whatever.  Luther himself made this clear when he castigated in violent terms and persecuted to the utmost of his ability those who disagreed with HIS interpretation of Scripture.  We can see, then, in private interpretation of Scripture a clear trend towards the doctrinal chaos we see today, and also towards many other errors: indifferentism, self-serving alterations to universal beliefs held for millenia, democratization of the church (Calvinism/presbyterianism, where leaders are elected based on what the people want to hear taught at a particular moment), and all the rest.

Private interpretation has always been a lie, a fabulous selling point to dupe people into rejecting the “hard” bits of Scripture or Tradition they do not favor, and twisting words to tickle their own ears and create a church and a God of their own making.

And, incredibly, there have been many influential voices in the Church for the past 50 years or so (like Yves Congar) telling us the protestants got it right.  Even today, such opinions are quite numerous.


Hmmm…….Pope Francis survey at US Catholic December 15, 2014

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Over at Unam Sanctam Catholicam, Boniface has a post notifying us of a survey at the very modernist US Catholic site, wherein you can give your opinion of the pontificate of Pope Francis in some detail, if you are so inclined.  I’m a little less than eager about this, because I hate to give such an unorthodox site the traffic, and really our opinions of Pope Francis don’s amount to squat in the grand scheme of things, and, perhaps in particular, with this pontiff.  There is also the notion that such a survey implies some view of a “democratic” Church, although I think that particular concern is more over the top than not.

So, if you feel inclined, you can fill out the survey here.  It is pretty long. Judging by the comments, it appears a lot of folks are more than a little troubled at the direction in the Church in the past 21 months.  But maybe this exercise could be something of a catharsis.

They do ask for your name and e-mail at the end.

Just to fill out this post with a bit more context, I was sent the following by two people yesterday (thanks).  It’s both kind of funny (barely kind of) and kind of sad, and just wow has the talent level at Saturday Night Live not just fallen, but jumped off a cliff:

It’s obviously intended as sort of a mean-spirited put down of the Church and especially the Mass, but from a traditional perspective it sure does show that a lot of criticisms made of the NO are also picked up on by the outside world, so to speak.  I do feel bad for pointing these things out at times, especially for those who have no alternative but to assist at the Novus Ordo, but this sketch does nail the mentality far too prevalent at far too many parishes. It also nails the result: collapsing Mass attendance and indifference towards the Faith.


Pretending that animals can go to Heaven is a condemned heresy – updated December 15, 2014

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Lately, there have been many reports of statements from the highest level of Church authority that animals can go to Heaven. While those reports are, as of Friday (hey, guess what, I don’t read the interwebs from 11:30a Friday until nearly noon Monday, and so I miss some things!), in dispute, as far as most of the world is concerned, the statements were made. However, as the priest relates in the sermon below, such sentiments (even if not made by the pope, they have been made by many high Church leaders) appear to bear the hallmarks of Appollinarianism, a heresy condemned in the 4th century by both Pope St. Damasus and the First Council of Constantinople.

There are actually several aspects to this sermon.  One is an exhortation to remain joyful that we are faithful Catholics, that we know the Truth even amidst our failings.  That is an enormous blessing.  It is also a grave responsibility, because to whom much is given, must will be expected.  Nevertheless, for those who hold the orthodox Faith, retaining such is their highest duty but is an immeasurable Grace for which we must always be very thankful.

On Appollinarianism, Video Sancto contains the following summary:

Apollinarius (c. 360) held that the Logos or Word of God replaced the rational part of the Christ, leaving His lower soul to be same as that of an animal soul. If the Christ took up an animal soul, then animals could be redeemed! After all the Fathers taught: what is taken up by Christ is redeemed by Christ. This Apollinarian heresy was condemned by Pope St. Damasus I as well as St. Athanasius and First Council of Constantinople (381). Yet, this heresy seems to have come back in our times with the thought that animals can enter into paradise.

The sermon also contains a reflection on St. Juan Diego’s tilma as a type of the Church and Her role and mission.

Yes, animals do have souls. The soul is what gives life to the body.  But they do not have supernatural souls.  When the animal dies, the soul dies with it.

Even if you don’t listen to the whole thing, you simply have to listen to ~11:00 – 12:30. Should we have icons of St. Fido and St. Spot made? Will our dogs intercede for us in Heaven? I guess some very prominent Catholics might say, why intercede?  We’re all going to Heaven, anyway, except for those nasty old orthodox, traditional Catholics.

A local priest noted, along these same lines, that if animals go to Heaven, does that mean we have to watch out for rattlesnakes, or Ebola, or tapeworm, or amoebic dysentery?  Or is it only warm, cuddly mammals so beloved of liberals that go to Heaven?

I cannot admit to any particular knowledge of either the heresy of Appollinarianism nor of it’s implications for the salvation of animals, but priests on Audio or Video Sancto are generally right on so I tend to accept their claims in areas of which I am not well versed.

UPDATE: This post at Rorate is additional support for the priest’s basic claim.

Having said that, the priest’s argument makes eminent sense to me, as does his condemnation of those voices in the Church repeating old errors as novel theological developments.  I must say, the fact that leading Church-men would make these claims is a damning indictment of their formation.  We know that in most seminaries today, theological formation is weak at best and radically deformed at worst.  It has been that way going on 50 or more years now.  One of the prime areas of deficiency seems to be theological history, if you will –  knowledge of past doctrines defined which have been settled for so long their opposite – errors, even heresies – appear as novelties that many priests and bishops are ill-equipped to rebut.  Of course, many wonder if this lack of theological preparation has not been seen as a bug but as a feature to those who have sought to turn the Church in a modernist direction for over a century.  The problem is so widespread it certainly appears to me that a systematic effort to leave most priests rather deficient in theology (by historical or even a rational standard) has been at work for a long time.  And so we get Fr. Barron, ostensibly one of the most eminent “orthodox” theologians in the country opining that Adam and Eve were just theological poetry, or influential seminary theology professor Dr. Rick Gaillardetz pretending that only Ex Cathedra proclamations of a Pope amount to Dogma, and everything else, including the Resurrection of Christ, is debatable.

Modernists certainly do love confusion.  But they might love ignorance even more.

Thank God we have some priests who are well formed and can aid us in recognizing and refuting the many errors afoot in the Church today.

Atheist vice-mayor opens city council meeting with anti-religious screed December 15, 2014

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Thanks to reader D for the link.

As atheism becomes more and more militant, and more and more just another pagan religion consisting of little more than hostile antipathy towards Christianity, I suspect we can see more of this.

The vice-mayor of Lake Worth, Florida, opened a recent session of the city commission with an anti-religious screed.  He invokes satan, allah, and others to make his point.  Several members of the city commission, including the mayor, walked out prior to the screed.  Good for them, one should never voluntarily expose oneself to mocking, diabolical invective if one can avoid it:

A priest at our local traditional parish opined in a recent sermon that we have not seen such brazen embrace of rank immorality and hatred of the Church, and on such a wide scale, since Roman times.  Yes, especially in the past 500 years, there have been many poor deranged souls who become lost in immorality and then take up the banner of Church- and God-hatred, but never in such numbers, and never quite so openly, nor with such temerity.  Save for a handful of truly hate-filled extremists like Robespierre and Fouqier-Tinville, most people since the establishment of Christendom who fell into grave immorality maintained at least some semblance of shame for their acts.  But since the collapse of Christendom that began in earnest in the late 18th century and reached full bloom in the late 20th, more and more people are not just unabashedly unashamed of even the grossest perversions and cruel immoralities, they often positively bask in them and hold them up as positive goods, like this pathetic soul above.

Well, this is what happens when satan is utterly unleashed and he and his demons take over the lives of millions.  There is nothing short of a massive intervention of Grace that can bring such people back from their course of self-destruction.

Presented as yet another datapoint in the ongoing collapse.

So do you think perverse bakeries reciprocate on tolerance for Christians? December 15, 2014

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Anyone who has paid even the slightest bit of attention to the implications of the sodo-marriage agenda for Christians have known that, of all places, bakeries and bed n’ breakfasts have often been on the frontline of this persecution.  Bakeries and those charming little Victorian BnBs tend to play a role in weddings, even fake ones.  And Christian ownership of those businesses has led to all kinds of problems when those with perverse inclinations come calling to celebrate their “commitment” (monogamy note required) and want a not-wedding cake or want to book a room at a bed and breakfast.  We have seen that, in these cases, and depending on the state, the Christian’s rite not to endorse blatantly immoral activity is often trumped by elusive “rights” held by certain favored groups.  “Tolerance” for perversion is held to trump the Christian’s right to practice their faith in accordance with their conscience.

So some Christians (not Catholic) decided to see if turnabout would be fair play.  If sodomite activists demand Christians to violate their consciences in pursuit of the almighty “virtue” of (false) tolerance, would sodomites and their allies reciprocate in this deification of tolerance?  Exactly, it is to laugh:

So Shoebat.com called some 13 prominent bakers who are pro-gay and requested that they make a pro-traditional marriage cake with the words “Gay marriage is wrong” placed on the cake. Each one denied us service, and even used deviant insults and obscenities against us. One baker even said that she would make me a cookie with a large phallus on it. We recorded all of this in a video that will stun the American people as to how militant and intolerant the homosexual agenda is…….

And you can go to the link and watch the videos if you want to even more evidence of what you already know: tolerance is just a club used by those favored by the marxist left to beat opposition into submission, and is rarely, if ever, reciprocated.


If anyone who objects saying that our request for the cake was hateful, this is exactly the type of thing the homosexual activists do to Christian bakeries when they use the state to coerce them to make a cake with an explicitly anti traditional marriage slogans on it.

Well, to turn it against them, we asked for an explicitly anti-homosexual marriage cake. Here is a video showing homosexual activists in Ireland trying to use the state to force a Christian bakery to make a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan for a pro-gay marriage event…..

…….The homosexual activist in this video said you can’t choose who you serve, as though he is taking a purely objective position, but when we ask for an anti-gay marriage cake, all of a sudden the saying of “you can’t choose who you serve,” does not apply to us.

Of course.  Because it’s not about fairness.  It’s not about what’s right.  It’s not about what’s good for children or the culture or the country or anything else. It’s about the Western left and its allied elites, thoroughly informed by the cultural marxism of Antonio Gramsci, working a slow revolution on the culture to achieve their end of an ultimately marxist state.  As marxists have long recognized, if you want to work a revolution, the place to start is by destroying the family.  That is why in the Soviet Union, abortion, divorce, state endorsement of serial fornication, etc., were all instituted within just a few months or years of the October Revolution.  After the Soviet state was safely established and it became apparent that massive problems were occurring due to the state-sanctioned immorality (for instance, gangs of feral children abandoned by their parents roaming major Soviet cities in their thousands), Stalin and later Khrushchev reigned in some of the more egregious policies.

That’s just one reason why I have long maintained that this sodomite agenda will be the vehicle of the persecution.  Another major reason is within these poor lost souls themselves, they need both constant affirmation and a complete inoculation from any criticism, that they will to any lengths to achieve those ends.  Thus, they are relentless.  They will never stop until even the last Christian publicly apostasizes – if they are allowed to get to that point.

More reasons to reject the Reformation: Patristic Scriptural Exegesis December 12, 2014

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I am totally out of time, but reader skeinster sent me this great link earlier in the week and I have been meaning to get to it.  Do read the below, but also go to Shameless Popery and read the rest, especially the grounds of argument used by the early Church Fathers to form the Canon of Scripture:

Catholic beliefs are often rejected by “Bible-only” Protestants on the grounds that they are “extra-Scriptural Traditions.” This accusation typically misses the mark: on teachings like the priesthood, or the Eucharist, or regenerative baptism, it’s not that the Church is deriving these views from a source other than Scripture. It’s that she sees support for each of these doctrines within Scripture itself.

Protestants might disagree with those Biblical interpretations, but that’s still what we’re dealing with: Biblical interpretations, not doctrines derived from other sources. So even if you were committed to sola Scriptura, you could still arrive at virtually everything that the Church teaches, so long as you read the Bible through the eyes of the early Church.

This reframes the debate in an important way: it’s no longer primarily a question of whether we base doctrines off of Scripture and Tradition or Scripture alone. Rather, the question is primarily about whether we will base doctrines off of your interpretation of Scripture or the interpretation of Scripture held by the early Christians (and indeed, by the Church, and by an unbroken chain of two thousand years’ worth of Christians).

This also exposes a divide within modern Protestantism between two different kinds of “sola Scriptura,” one that many Catholics (and not a few Protestants) are ignorant of. This distinction is sometimes termed “Tradition 0” v. “Tradition 1.” Whereas “Tradition 0” gives no weight to Tradition, “Tradition 1” will side with the traditional interpretation of Scripture much of the time. The Calvinist scholar Alistar McGrath describes “Tradition 0” as a danger result of the Radical Reformation:

During the sixteenth century, the option of totally rejecting tradition was vigorously defended by representatives of the radical Reformation. For radicals such as Thomas Müntzer and Caspar Schwenkfeld, every individual had the right to interpret Scripture as he pleased, subject to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. For Sebastian Franck, the Bible “is a book sealed with seven seals which none can open unless he has the key of David, which is the illumination of the Spirit.” The way was thus opened for individualism, with the private judgment of the individual raised above the corporate judgment of the church. Thus the radicals rejected the practice of infant baptism (to which the magisterial Reformation remained committed) as non-scriptural. (There is no explicit reference to the practice in the New Testament.) Similarly, doctrines such as the Trinity and the divinity of Christ were rejected as resting upon inadequate scriptural foundations. What we might therefore term “Tradition 0″ rejects tradition, and in effect places the private judgment of the individual or congregation in the present above the corporate traditional judgment of the Christian church concerning the interpretation of Scripture.

So Tradition has no real regard for the early Christians, and its adherents are comfortable trusting in their own modern, individual interpretations, and rejecting all of Christian history, if need be. That this approach is a disaster should be self-evident, given that it almost immediately resulted in prominent Protestants denying the Trinity and the Divinity of Christ. Instead, McGrath argues for “Tradition 1,” the position that he ascribes to Luther, Calvin, and most of the better-known Reformers:

As has been noted, the magisterial Reformation was theologically conservative. It retained most traditional doctrines of the church – such as the divinity of Jesus Christ and the doctrine of the Trinity – on account of the reformers’ conviction that these traditional interpretations of Scripture were correct. Equally, many traditional practices (such as infant baptism) were retained, on account of the reformers’ belief that they were consistent with Scripture. The magisterial Reformation was painfully aware of the threat of individualism, and attempted to avoid this threat by placing emphasis upon the church’s traditional interpretation of Scripture, where this traditional interpretation was regarded as correct. Doctrinal criticism was directed against those areas in which Catholic theology or practice appeared to have gone far beyond, or to have contradicted, Scripture. As most of these developments took place in the Middle Ages, it is not surprising that the reformers spoke of the period 1200-1500 as an “era of decay” or a “period of corruption” which they had a mission to reform. Equally, it is unsurprising that we find the reformers appealing to the early church fathers as generally reliable interpreters of Scripture.

According to McGrath – and the Reformers – Tradition 1 Protestantism is all about restoring the Church to the faith of the Church Fathers (on at least most issues: they leave the door open to ignore the Church Fathers as suits them, as the bolded parts of McGrath’s description suggest).

It’s to these Protestants that St. Edmund Campion addresses the sixth of his Ten Reasons. Whereas Campion’s fifth reason (which we examined Friday) shows the impossibility of Tradition 0 Protestantism, his sixth reason shows that Tradition 1 Protestantism leads to one of two conclusions: the Catholic Church, or special pleading (that ends up being indistinguishable from the disastrous Tradition 0).

———End Quote———–

Now go to Shameless Popery and read St. Edmund Campion’s rebuttal of these protestant errors.  Just a taste:

There are two reasons that a Tradition 1 Protestant could justify ignoring and contradicting the consensus of the Church Fathers. The first of these is that the Fathers’ beliefs are derived from extra-Scriptural Tradition. Campion begins his argument by establishing that the Church Fathers are deeply devoted to Sacred Scripture, and that, while they’re not “Bible only” Christians, their beliefs are based overwhelming off of Scripture:

If ever any men took to heart and made their special care, as men of our religion have made it and should make it their special care, to observe the rule, Search the Scriptures (John 5:39), the holy Fathers easily come out first and take the palm for the matter of this observance. By their labour and at their expense Bibles have been transcribed and carried among so many nations and tongues: by the perils they have run and the tortures they have endured the Sacred Volumes have been snatched from the flames and devastation spread by enemies: by their labours and vigils they have been explained in every detail. Night and day they drank in Holy Writ, from all pulpits they gave forth Holy Writ, with Holy Writ they enriched immense volumes, with most faithful commentaries they unfolded the sense of Holy Writ, with Holy Writ they seasoned alike their abstinence and their meals, finally, occupied about Holy Writ they arrived at decrepit old age. 


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