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The reality of homosexual ‘marriage’ February 7, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in General Catholic, Society.
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Homosexual activists like to portray gays ‘marriage’ as being as normal as apple pie and Dr. Pepper.  They claim they are just wanting to be able to settle down in monogamous couples, buy a house, mow the yard, and in general just live the stereotypical middle class American life. 

Or not.  A new study done by San Francisco State University establishes that a large percentage of ‘married’ gay couples aren’t very monogamous.  The study will be released in a month or so, but preliminary reads establish that most ‘married’ gays are having sex with lots of people, to the extent the researchers describe their behavior as ‘polyamorous.’  So much for just wanting to be like good ‘ol grandma and granpa. 

The funny thing is, the researchers, the sicko researchers who are so desperate to make all this seem normal to further their agenda, say that not only is this all natural and wonderful and more in line with our biological urges, but it represents the future of marriage!  Great!  Let’s reduce marriage to a meaningless social/economic contract!   Let’s all give into disordered lust and our basest desires – I can’t think of anything that could make marriage stronger!

So, if you were feeling like you didn’t have enough reasons to argue that gay ‘marriage’ is an oxymoron, there you go. 

Gays should rightly fear this report.  Their allies in the media will try to spin this in their favor (and already are), but this report highlights the disordered nature of homosexual relationships, and strengthens arguments that gay ‘marriage’ is hardly an institution that will bring benefits to the larger society.  Leaving out scriptural arguments about the fundamentally sinful nature of homosexual sex, their very lifestyles undermine this instititution and sacrament gays have recently decided they have a ‘right’ to.  

I pray for the conversion of all gays, and I pray this oxymoron of gay ‘marriage’ be recognized by our nation and the world at large for the lunacy it is.