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Shout Out! February 18, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic, North Deanery.

I think it fair to say that I have been, at times and of course always strictly in a constructive sense 🙂 , critical of some goings on in the Dallas Diocese on this blog.  But, I must give some positive credit where it is due. 

Father Cliff Smith, pastor at St. Mark in Plano, can give a very good sermon (not homily), and he gave a good one yesterday on Ash Wednesday.  I’d say, a very good one, about as good as one hears from a Catholic priest.  Father Cliff comments here from time to time, and while there are a number of issues on which we don’t agree (but far more where we do agree),  that’s immaterial right now.  Fr. Cliff, moved by the Holy Spirit, no doubt, gave a stirring, exhorting speech to the laity about the meaning of Ash Wednesday, and the importance of engaging in penetential acts during Lent, especially the Sacrament of Penance and striving to both amend our lives by giving something up, and trying to grow spiritually by adding  more prayer, Scripture study, and other activities to grow in our understanding of the Faith and closer to the Lord.

Most importantly, Fr. Cliff highlighted that these penetential acts are not just reserved for Lent, but should be extended beyond Lent and become a regular part of our spiritual lives.  It was all very good, straightforward wisdom and, I am proud to say, Fr. Cliff pulled no punches about the importance of making penetential acts a regular, ongoing part of our relationship with God. 

I will be posting later today a set of resources for planned reading programs people can engage in during Lent.   There are many available, but there’s three in particular that are great.  I’m returning to the Liturgy of the Hours for Lent – I had prayed the Hours during Christmas and Epiphany, but went back to the Magnificat during Ordinary Time.  Now, it’s Liturgy of the Hours at least for daytime through the night prayers.  I haven’t managed to squeeze out enough time to do the Office of Readings, but I will – during Holy Week, at the least.  I am also reading Scripture daily – I’m focusing on some of Paul’s letters, Corinthians, Romans, Colossians, Ephesians, and Thessalonians.  That should take me through Holy Week, at least.  I pray the Lord will give me time (and agreeable children) to do the additional prayers and scripture reading I mean to do this Lent! 

What are you doing for Lent? 

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