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He was probably thinking of me February 8, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in foolishness, General Catholic.

I know that the thoughts I type on this blog probably annoy some people.  They may do far more than annoy.  But, I think there is a need in the Church today for voices that may not have been heard too well for some time.  And, if I sound strident at times, that is probably driven by my intense concern for the Church and the souls of the faithful therein.   That, and I’m just a jerk.

John Allen of the National Catholic Dist Reporter has coined a term for folks like me – Catholic Taliban.  Well known Catholic apologist Jimmy Akin at National Catholic Register takes pretty strong umbrage with this, and so do I.  Look, I, and others like me, may be considered by some to be lacking in charity and to have a narrow, dogmatic view, but using an incendiary term like ‘Catholic taliban’ is a joke.  That says one of two things – one, either John Allen doesn’t have a clue as to the bestial nature of the Taliban, or he has a visceral disgust for those on the traditional side of the divide in the Church that borders on the manic.  I don’t see traditional Catholics forcing their women into burqas, keeping their daughters illiterate, cutting off heads, or blowing up people because they don’t like Latin Mass.  It’s a pathetic, cheap comparison. 

It’s also ironic.  While he was decrying what he feels is the overly-incendiary language of those Catholics who strive to uphold the Truths of their faith, Allen was using some of that same language himself.  

One more thing: how illustrative do you think it is that when Allen refers to those who disagree with huge swaths of Church doctrine, from the need to confess one’s sins to the ordination of women to the inherently <evil> nature of abortion, he refers to those folks as ‘Catholic lite,’ whereas those who try to support and defend the timeless teachings of our Church as being ‘Catholic Taliban.’  Sure, Mr. Allen thinks some Catholics go too far by jettisoning large parts of their faith, but those on the other side are nothing more than a bunch of judgemental, uncharitable, hate filled holier than thous. 

C’mon John, tell us what you really think!

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