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On big families February 4, 2010

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Creative Minority Report has a post on NCR about life in a big family.  It’s pretty funny.  I especially liked:

Work Ethic. My children have learned to work because there are always chores to do in a small house packed with little messy lunatics. And they all learn quickly that sometimes they have to clean up a mess even though they didn’t make it.

YES!  They hate that, but it’s slowly sinking in.  And Lord knows, each one makes enough mess in one day for each of them to have a full day’s work, so it all evens out.  When you’ve got 6 kids, the oldest is 10, and a 3 bedroom 2200 sq ft. house, it’s not a question of ‘time to clean-up.’  That time is now, and always.

I have my list of pet-peeves about having a large family, too.  I get asked the same questions so often.  Since we had five girls in a row and then a boy, there is one question in particular that exercises my patience greatly.  Presented below, a list of annoying questions people with large families hear alot, and my probably insufficiently patient response:

1.  So, are you done now that you ‘got’ your boy?   Yes, that’s right, the number of children we have has nothing to do with our faith, or recognizing the dangers of contraception, or anything like that.  It was all a ploy to satisfy my outsized masculine ego and compulsion to produce a male heir.

2.  When are you planning on stopping?  There’s quite an unspoken assumption in this question, and the one above.  What, I need permission to obey God’s Will and have a large family?

3.  You know what causes that, don’t you?  Yes, and my wife and I are very good at it, thank you.  That normally leads either to a red face or an embarassed laugh.

4.  How do you manage with 6 kids?  We can barely handle (X).  I don’t really have a quick response here, but I will say that it’s all about your attitude towards having kids and the joys they bring.  And, I think you tend to adapt to whatever God gives you, and he never gives too much (although, when we had twins, kids 3 and 4, when our oldest was only 4, I think God was testing us).

Administration appointee denounces Pope – again February 4, 2010

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H/T to culturewarnotes, an administration appointee has denounced Pope Benedict XVI again for his stance that condom use is not effective in preventing the spread of HIV. 

I normally don’t post on political issues like this, but I think this needs to be noted because a speaker coming to the diocese was very public in his support for the present presidential administration.  No, there is no direct link between the speaker and this administration official, but since the ‘seamless garment’ argument was used by this coming speaker when explaining away Obama’s support for abortion, and this administration official (Harry Knox, the head of the Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships) forms a part of Obama’s ‘seamless garment’ of policies, I think it needs to be noted.  Because, even when you support a pro-abort politician like Obama because you think his policies in other areas somehow make up for the violent destruction of vital human life, you often get still other policies that may not be what you expect, and are hard to defend.   So, according to Harry Knox, defending abstinence and decrying permiscuous sex is now a rejection of Jesus, because…….because condoms are what, sacrosant?  This doesn’t even make sense, except to a hyper-partisan who seeks to support a lifestyle that goes against not just the teachings of the Church, but numerous very clear passages from Scripture. 

I think we’ll see more of this, more warring by politicians of a certain viewpoint against the Church.   And, since that viewpoint tends to dominate the popular culture and media, the faithful can expect full on attacks from the culture – as has happened in California against opponents of gay ‘marriage.’   Pope Benedict XVI has foreseen that the culture is becoming increasingly hostile to people of faith.  That is why it is so critical for the faithful to unite to the fullest extent possible in defense of their beliefs and the Truth of God.  And that is why it is very painful when voices within the Church announce their support for elements of that culture, which have shown themselves to be hostile to people who have great faith in God.

Thinking for yourself February 4, 2010

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I ‘think’ (get it!) Larry D. has an interesting post over at Acts of the Apostasy.   The money quote:

They look at their intelligence, their education, their experiences and believe that sacrificing their own self-importance is too great a price to pay to submit to our loving mother the Church. So they go off and think for themselves.

If you read the whole post, AoA is primarily attacking a mentality he sees mostly from those described as progressives.  I don’t feel like bashing progressives, but I do want to say that I very much understand that quote.   I think that is one of the greatest challenges for humans – to overcome pride.  God may have given us pride so that one day we could come to the realization of how foolish it is.  This is not to say that one should not think, that’s ridiculous, but when our thinking and the Truth as revealed in God’s Church clash, we should definitely step back and take a look at what we’re doing.  It may show us a great deal is wrong.

I pray every day that God will show me those areas of my faith where I am lacking (discernment), and will give me the humility to accept change and the strength to implement it.  I know I’ve got many failings, but I do know that with God’s grace I can get a little closer to Him. 

It’s the rain……it must make me contemplative :p