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Vatican: Recession caused by low birthrate February 9, 2010

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Well, duh!  In reality, I don’t often look to the Vatican for really cogent economic theory – it tends to be a mashup of  some form of 18th century local capitalism mixed with a mild case of nation-level socialism – not too inspiring.  But, I think in this case, the opinion merits being paid heed.  Because there is a great deal of truth to what this economist is saying.

Want to know how we could have entirely avoided almost all of our present, almost insoluble economic problems in this country (including, full funding for Social Security and Medicare ad infinitum)?  Turn back the clock and get the boomers (and Gen Xers) to have 2.7 children or more per family, instead of the 1.9 or so native born US average over that period.  One extra child per family would have boosted the US GDP, productivity, and thus government accounts to an extent there would be no massive, persistent deficit and failing social programs.  I’m not making this up!  This data was presented by Dr. Allan C. Carlson, head of the ‘Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society’

So among the innumerable arguments in favor of Catholic doctrine against the contraception mentality and the abortion it propagates, add another one – economic self-interest.  If you want your kids to work to insure you have a nice, cushy retirement, better make sure you have plenty of kids to spread that cush onto, otherwise, you could wind up like Japan in a few years, with 1.2 workers per retiree.  How y’all reckon that’s gonna work?

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