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Reiki February 17, 2010

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Reiki is New Age.  Sr. Joyce Rupp supports Reiki.  If you don’t know what it is, click here and watch the video.   I’m not sure why so many women who took vows to be Catholic nuns are attracted to all this New Age stuff, especially those of a certain age.  It’s so widespread it’s almost a conspiracy. 

UPDATE 02/18/10: In case I haven’t proved the case enough that Sr. Joyce Rupp is deeply involved in New Age religious practices that the Church specifically states must be avoided for the good of the soul, please check out this link to a cached page showing a website offering Reiki training.   Whose materials are required to complete the training?  Why, Sr. Joyce Rupp’s, that’s who!  Screen shot of the page below.

Sr. Rupp is still scheduled to speak on Feb. 20 at St. Elizabeth Seton in Plano.  Go to www.wouldjesusattend.com for more.

Just to be clear, reiki has been condemned as a New Age practice and its practitioners told to stop, but with a lack of true discipline and obedience in the Church today, it hasn’t happened.

Great video on the myth of overpopulation! February 17, 2010

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To go with my recent posts on NFP, here’s a great video from the Population Research Institute on birthrates and demographic decline.  It’s short, simple, and to the point.  Anyone can follow the logic here.  If societies don’t have enough children, the society begins to decline – slowly first, and then increasingly rapidly.  This leads to massive social and economic problems. 

From a religious standpoint, I’m concerned about this growing trend towards “Eco-religion.”  This can range from those who literally make a religion of environmentalism, to those who try to sort of blend Christianity and environmentalism.  The Archdiocese of Washington, DC has encouraged its parishioners to make ‘eco-sacrifices’ this lent.   Since the environmental movement is joined at the hip with the Malthusian ‘overpopulation’ myth, this can be dangerous for Catholic spirituality.  It’s not like there’s not already enough pressure in the culture to not reproduce.  Europe is practically committing suicide with thier ludicrous birthrates (CZ – 1.08 live births/woman), and of course Japan and China have been leading the way.  I pray that people will increasingly realize that our problem on this Earth is not ‘limited resources’ (new technology has always allowed us to produce enough food/water/power for everyone, and then some), but a tendency towards not enough people.  In 50-60 years, the world population could top out at around 8 billion and then begin to shrink for the first time in almost 1000 years.  If the trends don’t change, it will shrink slowly at first, and then it will begin to collapse.  Ecomomies will go with it.

I’d like to remind everyone that according to one population researcher, if we in the USA had been having 2.7 babies per woman, instead of 2.0 as we have over the last 40 years, we would have no problems funding Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.  Forever.  The problem is not that those programs cost too much, it’s that we haven’t had enough children to support the cost of the larger generations that came before!  Yikes!  I’m becoming some kind of large family zealot!

Yeah, well………

Upcoming Lenten Events – Great Ones! February 17, 2010

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We’ve got some really great upcoming Lenten events in the northern part of the Diocese.  And one of our favorite diocesan priests, Fr. Jason Cargo, is involved in both!

First, Feb. 22 at St. Rita’s in Dallas, Fr. Cargo will be hosting a Lenten Day of Reflection.   It’s from 12-4.

Then, at Fr. Cargo’s ‘normal’ parish of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Plano, he’ll be hosting a conference on consecutive Tuesday nights, Feb. 23 and March 2.  These are both from 7-9 pm.  Fr. Cargo’s blog is down right now, so I can’t link to the itinerary he’s put together, but it should be a great time for formation and reflection.  I will almost certainly be at these latter two retreats.

If you haven’t celebrated Mass with Fr. Cargo or met him before, I strongly encourage you to attend.  Fr. Cargo gives a really good perspective on things, and his knowledge of the Faith is very great.

The Baby Gianna Story February 17, 2010

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I’m late getting on this because the NFP post ate up so much of my time, but Creative Minority Report is doing a moving, weeklong series of posts on abortion and its often hideous consequences. 

This is not an easy story to read.  But I think CMR is to be commended for bringing a story like this to life and to highlight what we all need to fight for.  The betrayal of Catholic principles that happens in Part 1 and ongoing is heartbreaking.  We all must fight to change the hearts of so many in our Church.