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I love Pope Benedict January 20, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in General Catholic, Society.
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I really do.  He’s an awesome pope.  He’s the Pope of Christian Unity.  His efforts at reunion with substantial portions of the Anglican Communion through the apostolic constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus are a brilliant end run around the usual useless decades spent in ‘ecumenical dialogue’ agreeing over minute, largely meaningless points.  This constitution will bring millions back to the Catholic Church, although it may take some time to do so.  Even more, there is increasing evidence that some sort of breakthrough may be coming in the relations between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches.  The Church has recently reinstituted official relations with the government of Russia, there have been many meetings of late between high officials of the two churches, and it appears that Pope Benedict and Metropolitan Kirill of the Russian Church may be meeting together within the next year or two.  A reunion between the two, liturgical Churches and the healing of a 1000 year old rift would be an achievement of amazing proportions, and yet another incredible grace from God.

Why am I yacking about this?  Well, because this is the week of Christian unity.  And, Pope Benedict gave a general audience  yesterday where he talked about the importance of true ecumenism, ecunemism that leads to “full, visible unity between Christians.”  For several decades, ecumenism has been pursued by various bishops and church leaders flying around the world, attending conferences, and producing voluminous monographs that say alot but haven’t meant very much.  However, it appears that under Pope Benedict, ecumenism that actually achieves something is beginning to happen.  The article above talks about efforts with Lutherans (which Lutherans, it doesn’t say – I don’t think those Lutherans who recently voted to allow gay clergy), but the main happenings are between the traditional Anglicans and the Orthodox. 

Let us all say some extra prayers this week for Christian unity.  This is a very important subject, and one worthy of our prayerful efforts.   And some additional prayers for the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI and for his health would certainly be beneficial, as well.  With God’s grace, we  may see a day when the Catholic Church is more truly Catholic than it has been in centuries.  This may well be very important, as we see the culture at large becoming increasingly hostile to those who possess a strong faith, particularly Christians. 

In that time, we will need all the unity we can muster.