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Pius XII, JPII named ‘venerable’ December 21, 2009

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Pope Benedict XVI, the Pope of Christian Unity, announced over the weekend that his predecessors Pius XII and John Paul II have been named ‘venerable,’ a further move toward canonization.   Naturally, it today’s world, someone has to be offended, and despite the fact that the Vatican, and Pope Pius XII in particular, did more to save more Jews members of specific groups targeted by facsist opression than any 10 other groups combined during WWII, the professionally aggrieved classes insist that he did not do enough, a few people have politely inquired as to whether he could have possibly, in a perfect world, done more. 

 So, of course, they are doing their usual act, they have made very low key mention, without any publicity, of their concerns.   That’s just what this is – these groups know better, but since JPII, in one of the biggest mistakes of his papacy, apologized for the bad treatment Christians had given Jews (the Jews have at various times given just as bad treatment, if not worse, to Christians) in the past, certain elements are constantly on the lookout for cheap shots with which to score points on the Church.  Which, being so low-key and reasonable, should be accepted by the Church as wonderfully genuine and not in any way politically motivated, or intended to cause a false, negative image of the Church to be perpetuated. 

And thus were all made happy.