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Non nobis Domine January 25, 2010

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Creative Minority Report has an effort underway suggesting that bloggers give thanks to God for the seeming miraculous election in Massachussetts of Scott Brown, which has effectively derailed, for the time being, the effort to nationalize health care.  Since nationalized health care presented such a grave risk to life with the virtual guarantee of federal funding of abortion, forever, we have much to give thanks for. 

I am honored to join:

Non nobis, non nobis, Domine
Sed nomini tuo da gloriam.

Not to us, not to us, o Lord,
But to your name give glory.

As all good things come from God, and the defense of human life is an unquestionable good, giving Him thanks for whatever successes are had in the defense of life is both right and proper. 

A powerful example….. January 25, 2010

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…….of unintended consequences.  I don’t generally intend to get into politics too much on this blog, but the article linked below provides a concrete example of the sort of unintended consequences of government-run health care that put people in absolutely horrible situations.  In the US, a case like this is at present far less likely to happen, for as long as the parents are willing to try to pay the bills, their child would not be risked with a denial of treatment leading to forced death.

The government should never be put in the position of being able to make life or death health care decisions about patients.  The government has too many competing agendas to make a compassionate decision, and money will always trump all.  That is the reason I have blogged that the US Bishops (USCCB) has put themselves into a precarious position with their support for government funded health care in general.  No matter what type of health care bill gets passed into law, eventually, the government will come to dominate the US health care system and instances like this will become increasingly common.  It’s one of the unintended consequences that come about when one violates the core Catholic principle of subsidiarity, that decisions are always best made at the most local, personal level possible.  With any form of national health care, that simply will not be the case, and Catholic hospitals will find themselves pulling the plug on patients at government fiat. 

h/t culturewarenotes