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In other news….. January 2, 2010

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……CHA, the Catholic Health Association, has gotten in hot water lately over statements by its head, Sr. Carol Keaton, in which she supported the ‘health care’ legislation drafted in the Senate which will lead to federal funding of abortion-on-demand. 

Now, it turns out, many of the leading executives at CHA have been supporting pro-abort politicians for years.  

I contacted CHA a few times over the last several months to express my great dismay at their continued statements of support for federal health care legislation, even when it was readily apparent that legislation would lead to a massive increase in the number of abortions.  One reason for CHAs continued support is because they receive huge funds from the government, which would increase massively under ‘health care reform’ – making rich administrators even richer.  Having said that, it now appears there is another reason – the leaders at CHA are pro-abort themselves, so why should they oppose legislation leading to federal funding for abortion?

CHA  needs a complete overhaul.  I would start by insisting that all current top staff be dismissed, immediately.

Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis!

Isaiah 51:12 January 2, 2010

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Just a quick update – I’m not dead, frightened, or sick of it all.  I was out for a week on a retreat to the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, AL, and it…… was……. spectacular.   I will post more on that later, possibly Monday.

On the more political front, with regard to the retreat I’ve been concerned about, there has been much going on.  I will get into that over the next few days, and sorry for not updating sooner.  Suffice it to say, I am skeptical of what I am hearing from certain individuals involved with the Sr. Rupp retreat.  I need to check on a couple of things before I say more, but I can say now that I think my posting on this blog has definitely caused some concern, and possibly even a little panic,  with the conference organizers.  There are a couple of stories there that I can’t got into yet, but hopefully I will be able to soon.

 I thank everyone who has contacted me with messages of support.  Those have really helped me to maintain my determination.  I also thank all those who have contacted Fr. Petter, Cecilia Ladda, and Fr. Smith.  I encourage everyone to keep contacting these individuals with your concerns, and if you haven’t yet, you would do a great deal of good if you would do so. 

This issue may be about to get substantially more coverage than this one little blog can provide.  I can’t say more now, but stay tuned.