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USCCB scandal grows and grows February 15, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in General Catholic, scandals.

Michael Voris at realcatholictv.com continues to add to the growing list of concerns regarding the USCCB directly supporting and sponsoring groups that from all appearances profess beliefs that run directly counter to long established Catholic moral teaching.  He’s got new vids up here and here

The USCCB has an operating budget of $150  million per year.   From that sum of money, many millions have been documented to support organizations that are very hard to reconcile with Church doctrine.  This goes beyond CCHD, although that is the core of the problem.  There is increasing evidence of a systemic minset within the USCCB bureaucracy that is very biased towards supporting heterodox, dissent oriented groups (and by dissent, I mean dissenting with, disagreeing with, long held Church doctrine).  I have to wonder aloud, again, what specific purpose USCCB serves that makes it so indispensible.  The Church in the US existed without the USCCB just fine for hundreds of years.  The Church existed around the world for millenia without national conferences. 

William F. Buckley had a maxim that appears quite true: all bureaucracies will tend towards leftism over time, because primarily leftists are attracted to the kind of work bureaucracies do.   The USCCB came into being at an interesting time, a period in this nation’s history when, for the very first time, the federal government became deeply involved in funding private charities.  The USCCB has hence been intertwined with this growth in federal involvement in charities, and, one could argue, the USCCB’s primary purpose is to lobby for that federal funding.  The USCCB does of course do a great deal of other work, much of it laudable, but little of it in my mind, irreplaceable. 

I am not proposing to have the final answer to the USCCB and the repeated scandals that seem to be breaking now that people are, for the first time, looking into USCCB funding activities.  I have my own opinion, but I recognize the limits of that.  I do think the time has come for a serious discussion within the US Church specifically and the Church at large regarding the role and purpose of national conferences, and whether they fulfill their intended role well.   I think serious questions need to be asked regarding whether national bishop’s conferences have become a sort of barrier between that direct relationship that is supposed to exist between the Holy See, and each local ordinary.   Are they the generally a boon to the mission of the Church militant, or are they a barrier?

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