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Funny December 16, 2009

Posted by Tantumblogo in General Catholic.
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This is pretty good.  I just found Acts of the Apostasy recently, this guy is funny. 

Is that invite for the ‘creative and liberating liturgies workshop’ for real?   If so, my Lord there are some people who are beyond confused, and going headlong into being agents of Moloch.  If you hate the Church so much, just leave!  Stop trying to ruin it for everyone else!

Sr. Rupp retreat status 121609 December 16, 2009

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I’ve been informed that the concerns of those opposed to Sr. Joyce Rupp speaking at St. Elizabeth Seton in February have been heard by the Bishop.  I thank everyone involved for contacting the various pastors and parish staff to make our concerns heard.  I do not know what the outcome of the situation will be, Sr. Rupp may still be allowed to hold the retreat, but at this point I think we have made our concerns heard at the appropriate levels in the Diocese and that the Bishop will make a decision on this matter.  I ask everyone to continue praying on this issue, that the retreat be 1) cancelled, or 2) moved off-site to non-church grounds. 

At the least, it appears our concerns have brought about a review of the process by which speakers are  approved.   There are some details in this case that I cannot go into on the blog, but I can say that Bishop Farrell wants to handle the approval of these speakers differently than the former Bishop, Grahman, did.  That may have caused some confusion among the parish staff.

Nevertheless, the conference is still being advertised in flyers and in parish bulletins, and has not yet been cancelled, so there is still some merit in contacting the pastors and parish staff involved.  You can see that contact information here and here.

UPDATE 2114 Zulu 121609 – I have asked for a good faith response from the parishes involved regarding the fact that the conference is under review.  I have requested of Msgr. Petter of St. Elizabeth Seton parish in Plano, the retreat site, that all advertising in parish bulletins for the retreat be stopped, that any flyers advertising it be taken down, and that the website advertising the retreat indicate that it is on hold.  I think this is a reasonable request given that the retreat is under review.  I may follow up and ask that no more fees ($30) to pay for the retreat be taken while its status is uncertain.