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Reminder – Dec. 40 days for life begins TODAY December 12, 2009

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The Dallas Catholic Pro Life Committe is holding another 40 days for life campaign starting today.  I strongly encourage everyone to go pray outside Routh Street, Robinson’s, Planned Parenthood, or the new, and rather demonically named, Southwest Surgery Center.  Go check out the CPLC website.

We do make a difference!  Several abortion abatoirs have closed down in the past several years, and we get alot of saves, changing women’s minds.

Update on Sr. Rupp retreat December 12, 2009

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I’ve been speaking with a number of people concerned about the upcoming women’s retreat featuring Sr. Joyce Rupp.  I know, contrary to your likely opinions, I’m not a lone nut concerned about this retreat.  There are actually several dozen people that I am aware of that share my concerns, and probably a great many more who I’m not aware of.  In terms of trying to make a difference, if you are so inclined, it may be beneficial to do the following, in addition to or instead of contacting the pastors at the parishes involved. 

In a previous post, I gave the contact information for the pastors of the parishes that are sponsoring this problematic retreat.  However, the retreat is really driven by staff at St. Elizabeth and St. Mark, and has been given the approval of the diocesan chancellor.  These individuals can be contacted at:

Cecilia Ladda, Director of Adult Education at St. Elizabeth Seton: cladda@eseton.org  972-596-5505 x4247. 

Judy Clark Family and Adult Ministry at St. Mark  jpclark@stmarkplano.org 

Mary Edlund   Chancellor, Dallas Diocese   chancellor@cathdal.org 214-379-2819

I have had some discussions with the various pastors, but will be contacting the ladies above directly on Monday.   I encourage everyone who reads this blog and shares any concerns on this conference to please do the same.  I know it’s a lot to ask, but we are talking about souls being put in jeopardy.  We are all called, as Catholics, to help our sisters in Faith to keep from error. 

Praise God for everyone who helps.