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Rupp conference – do not be dejected February 20, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Dallas Diocese, North Deanery, scandals.
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I know some out there are sorely disappointed, even dejected, that the Rupp conference is happening as I type.  God in His Mercy did not see fit to stop this spread of error in the name of His Church.  That’s ok.  God’s ways are so far above ours that we may have a hard time seeing, let alone understanding, the greater good that may come from this conference happening.  I can think of several things that have happened off the top of my head that will grow into a movement in this area to change this diocese.  Believe me, if we continue to pray, things are coming that will help frame the Rupp conference and alot of other things going on in this diocese.  The concerns of the faithful will not go away.  They will be addressed, sometimes quietly, sometimes in a quite public manner, but  all in God’s good time.

Another thing to be happy about: Fr. Cargo is a fantastic young priest.  He did something very beautiful today in his sermon.  He really pointed to the Christ as THE only means of our salvation.  We cannot attain salvation through ‘centering’ or pointing at ourselves in inwardly focused self-improvement.  We must point, always, to Christ.  That is the core of our Faith, the ONLY faith established by Christ.  Looking to “sophia” as some vague sense of wisdom, or to eastern religions for their self-referential insights, that’s all perfectly pointless.  For without Christ, there is nothing – there is no truth, there is no way, and there is no life. 

Thomas a Kempis:

Without the way there is no going; without the truth there is no knowing; without the life there is no living. 

I am the way which thou must follow, the truth which thou must believe, the life for which thou must hope. 

 I am the way inviolable, the truth infallible, and the life interminable.

If thou continue in My way, thou shalt know the truth, and the truth shall deliver thee (John 8:32), and thou shalt attain to life everlasting (Matt 19:17).

So despair not.  This may feel like a defeat but know that it is not.  We opposed to Rupp’s conference have been drawn closer to Christ through our efforts, and drawn towards one another.  We will continue to grow in the faith, and Christ will make this diocese and, more importantly, this Church, a more holy, reverent, and orthodox institituion.  Christ is with us, God is with us, and Christ wills his Church to be made more holy and more perfect, not more generic and more politically correct.  Trust in God.