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Update on Sr. Rupp December 14, 2009

Posted by Tantumblogo in Dallas Diocese, North Deanery, scandals.

I know, this blog is becoming all Sr. Rupp all the time, and I don’t intend to be that.  Bear with me, there’s a number of people concerned about this retreat and time is running short to do anything about it, so this subject will be a little frequent for a while. 

I spoke with the Bishop’s secretary, Elsa Espinoza, about trying to meet with Bishop Farrell on this subject.  Ms. Espinoza claims that the Bishop has been travelling, and will be travelling, and that he hasn’t got much time for a meeting.  She offered to arrange a meeting with the vicar general, but I really want to speak with Bishop Farrell directly.  We were essentially deadlocked until I mentioned going to the Papal pronuncio in Washington, DC.  At that point, she suggested I put my request to meet with Bishop Farrell in writing.

So, write I will.  I have no idea whether I’ll be able to meet with the bishop, but given that I, and perhaps a few people who may go with me, will be representing dozens of concerned Catholics, it would seem he ought to have a little time built into his schedule for such meetings. 

We’ll see.  This could be an attempt to buy some time, I don’t know. 

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UPDATE – After some serious discussion and thinking, I will meet with the vicar general, Fr. Deshotel.

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