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Johnette Benkovic on Sr. Rupp February 9, 2010

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Sweet!  Johnette Benkovic has a post up concerning Sr. Joyce Rupp and her theology.  I’m very appreciative that she has taken the time to research her work and to comment on it.  Mrs. Benkovic is a well known Catholic lay speaker and appears regularly on EWTN TV and radio. 

Johnette Benkovic shares many of my concerns – Sr. Rupp’s focus on a female Sophia image of God, her deep, deep involvement in New Age practices, and her bringing tenets of other faiths into her talks.  When a woman goes to a Joyce Rupp conference, she will be exposed to religious beliefs and practices that not only are contrary to Catholic doctrine, but are formulated to lead people away from the Catholic faith, and towards a more “ecumenical” religious experience.  Thus, she is leading people from the One True Church that Jesus Christ established.  How can that be good for their souls?

Keep praying for the conference to be cancelled.  And pray for the souls of the women who attend and are exposed to these dangerous and (yes, I will say it) heretical views.

Vatican: Recession caused by low birthrate February 9, 2010

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Well, duh!  In reality, I don’t often look to the Vatican for really cogent economic theory – it tends to be a mashup of  some form of 18th century local capitalism mixed with a mild case of nation-level socialism – not too inspiring.  But, I think in this case, the opinion merits being paid heed.  Because there is a great deal of truth to what this economist is saying.

Want to know how we could have entirely avoided almost all of our present, almost insoluble economic problems in this country (including, full funding for Social Security and Medicare ad infinitum)?  Turn back the clock and get the boomers (and Gen Xers) to have 2.7 children or more per family, instead of the 1.9 or so native born US average over that period.  One extra child per family would have boosted the US GDP, productivity, and thus government accounts to an extent there would be no massive, persistent deficit and failing social programs.  I’m not making this up!  This data was presented by Dr. Allan C. Carlson, head of the ‘Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society’

So among the innumerable arguments in favor of Catholic doctrine against the contraception mentality and the abortion it propagates, add another one – economic self-interest.  If you want your kids to work to insure you have a nice, cushy retirement, better make sure you have plenty of kids to spread that cush onto, otherwise, you could wind up like Japan in a few years, with 1.2 workers per retiree.  How y’all reckon that’s gonna work?

Reminder – Lenten conference tonight February 9, 2010

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Steve Kellmeyer’s conference at St. Monica’s is tonight at 7.  It should be very good.

Details here

“The Bogus and Violent Nature of Pseudo-compassion” February 9, 2010

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“Refusal to give Communion for the reasons we have cited… is nothing more than an expression of the love of the Church for the weakest and an invitation to repentance, addressed to those who run the risk of remaining shackled by their sins, and shackling others.”

What?  I didn’t say it.  The celebrated philosopher and theologian Monsignor Michel Schooyans did.  I wish I could speak with that kind of clarity and moral authority. 

Read the link.  It’s teh awesome!

I could prattle on about the false nature of what passes for compassion today, a refusal to give what Bishop Vasa calls the strong medicine of excommunication out of reasons of not wanting to aggrevate the world and a faulty view of the dangers posed by repeated heresy and scandal.  But don’t listen to me, Msgr. Schooyans says it much better than I could.

There are some who think being compassionate means always being accomodating, licentious, and never judging –  a pink puffy cloud with rainbows and unicorns view of charity.   These are the dreamers.  Realists understand that humanity is irrevocably fallen and that sometimes, you have to take drastic measures to try to snap people out of their slavery to sin.  Sometimes, you have to do hard things.  The Church, encouraged by the views of the pseudo-compassionate, has been very lax in enforcing this kind of discipline in the last half century or more.  We must pray for the souls of those who have fallen into sin and never even realized their peril because of this well meaning but badly misconstrued view of the world. 

h/t culturewarnotes

Oh, this is brilliant February 9, 2010

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This ought to really help improve the world. 

Yes, let’s even further sexualize our children, and tell those 10 and under that not only is sex fun, it’s for kids your age!

Isn’t this a bizaare, schizophrenic culture?  We have people demanding that children up to 16(!!) ride in car seats, with those up to 8 facing backwards (where will their legs go?!?).  We’ve got people who are trying with all their might to turn kids into sexually active porn star wannabees at near kindergarten ages.  And some of these people are pushing for both!  How do you arrive at that level of cognitive dissonance?