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Catholic Health Association – evidence of serious conflict of interest regarding ‘health care reform’ December 17, 2009

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I came across this study of the Catholic Health Association, CHA, via American Papist.   This report seems to indicate a serious conflict of interest regarding the Catholic Health Association (CHA) and its lobbying efforts in favor of a massive expansion of the US government into the health care industry.  The chief lobbyist is the head of CHA, Sr. Carol Keehan, has sent very mixed messages regarding the legislation pending in Congress.  At times, CHA and Sr. Keehan have seemed to promote the legislation regardless of whether it massively expands abortion, such as in July when CHA, St. Vincent de Paul, and Catholic Charities sent out ‘action notices’ to their members to lobby Congress in favor of the health care legislation then pending, ALL OF WHICH contained a massive amount of federal funding for abortion.  After a very strong reaction from the pro-life community, Sr. Keehan appeared on the EWTN program “The World Over Live” with Raymond Arroyo, and appeared to try to walk back CHA’s previous unlimited support for the pending health care legislation.  Since then, the mixed signals have continued.  These mixed signals by CHA, St. Vincent de Paul, some priests and a few bishops, cause serious confusion among Catholics over whether or not it is appropriate to support the health care legislation as presently promulgated. 

In a simple word, the answer is NO, the legislation should not be supported, because any amendments added to the legislation in the Senate or House that purportedly prevent massively increased federal funding for abortion will be taken out during the conference committee where the two separate Senate and House versions are reconciled.  The Democrats themselves have said this – they intend to use this ‘health care reform’ as a vehicle to massively expand federal funding for abortion and to essentially enshrine abortion as a permanent, fundamental ‘right.’

I do not believe that any Catholic in good conscience can support any of the health care legislation – due to abortion, due to issues of subsidiarity, and due to the rationing that will inevitably result in the denial of care to the elderly and greatly increased pressure to expand legalized euthanasia.

More on why Catholics cannot support health care legislation as proposed here.

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