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A bishop (to be) stands strong December 17, 2009

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Patrick Madrid has  a post discussing the soon to be Bishop of Milwaukee’s strong defense of the Church’s teachings on contraception.  There are certain self-described ‘Catholics’ who love to spread confusion and doubt regarding the Faith.  Most of their efforts are in the areas of abortion and contraception.  The Bishop has reiterated the Church’s strong and clear teachings – contraception use is not in line with the doctrine of the Faith.  This is an especially hard issue for many Catholics, mainly those in N. America and western Europe who have grown accustomed to serving themselves instead of God in the area of the number of children they have.  Even many otherwise ‘devout’ Catholics use contraception (and I include the long term use of NFP in this). 

Use of contraception fundamentally comes down to the issues of selfishness and control.  I know this is a hard thing, especially in modern American culture.  There are incredible pressures to use contraception and to limit the number of children to two, or less.  I struggled with this issue for years before finally accepting God’s will and coming to understand it.  The pressures to contracept are illusory and only serve to separate oneself from God.  I may offend some with my view, for that, I do not apologize, but only say that I do not intend to offend and that I pray you would reconsider your viewpoint.  Having large families is not about ‘helping the Church grow,’ or making money for the Church.  Those are cynical, simpleton criticisms.  Not using contraception or aborting is about being open to God’s will in a very fundamental, powerful way.  There is no question that having a large family is a huge burden.  It is a large cross to bear at times.  But saying to God, yes, I’ll obey you here, here, and here, but not with THAT, is fundamentally selfish, and separates a person from God on a very basic level.  It says to God that you do not trust him, and that you will not have your life, as you envision it, inconvenienced by too many children.  It also says that you think you know better.  God loves life….that’s why he made all of us.  There is nothing in authentic Christian doctrine that indicates that anyone should artificially limit the number of children they have. 

And, the joys of having a large family are innumerable.  It is incredible how different, unique, and special each child is.  If you have only two kids, say a son and daughter, you are missing out on so much!  The interaction of the kids in a large family is amazing.  They learn so much from each other, about how to act and live in a world, to give and to share.  Yes, at times you want to pull your hair out, and there are always financial issues (if you only have the number of kids you feel you can afford, you likely won’t have any), but the ups outweigh the downs by huge amounts. 

I pray anyone reading this of  a different mindset will ignore the initial tendency to dismiss what I say and think on it.  I am very open to a reasonable debate on this subject.

Bad News December 17, 2009

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Yesterday, I reported what I thought was good news regarding the women’s retreat at SEAS parish in Plano.  I had been told that the Bishop was very aware of the problems many people had with Sr. Rupp hosting the retreat, and that the retreat was ‘under review.’  This seemed like good news, andI felt that I/we had had some success in getting our concerns heard.  I did, however, ask that the parishes involved in this conference stop advertising the retreat and accepting the fees for it, as, it being under review, that seemed a sensible thing to do.

Well, I’ve been told now by the pastor at SEAS that they will not stop advertising or signing people up for the conference, as they ‘have not been told to do so.’  I do not understand why they would need to be told to do so, or who would do the telling.  Given the lack of information, I am rather suspicious.  I am told that the Bishop is ‘reviewing’ Sr. Rupp’s work.  This ‘review’ has ostensibly been going on for weeks, since I first raised concerns around the third week of November.  I think anyone who looks around Sr. Rupp’s website won’t need long to figure out that she draws very heavily on ‘new age’ practices in her seminars, that she is strongly influenced by eastern religions and pop-protestant theology, and that her theology is hardly what one can call Catholic.  In an interview on her website, Sr. Rupp describes the Catholic Church as being ‘envious’ of the New Age movement, and she says that New Age practices are ‘valuable.’  Bear in mind, Sr. Rupp has a degree in ‘transpersonal psychology,’ from a ‘new age institute,’ and uses New Age terminology and practices throughout almost all her published works. 

The Church warned against delving into New Age practices in “Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life: A Christian reflection on the New Age,” released by the Pontifical Councils for Culture and Interreligious Dialogue in 2003.  New Age focuses on the self , cosmic energy, and the cosmos as an organic whole – if you read through Sr. Rupp’s online catalogue, you’ll find that she does, too. 

It didn’t take much looking to determine that Sr. Rupp was problematic, at best.  Since I have researched her writings more, I am convinced that she is not in communion with the Magisterium of the Church and that her views represent a grave danger to Catholics.  I’m just a lay dude with 6 kids and a job and generally a lot going on in my life.  If I can figure out that Sr. Rupp is a problem in a few hours, why does it take the Bishop weeks?

If I were cynical, I would say that’s because the ‘review’ is a sham and an effort to buy time, to get to a point where they’ll say, ‘oh, we agree with you, she’s probably not a good speaker, but it’s too late to cancel the retreat now.’

I’ll know more tomorrow.  Look for more updates.

Catholic Health Association – evidence of serious conflict of interest regarding ‘health care reform’ December 17, 2009

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I came across this study of the Catholic Health Association, CHA, via American Papist.   This report seems to indicate a serious conflict of interest regarding the Catholic Health Association (CHA) and its lobbying efforts in favor of a massive expansion of the US government into the health care industry.  The chief lobbyist is the head of CHA, Sr. Carol Keehan, has sent very mixed messages regarding the legislation pending in Congress.  At times, CHA and Sr. Keehan have seemed to promote the legislation regardless of whether it massively expands abortion, such as in July when CHA, St. Vincent de Paul, and Catholic Charities sent out ‘action notices’ to their members to lobby Congress in favor of the health care legislation then pending, ALL OF WHICH contained a massive amount of federal funding for abortion.  After a very strong reaction from the pro-life community, Sr. Keehan appeared on the EWTN program “The World Over Live” with Raymond Arroyo, and appeared to try to walk back CHA’s previous unlimited support for the pending health care legislation.  Since then, the mixed signals have continued.  These mixed signals by CHA, St. Vincent de Paul, some priests and a few bishops, cause serious confusion among Catholics over whether or not it is appropriate to support the health care legislation as presently promulgated. 

In a simple word, the answer is NO, the legislation should not be supported, because any amendments added to the legislation in the Senate or House that purportedly prevent massively increased federal funding for abortion will be taken out during the conference committee where the two separate Senate and House versions are reconciled.  The Democrats themselves have said this – they intend to use this ‘health care reform’ as a vehicle to massively expand federal funding for abortion and to essentially enshrine abortion as a permanent, fundamental ‘right.’

I do not believe that any Catholic in good conscience can support any of the health care legislation – due to abortion, due to issues of subsidiarity, and due to the rationing that will inevitably result in the denial of care to the elderly and greatly increased pressure to expand legalized euthanasia.

More on why Catholics cannot support health care legislation as proposed here.

Babies December 17, 2009

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This is awesome.

With all the people out there wanting to somehow trade carbon emissions from their lavish lifestyles by preventing babies from being born, and with a steady drumbeat that the world is overpopulated, we need to be reminded what a great gift life is, especially as we enter the Octave of Christmas.  Mary was open to God’s call to will a life into existence……..we all should be, throughout our married lives.