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Couldn’t have said it better myself January 12, 2010

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I’ll probably get castigated for this.  Someone will probably say I’m ‘not pastoral,’ or ‘uncharitable,’ or even that ‘it’s impossible to talk with conservatives (whatever that means)’.  But, Larry D. over at Acts of the Apostasy has a brilliant post up examining the justifications many on the side of dissent, or the hermeneutic of rupture, in the Church, use to justify their thoughts and actions.

I’d just add this.  There are two, fundamental sins – pride and selfishness.  While pride may allow people to help justify their unfaithful actions, selfishness is what usually drives them towards those actions in the first place.  I know whereof I speak, because I’ve been there before.  And when you get down to the core of pretty much every sin, there is usually a selfish driver for the sin, and a recourse to pride to try to explain it away.  And both, irrevocably, lead one away from God, His Truth, and His Church.

Father Corapi – San Antonio January 12, 2010

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For those who don’t know, Fr. John Corapi will be giving one of his rare public appearances in San Antonio on August 7 at the AT&T center.  I have bought my tickets.   You’ve seen the man on TV, you’ve heard him on the radio, you’ve marvelled at his vast knowledge, now go see him give it to the devil old school style – in person!  It should be an awesome event, and who knows the next time he’ll be in Texas.

I just love his moral clarity.  “I’m not going to hell for anyone,” indeed!  

Get your tickets soon, they will sell out.

Don’t forget – March for Life January 12, 2010

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Don’t forget!  The Dallas March for Life is this Saturday at the Cathedral! 

Be there!

Blogging Bishop January 12, 2010

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You know, there are so many blogs out there nowadays.  I’ve got a ton of competition. Now, it appears the competition has gotten even a bit tougher.  Yes, Bishop Farrell has a blog

I was a bit surprised by one thing.  It appears that Bishop Farrell has a pretty strong, affirmative opinion regarding global warming.  He blogged on that subject before blogging on vocations, formation, or almost any other subject.  Now, there was a timing issue, due to the Pope’s New Year’s Day message (or, from his Mass of Mary, Mother of God), which did deal with stewardship of the natural world.  However, the Bishop certainly seems to feel pretty convinced that global warming is real and caused by humans.  As a scientist/engineer, I am not so convinced.   I am certainly not one of those who literally has nightmares that the world will end tomorrow, or very soon, because of anthropogenic global warming climate change.  Those types are little different from every other kind of doomsday cultists that have preceded them.  It’s just the flavor du jour.

NO, I am not saying that Bishop Farrell is a global warming fanatic, but I do find his choice of subject matter interesting.  In his defense, he did blog on vocations in a later post.

Irrespective, I accept the Bishop’s challenge.  I think competition generally makes everyone better, so perhaps his posts will inspire me to greater heights.

Hey, it could happen……