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News on this blog February 26, 2010

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I have some news on the blog.   I’m going to start cross-posting at http://www.dfwcatholic.org/ beginning this weekend.  You’ll see my posts both here and there.  I appreciate very much the folks at metrocatholic for extending this opporunity, and I think it will be very interesting to reach a larger audience.  I thank God for his grace is allowing this blog to reach others.

Also, next week I will have more analysis on Dr. Rick Gaillardetz and his upcoming conference at St. Mark in Plano.  You’ll love it.  Him?  Maybe not so much.

On radio again! Sat. Feb.27 @ 4p February 26, 2010

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I’ll be on Jim and Vicki Middleton’s excellent Life and Liberty show  on 660 AM KSKY tomorrow at 4.  We’re going to be talking about Dr. Gaillardetz coming to St. Mark parish in Plano. 

Listen in!

Traditional Latin Mass February 26, 2010

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Since Summorum Pontificum was released in 2007, there have been great hopes among a number of the faithful that the availability of what is called the Traditional Latin Mass, or Mass according to the Rite of Blessed John XXIII, would become more widespread.  Unfortunately, this has not been the case.  Many bishops have chosen to interpret portions of Canon Law pertaining to the bishop’s insurance that all Masses celebrated in their diocese have sufficient ‘quality,’ as a means to limit the availability of this form of the Mass.  This may be due to genuine concerns over the ability of celebrants to lead such a Mass, or due to a hostility towards the Traditional Latin Mass.  In our own diocese, I know that efforts by the faithful to have a Latin Mass of any type (Traditional, Novus Ordo) celebrated in the North Deanery have been unsuccessful.  I won’t elaborate on that, for now.

Because this appears to be a quite widespread phenomenon, the Pontifical Commision Ecclesia Dei has been working on a document that is supposed to spell out, very clearly, the conditions under which Traditional Latin Mass is to be made available.  Many feel that this document will remove many of the impediments that have been placed before this form of the Holy Mass.  I pray their hopes are not unfounded.  I have become of the opinion that, no matter what document eminates from Rome, if a local ordinary is opposed to something, he can pretty much insure it won’t happen, or at least limit the heck out of it.  That has been my experience, you could say. 

Nevertheless, we should look on the good side.  There are two locations currently celebrating the Traditional Latin Rite in the Dallas area.  The first is the Mater Dei Latin Mass Church in Irving, offering Latin Mass daily and on Sundays.  The second is the Carmelite Chapel in Dallas, located at 600 Flowers, Dallas 75201, near Loop 12 and I-30 in southwest Dallas.  The Mass at the Carmelite Chapel is celebrated on Friday nights, typically at 8 pm, but call ahead to 214-704-4541 to make sure. 

Latin Mass, traditional or Novus Ordo, is a beautiful thing.  I pray that it will become more widely available, because it is very powerful in the graces it confers and provides a tremendous strengthening of our Catholic identity. 

Fr. Thomas Euteneuer on Lent February 26, 2010

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Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, director of Human Life International, has a great commentary on what we can all do for Lent.  Yes, I’m late getting to this, but if you haven’t started any spiritual exercises for Lent, it is not too late!   Don’t think, “oh, I didn’t get started on Ash Wednesday, so I’ll just wait till next year.”  It’s not too late to start! 

As Fr. Euteneuer states, Lent is a time for spiritual growth, not so much personal growth.  Giving up fat foods or cigarettes for Lent is great, but that’s not the main point.  The main point is to grow spiritually – to unite our sufferings to Christ’s and grow closer to Him as we move closer to Holy Week.  If you do so, and really participate deeply and meaningfully in Holy Week, you can achieve immense spiritual growth, and reap many graces for yourself in this life and the next (God willing).  Follow Fr. Euteneuer’s advice, and use the resources I linked to previously or something you come up on your own.  It’s definitely not too late to get into the sacrificial spirit of Lent.

Another diocese to withold CCHD contributions in 2010 February 26, 2010

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Last year, at least 6 diocese, and possibly more, withheld funds from the CCHD collection.   These diocese included Birmingham, AL, Tulsa, OK, Madison, WI, Lincoln NE, Bend, OR, St. Augustine, FL, and Allentown, PA.   Given the additional information that has been revealed concerning CCHD so far in 2010, you would expect there would be more diocese refusing this collection, and you would be right.   The diocese of Green Bay, WI, has also announced, very early, that it will direct funds taken up during the November CCHD collection to Peter’s Pence and Catholic Relief Services. 

It’s pretty odd to see such an early announcement – the CCHD collection normally happens near Thanksgiving.  The Bishop of Green Bay must be signalling his view that the recent information that has come to light regarding CCHD is both compelling and damning, inspite of the USCCB’s attempts to spin and silence the controversy away. 

Look to see more of this as time goes on.  There have been numerous reports of different groups that are pro-abort, pro-contraception, and/or pro-gay marriage, that have come to light so far this year.  There has been no substantive reply from the USCCB on any of these allegations (and, I think they are more than allegations, they are almost conclusive proof) – allegations which involve millions of dollars supporting organizations with agendas that are odds with Church doctrine.  At some point, Bishop Morin, the head of the CCHD, and the rest of the USCCB will have to respond – this story is not going away. 

Continue to pray for those at the USCCB and CCHD that they will realize that there is never any reason to fund any group that has a pro-abort or other agenda contrary to Church teaching, no matter how good any other work they do may be (and in the case of these groups, that work is generally NOT very worthy).  And please pray that the bishops in conference will either completely reform CCHD or disband it.  There needs to be a serious discussion as to whether organizations founded to do nothing more than agitate from a far-left perspective are worthy of Church support.  I think the logic behind the creation of CCHD is weak (it’s all Alinsky-ite in nature), and contrary to Church doctine by its very nature.

Another great video February 26, 2010

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In a recent post, I commented that Michael Voris, STB of www.realcatholictv.com has been doing yeoman’s work in critiquing certain views of Catholicism.  He continues today, in the video below.  Today, Voris continues his examination of the part of the Church which views itself, or can be described as, ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive.’  Voris criticizes these elements due to their tendency, at least as far as can be seen in public, to strongly favor certain Church doctrine over others, and their tendency to misrepresent or misunderstand that teaching they favor in order for it to align with their political preferences.  I think his criticisms are pretty valid, especially regarding the makeup of alot of the bureaucracy in the Church at the national level, but also extending down to the diocesan and parish level.

Now, I think we all have a tendency to interpret our faith through our world-view.  And politics, for some of us, can play a large part in that world-view.  But, a faithful Catholic is always called to embrace all the beliefs of the Church, and not favor some over others.  I think it fair to say there are Catholics who do just this (and there are some who may accuse me of doing so, but I would disagree).  This is Voris’ concern – that the bureaucracy at USCCB and other parts of the Church have become dominated by groups of individuals who have a strongly progressive mindset, and interpret Church doctrine through that mindset.  They then discard parts of that doctrine that don’t fit into the progressive mold.  I think there is a great deal of evidence to support this claim.  All the recent scandals at USCCB with CCHD and the tendency to support radical groups with pro-abort and pro-homosexual marriage agendas are associated with progressive politics.   The faithful need to take strong steps, including witholding of funds if necessary, in order to express our collective dismay at the deviance from Church doctrine that support of these grousp represents.  More on this later.

Lenten post – St. Ambrose on prayer February 25, 2010

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I’ve been meaning to post more topics on Lent.  Prayer, penance, anything that has a Lenten aspect to it. 

I came across some prayer advice today from St. Ambrose.  I thought is was very good – it definitely has meaning to me.

If you pray for yourself, you are the only one praying for yourself; and if each one prays only for himself, the grace that he receives will be smaller with respect to that obtained by him who intercedes for others.  Now, as the individual prays for all, it comes about that all pray for the individual.  Therefore, if you pray only for yourself, you will be the only one praying for yourself.  If, on the other hand, you pray for all, all will be praying for you, as you are included in that all.

I think that’s a very nice sentiment.  I have one set of prayers that I do that are oriented towards self in the sense of asking for various graces in order to grow in faith.  Most of our family prayers are directed outwards, but we could always do better.  It is a great grace to pray for others.

Fr. Z on assault on Holy Name Parish in Chicago February 25, 2010

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Fr. Z has a post up about what should have been a nice, renewal of marriage vows event at Holy Name Parish in Chicago, being interrupted and turned into a disaster by protestors attacking Christ for his teaching that active homosexuality is a sin. 

There were many unfortunate aspects to this.  A spittle flecked protestor was screaming at a three year old girl “I hope you grow up gay so your mom will disown you and then you can feel like I do.”  Classy.  Police did not intervene, because they have been bullied by the gay rights thugs, even though Chicago has an ordinance that protests can not take place at a church, synagogue, or mosque during worship services.  And, a representative of the Diocese of Chicago replied in the news story that “it’s the teaching of the Church that marriage is between one man and one woman,” she said. “Those of us in the Church don’t get to choose what the teachings are.””   This is unfortunate, because one could easily infer that the spokeperson agrees with the protestors, but that the old fuddy duddy Church won’t get with the times.

A far better answer would be to state that Christ teaches infallibly through Sacred Scripture that active homosexuality is a grave sin.  Christ is the Word, the Word that existed from before time and that will exist forever, the Word that became flesh.  To assault the infallible Word of Christ in Scripture is to assault Christ. Scripture repeatedly states that it is gravely immoral to engage in homosexual acts.  It does not state that homosexuality itself is sinful, and there have been many homosexual holy people.  Homosexuals do have a special gift from God, if they will see it as such, a gift that calls them to chastity and a turning away from sexual impulse.  In so doing, they can bring great blessings to themselves and to the Church by leading a life of self-denial.  No, it’s not easy, it’s not supposed to be, and I know that runs counter to everything modern culture tells homosexuals to do. 

We’re not talking about one or two isolated bits of Scripture that denounce homosexual acts.  From Genesis (Sodom and Gomorrah) to Leviticus to Romans (1:24-27) to 1st and 2nd Corintians to Colossians to Galations and others.   And, everyone has to deal with this issue of concupiscence.  Yes, someone with homoerotic tendencies has a potentially larger cross to bear, but  it’s no different from heterosexuals called to chastity, and I should point out that all of us deal with sexual temptation and have to learn to corral it.  Probably my greatest temptation is inappropriate lust, and Lord knows there are many temptations out there today. 

As for the behavior of the ‘activists,’ get ready for more of this.  The culture is growing increasingly hostile towards people of faith, particularly those who adhere to a timeless, unchanging faith that won’t accomodate the world.  The Catholic Church is THE beacon of faith, and will attract the most assaults.  And don’t think it’s just some misguided folks, there are elements in play here that go far beyond human capabilities.  So gird yourselves, put on your armor of prayer, and be ready to support and defend the Faith at any time.  We shall all be called to be warriors for Christ at some point.

The collapse of Western Civilization, Vol. 2398787 – Live twittering your abortion February 25, 2010

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I don’t like twitter.  Those little 140 character blurbs are incredibly annoying and just another means to dumb down discourse (I know – my blog contributes to that dumbing down on a daily basis). 

Here’s another reason – live twittering your abortion!  Some woman intends to “demystify” abortion by having one live on twitter.   Yes, I’m sure the stirring up of controversy and the attendant publicity had nothing to do with her decision.  I’m sure no one would so lower themselves just for 15 seconds of fame.  Oh, wait…….American Idol.

I’m not surprised – the pro-aborts have been building to this kind of affirmational, incredibly self-indulgent spectacle for some time.  That it’s a mother with a 4 year old child having this “live” abortion also does not surprise me – some people have an incredibly shallow view of their kids and their relationship with them, and at the same time, some are such dedicated abortion warriors that they simply don’t care – everything is subordinate to a woman’s right to choose.  They sure don’t make the connection that there is no difference between the child they chose not to abort, and the child they are murdering. 

Still, it’s sad, annoying, etc.  I don’t want to pray for this person, but I will.  God’s grace has overcome more deadened souls than this before, but unfortunately there are millions of souls like this around the USA and world today.  We need to pray for a conversion of the culture.  I do, but I’m not sure that conversion is going to happen before some cataclysmic processes that lead to a much, much different world than the one we presently inhabit. 

We need this:

Fr. Richard McBrien stirring it up February 24, 2010

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The guy Fr. Erik Richtsteig calls tricky Dick, Fr. Richard McBrien, is stirring up trouble again.   Fr. McBrien is violently opposed to the new Mass translations that are in the final stages of development.   To give the history briefly, in the early 1970’s an English vernacular translation of the Mass was released after a very short period of development.  This translation was, it is commonly viewed, developed too quickly and contains a number of errors.  There have been many complaints since its implementation that the English translation misses much of the substance of the original Latin and constitutes a substantial dumbing down of the content of the Mass.  There have been cries for its correction since the late 70’s.  The process formally got started in the late 80’s, and after 22 years of development, a new, much improved translation could be ready as early as Advent 2011. 

Fr. McBrien cites another priest, a Fr. Ryan, who feels that the new translation is being rushed into use.  Fr. McBrien shares these views.  So, the current translation which was rushed into service after a period of development spanning months, involved an appropriate amount of review and development in their minds, whereas this new translation under development for decades, is rushed.  That’s quite a train of logic. 

I don’t think it is unfair to say that Fr. McBrien is well known for his heterodox views.  In plain fact, he speaks heresy, frequently.  He feels that Eucharistic adoration is a superstitious, useless act.  He supports ordination of women and supports homosexual marriage.  And he fears the new Mass translation, because it is far more accurate, reverent, and orthodox.  The new translation doesn’t just change a word here or there, it conveys different ideas, ideas far more in line with the doctrine of the Church than the current translation.  The current translation emphasizes the horizontal element of the cross, the community of the faithful.  The new translation emphasizes more the vertical element of the cross, our relationship with God.  It also stresses our sinful nature to a greater degree, and our perpetual dependence on God’s grace for our survival and redemption. 

And so, Fr. McBrien is encouraging priests, and any bishops he can convince, to oppose the introduction of the new translation.  He’s encouraging priests to be disobedient to their bishops and to refuse to implement the change.  And, if you read his words, it’s pretty plain he’s hoping for a terribly negative reaction from the laity once the new translation is introduced.  Fr. McBrien would rather be proved right, and have his Church suffer, than be proved wrong.  Of course, I don’t think the new translation is going to be a problem at all, and I pray that adequate formation will take place to help ease its introduction (something that absolutely did not happen in the 70’s – it was presented to the laity one day as a fait accompli). 

Pray for Fr. McBrien and others like him.