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So wrong on so many levels January 15, 2010

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I like Novenas.  I have some Novenas that I say perpetually.  From experience, I believe they can be a powerful form of prayer.  But, those on the side of rupture, of discontinuity, of bending the Church, the FAITH, to their will, can pervert anything.  Even a novena

I’m not even going to copy the text of this ‘novena’ on my blog.  I won’t sully my sweet, precious, innocent blog with the heresy of the ‘future church.’  So, even though I hate to direct any traffic their way, I’ll just link it.  Some people just don’t, won’t get it!

Jesus Christ instituted the Church on Earth.  It is HIS BODY on Earth.  Jesus instituted what Jesus instituted.  I am sorry that so deeply offends some people, who just cannot STAND the fact that Jesus couldn’t be more inclusive.  Sorry, folks – no matter what happens, no matter if you get a “bishop” to allegedly ‘ordain’ a woman, it still doesn’t, CAN’T make her a priest.  It just cannot happen – just as a man cannot get pregnant and bring a child into the world, a woman CANNOT be a priest.  A woman has never been a priest, it is simply an impossibility, and it has nothing to do with TEH PATRIARCHY, or women being subjugated, or a dire need for more priests.  Christ chose 12 men, including one he knew would betray him, as his apostles.  He chose Peter to lead his Church on Earth.  Even though his Mother was the most holy person EVER, he still didn’t make her an apostle, nor Mary Magdalene, nor Martha, nor any other women. 

Why?  We as humans don’t really know.  Why did God choose to come to Earth and die as a slave rather than rule as a king?   Because his Perfect Will and Intelligence decided to – the same reason God, in His Wisdom, instituted the all-male priesthood.  Those who have such a terrible problem with this have a problem not with the Church, not with TEH PATRIARCHY, but with God.  And that problem is known as pride, the firstborn of all sins.

Sorry if this offends you, but I pray for your conversion if it does.  There is one Church, and one Truth, and only by living that Truth as fully as we can do we have a chance of salvation.

Sorry so quiet January 15, 2010

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As I said, I’ve been sick and work was a bear this week, but I’m getting back in form and should continue my usual round of what are sure to be seen by many as ill-informed, reactionary blog entries!

But, if you’re one of the few who gets this blog, I say thanks and keep checking back, because my schedule should lighten up and I pray that, God willing, I shall be able to blog more regularly next week.

Don’t forget! March For Life tomorrow! January 15, 2010

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Sorry I’ve been quiet all week, work was terrible and I got this flu my kids have had, so I haven’t had much time to post.  But, I’m going to fight through all of that and get back in the saddle tomorrow and go to the March for Life!

Even though I  may not agree with the leadership of the Diocese on some trifling issues like orthodoxy and always insuring the laity, that being us, get only the very best in Catholic education and formation, I am glad to see Bishop Farrell has done a great deal to help fight the ongoing holocaust of abortion.  He deserves some commendation here.  And if I see Bud Gillett from CBS11, I’m going to make sure I get interviewed, with an answer to his question from last year: “Isn’t abortion an established part of American culture?”  Sure it is, Bud – just like slavery once was, just like Jim Crow laws once were. 

In favor of those things, Bud?