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Lenten reading February 18, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Dallas Diocese, General Catholic, Lent.

This is the reading I promised earlier.  There’s three lists, you can pick one and go with that or mix and match.  This list is recommended by the highly secretive and little known, but truly awesome Father W – I think he’s somehow related to Father Z.

1. Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan (read selections from several of the Church
Fathers; each day during Lent, except Sundays and the Sacred Triduum) 

2. Lives of the Great Saints Lenten Reading Plan (read the lives of the great saints – as
related by Pope Benedict XVI – of the Medieval to Early Renaissance periods; each day during
Lent, including Sundays and the Sacred Triduum)

3. Father Faber and Cardinal Newman Lenten Reading Plan (read daily selections from
the writings of Fr. Faber on the virtue of kindness, and Cardinal Newman’s meditations on
Christian hope & the Resurrection of Christ; each day including Sundays and the Sacred Triduum)

I’ve always liked reading about the Saints, so I’m going with that.  Enjoy!

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