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Pro-life activist Lila Rose assaulted February 2, 2010

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This was a pretty minor assault, but I have sensed that the pro-abort side is becoming increasingly frustrated and feeling increasingly ineffectual, even with the aborter-in-chief sitting in the Oval Office.   Pro-lifers, after decades of effort and prayer, are beginning to finally turn the tide.  The US is now a predominately pro-life nation, and I know that will continue in the future.  This has the pro-aborts very nervous – they can see that time is not on their side, they are really starting to lose, and they are lashing out.  Plus, contrary to what some in the media want to believe, it is the pro-abort side that is aging, badly – while the majority of US citizens now oppose abortion, those born since 1965 oppose it more substantially more than the average.

Just keep praying and working, and this scourge will end, praise God.

Yes, this is why we homeschool…… February 2, 2010

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…….very interesting post at the National Catholic Register.   By trying to live the truth of our faith, Catholics are by default countercultural, especially in this culture.  And I think we all try to pass that countercultural life on to our kids.  But no matter how hard we try to raise our kids to live their faith, the culture of death keeps trying to seep in and affect their thinking.  One of the main ways kids are exposed to this culture is through schools.  Of course, public schools are rightly noted for inculcating in children the values of the culture of death, but most private schools will to some degree as well.  This may not be overt – alot of times, it simply comes from exposure to other kids, where you are often at the mercy of the least well-raised kid in the school/grade. 

For this and many other reasons I strongly recommend homeschooling.  Yes, it’s a ton of work, but the benefits are enormous, academically and in virtually every other area, as well.  Until 1850 or so, virtually all children, everywhere, were educated at home to one degree or another.  Then industrialization happened, and the Prussians decided a good place to put the kids while the parents worked in the mills was school.  There, they could educate them in a fashion, but also form them to be good industrial workers, too.  From the very beginning, the idea that children should not only be educated in the three R’s, but also in the prevailing culture, has been a key part of both public and private education.  The only way to escape this inculturation is to raise your kids at home.  More and more parents are doing so.  I was a great skeptic when we started, but now I am a huge believer – the kids get a better education, they can fully practice their faith, and you can avoid almost all of the negative cultural influences that worry so many parents. 

Give it a try!  There are innumerable resources – just search on ‘catholic home school’ and you’ll find everything you need.  I understand that everyone can’t homeschool, but if you can, even if it means sacrificing some, I really advise it.  You have no idea the change it can mean for your kids, and your relationship with them.

Sorry……. February 2, 2010

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……..no, you can’t be a priest(ess).   I am very sorry you have chosen to excommunicate yourself through your prideful need for attention, and will pray for your conversion.