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Another good, upcoming conference January 28, 2010

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I do like to occasionally post some actual good news, so I’m happy to relate that Steve Kellmeyer will be hosting a conference at St. Monica parish in Dallas on  Feb. 9 at 7:00 pm.  The theme of the conference is “How Our Blessed Mother Prepared Herself for Lent.”  It will include the origin of Lent in the early Church; the Sorrows of Mary; our imitation of Mary and a guide for a Holy Lenten Season.  Knowing Steve, the conference will be both highly informative and very entertaining.  Steve is a great, funny speaker. 

St. Monica’s is at 4140 Walnut Hill Lane, near the corner of Walnut Hill and Midway.  Go and check Steve out – you might get to meet your intrepid blogger.  I high honor, I know!  😉

A critical dossier on Dr. Richard Gaillardetz January 28, 2010

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With the Sr. Joyce Rupp situation, I found that she wasn’t too well known and that her dissent from Church teaching was subtle, something spread throughout her work but with few obvious problem statements.  No one had previously researched her work in depth, and so it fell to me to do so.  Once looked at in depth, the problems with Rupp became obvious

That is not the case with Dr. Richard Gaillardetz.  A Canadian blog, socon or bust, has done a great deal of work analyzing  and critiquing Gaillardetz’ from and orthodox Catholic perspective.    I’ll add more on Gaillardetz as time permits, but for now, I encourage anyone concerned about his speaking at St. Mark to read the many posts detailing Gaillardetz’ dissent from Church doctrine on socon or bust.   The authors of the blog, including a priest, have done some truly good work in presenting a critical analysis of problems in Gaillardetz’ beliefs.

Oh man………not again January 28, 2010

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I told you, my dear, sweet faithful readers, both of you, that I had some indications that policies to review the credentials of speakers invited into diocesan parishes were under review.  Well, either that review did not amount to much, or what I’ve been told wasn’t very accurate, because we have another dissenting speaker coming to a North Deanery parish – St. Mark in Plano.

Dr. Richard Gaillardetz will speak soon at St. Mark in Plano. The first session is after Mass, and all sessions are in the sanctuary.  You know, that place where Christ is sacrificed at every Mass?  Yeah, that place.

It seems that Dr. Gaillardetz has some problems with Church doctrine.  For one, he states that couples should ‘follow their own conscience’ regarding infallibe Church dogma on the use of contraception.  He actually feels you should try, like really, really hard to follow that doctrine, but if it’s just tooo danged hard, you can follow your own conscience.  Apparently, around 95% of Catholic married couples find it too danged hard…….I’m sure after a terrible amount of internal conflict and turmoil.  I’m sure they would never use justifications from such theologians as Dr. Gaillardetz to help rationalize their opposition to God’s Perfect Will!  And neither would any pastors at certain parishes! 

Dr. Gaillardetz has some pretty……..interesting…………ideas regarding infallible dogmas and how they are arrived at.  The Church has stated, infallibly!, that it is properly constituted Church councils, the Pope, and the long-held views of the Magisterium that constitute infallible dogma.  Not so with Dr. Gaillardetz!  Oh no, for him, it’s the theologians who constitute the Magisterium, and who decide what doctrine is infallible.  Isn’t that convenient?!?  How nice for him!  He has written books on the subject, and he sides with such well known dissenters as Dr. Hans Kung for support in claiming that no doctrine arrived at by humans can be infallible. Guess we better scrap that Credo! 

Once again, I guess I, and those who think I might have a point regarding all these dissenting speakers coming to the diocese, have to go back to the pastors and the diocese and make our concerns known. But, since I know some of the pastors involved read this blog, let me ask a semi-rhetorical question, again.  Is this really, REALLY, the best we can do?  While  much foot dragging goes on to bring in an orthodox speaker, it seems the dissenters just breeze right in without a problem.  This makes me wonder about alot of things, like inherent biases and things like that. 

You know what to do.  The only way to affect change is to let the staff at the parish and diocese know that this kind of speaker isn’t acceptable. 

Contact info below:

Mary Edlund   Chancellor, Dallas Diocese   chancellor@cathdal.org 214-379-2819
Elsa Espinoza, Secretary, Bishop Kevin Farrell: eespinoz@cathdal.org 214-379-2816

Judy Clark Family and Adult Ministry at St. Mark  jpclark@stmarkplano.org 

Father Cliff Smith Pastor, St. Mark
(972) 423-5600

Hard to read January 28, 2010

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I love the Church.  I’m a convert, and some may say I have the ‘zeal of the converted.’  I pray that’s so, I try.  But there are times when the veil is lifted and one sees that the Church, however beautiful in concept and construction, is populated with frail human beings.  Very frail, as it turns out.  This excerpt from a book called “Sacriledge: The Sexual Abuse Scandal in the Catholic Church” is enough to turn my stomach, heck, it should be enough to turn any faithful Catholic’s stomach. 

The excerpt documents how a form of modern psychology, a rather extreme form, has entered into the conciousness of the Church and has infected the thinking of much of the Body of Christ.  This infection in particular has affected many priest, seminary rectors, seminarians, and even bishops.  The infection is an embodiment of the “if it feels good do it” mentality, which is inconceivable have ever become prevalent in the CATHOLIC CHURCH, THE LIVING BODY OF CHRIST, but it did.  Apparently, to far too many priests and seminarians, molesting young boys felt pretty good.  So they did it.  Alot.  What is incredible, according to this excerpt, is that the insane screeds and ‘teaching tools’ that encouraged this sort of thinking are STILL BEING USED in many seminaries and parishes.  Zoink!  Are you kidding me?  How stupid, I’m sorry, how frip frap frappin’ sick can you be?! Has the US Church not learned ANYTHING from the past 20+ years of horror?  Are there really still priests, in parishes, who feel that a nine year old boy can somehow ‘seduce’ a 40 year old man?  That sexual acts that are abusive by their very nature really aren’t a problem, since they ‘don’t hurt anyone?’  Dear Lord, forgive me, but c’mon!  Will someone please enforce some discipline and get this horrific, sick, NAMBLA-inspired thinking out of my CHURCH! 

I could go on, but sheesh.  It’s late, and there’s another heretic coming to a parish near you, so I’ll let it rest for now. 

Blessed Mother, all you great Saints, pray for your Church.  Never cease praying!

Bishops attempt to address collapse in Catholic marriage January 28, 2010

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One day, I’m going to write a post containing my thoughts on marriage, contraception, and related topics.  For now, an article from Catholic World Report discussing the collapse in Catholic marriage as a sacramental institution.

My quick take?  Marriage, along with so many other deeply held societal and Church institutions, collapsed in the wake of the abandonment of long held moral teaching authority in the Church in the abuses that were subsequent to the Second Vatican Council.  The Church, for several decades, talked out of both sides of its mouth regarding the sanctimony of married life.  At the same time, the Church has permitted a ridiculous number of annulments, stating that marriages lasting 40+ years were ‘invalid’ after one spouse decides that, once the kids are grown, they don’t like the other spouse very much.  How you justify that a marriage that lasted more than four decades was somehow invalid from the start in the absence of any form of abuse, money problems, or really anything beyond being annoyed with someone is beyond me.  True story.

The Church has little to blame but itself for this crisis in Catholic married life – Catholics are slightly more prone to divorce than the population at large.  The destruction of traditional moral teaching in the Church, along with a paganization of society in general, fostered this crisis.  Turning it around will be enormously difficult, if it is even possible.  We may have to endure a general societal collapse and centuries of suffering before people will be less selfish and return to those values that built Western Civilization. 

A webpage or two ain’t gonna do it.  This requires difficult, fundamental change.

A great patriot and a Catholic dies January 28, 2010

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A St. Mark parishioner recently passed away.  John S. Loisel was a WWII fighter pilot who flew over 300 missions in P-39 and P-38 aircraft.  He also flew missions in Korea in an F-84H Thunderjet.  He then went on for a full 28 year Air Force career, retiring in 1970, and later taught physics at Plano Senior High School.  He was 89.

I knew John Loisel, a little.  When I was a student at PSHS, he was still serving as an occasional substitute teacher.  One of my classmates found out that he was a double ace from WWII, and since we were all Air Force geeks, we were quite excited.  I tried to talk to Mr. Loisel about his expeiences in the Air Force, but he didn’t say much.  Alot of those veterans didn’t, they just thought it was their job. 

If I may be permitted, since I am such an Air Force geek, to offer a little ditty in the form of a toast, for Col. John S. Loisel, USAF, Ret. 

So stand till your glass is steady,
this world is a world full of lies,
drink a toast to those dead already,
and here’s to the next man who dies

And another:

Oh, don’t give me a P-39
with the engine mounted behind
it will tumble and roll and dig a big hole
don’t give me a P-39

Oh, don’t give me a P-38,
the props, they counter-rotate,
they’re scattered and splittin’, from Burma to Britain,
don’t give me a P-38,

NO! Give me operations,
way out on some lonely atoll,
for I am too young to die,
I just want to go home.

Godspeed and thank you John S. Loisel.  I pray for the repose of your soul, and that your time in purgatory may be blissfully short.