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St. Gabriel parish in McKinney hosting Dr. Pia de Solenni February 11, 2010

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Noted Catholic speaker and author Dr. Pia de Solenni is coming to St. Gabriel parish in McKinney, TX on Monday, March 1 from 7-9p.  Details here

Dr. de Solenni is on Teresa Tomeo’s radio show on EWTN essentially every week.  I think she’s pretty good in most areas, although I think both she and Mrs. Tomeo may have fallen into the natural family planning (NFP) trap, believing that NFP is perfectly suitable as a long term contraception replacement.  If so, that is not Church doctrine.  The Church believes that NFP is a suitable and appropriate means of trying to avoid becoming pregnant, but only for limited periods of time and for reasons of true need, not because a family wants to limit itself to the perfect WASPy notion of 1 or 2 kids.  Dr. de Solenni has mentioned on Tomeo’s program many times instances of families using NFP to avoid pregnancy for periods of many, many years (5-15), and has not questioned this practice at all, insofar as I have heard.  This is unfortunate, as NFP is only to be used in times when a married couple is unable to be open to the creation of new life due to grave reasons, such as serious illness, severe financial distress, etc. 

I understand the mentality that presenting NFP as a long term contraception replacement program may be meritorious in trying to “ween” people off the contraception mentality, but I am afraid that some make it an end in itself.  Married couples are called by Christ to be open to God’s life giving, creative miracle throughout their marriage, unless there is a truly serious reason why they cannot be.  Using NFP for many years on end to wind up with a predetermined, acceptable number of children is not in union with the will of the Church.  In such instances, using NFP is little different than using oral or other contraception.

But, other than that, Dr. de Solenni is a pretty good speaker.   She is in general pretty orthodox and has drawn the ire of homosexual marriage advocates for her staunch defense of the Church’s infallible teaching that marriage exists between one man and one woman.  I have not been able to find anything the definitively states de Solenni’s views on NFP, other than what I’ve heard her discuss on the radio.  So, I think as long as one realizes that she may be somewhat fuzzy on the Church’s teaching on the appropriate use of natural family planning, the conference will have alot to recommend it.

Everything you want to know about Lent! February 11, 2010

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As much as it pains me to admit this, there is one area where Aggies absolutely trounce Texas, and that’s in the area of Catholic spirituality and devotion.  St. Mary’s down at Aggieland has an absolutely fantastic Catholic formation program, with the result being many vocations (including our own good Fr. Jason Cargo). 

As part of this formation, they have an annual post on their blog that covers many frequently asked questions about Lent.  It’s a very hand guide for Catholics that want to learn more about this very holy, reverent, contemplative time of year.

Funny, and kinda true! February 11, 2010

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Larry D. at Acts of the Apostasy has an entertaining post up, conflating the liturgical/spiritual division in the Church with a football game.  Yes, the New Jerusalem Saints are facing the Los Arias Mules in the Supernatural Bowl, coming to you live from Hanceville, Alabama.  It’s pretty funny.  And Fr. John Corapi provides color commentary!  You can’t beat that!

Oh, and the referee is Dr. Scott Hahn.  One excerpt: it’s the start of the 3rd quarter, and the Saints are up 35-6:

Jackson: “Father, what do the Mules have to do to get back in the game?”

Corapi: “They don’t have a prayer, Keith. They’re failing in every aspect of the game – offense, defense, special teams. Too many penalties. Lack of leadership. Their game plan has as many holes as their theology. The only thing they’re doing well is complaining to the officials. The Saints could pack up and go home right now, and the Mules would still end up losing.”

Jackson: “You knew this wasn’t going to be any ordinary game when the Mules threw out a challenge flag on the Saints’ first offensive play.”

Corapi: “It was while the Saints were still in the huddle! They accused the Saints of being secretive and not participating in a spirit of collegiality. It’s gone downhill from there.”