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Bishops attempt to address collapse in Catholic marriage January 28, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in General Catholic, Society.

One day, I’m going to write a post containing my thoughts on marriage, contraception, and related topics.  For now, an article from Catholic World Report discussing the collapse in Catholic marriage as a sacramental institution.

My quick take?  Marriage, along with so many other deeply held societal and Church institutions, collapsed in the wake of the abandonment of long held moral teaching authority in the Church in the abuses that were subsequent to the Second Vatican Council.  The Church, for several decades, talked out of both sides of its mouth regarding the sanctimony of married life.  At the same time, the Church has permitted a ridiculous number of annulments, stating that marriages lasting 40+ years were ‘invalid’ after one spouse decides that, once the kids are grown, they don’t like the other spouse very much.  How you justify that a marriage that lasted more than four decades was somehow invalid from the start in the absence of any form of abuse, money problems, or really anything beyond being annoyed with someone is beyond me.  True story.

The Church has little to blame but itself for this crisis in Catholic married life – Catholics are slightly more prone to divorce than the population at large.  The destruction of traditional moral teaching in the Church, along with a paganization of society in general, fostered this crisis.  Turning it around will be enormously difficult, if it is even possible.  We may have to endure a general societal collapse and centuries of suffering before people will be less selfish and return to those values that built Western Civilization. 

A webpage or two ain’t gonna do it.  This requires difficult, fundamental change.

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