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They’re just not getting it February 21, 2010

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Two things, both hat tips to www.culturewarnotes.com. First up, our national bishop’s conference doesn’t quite seem to get it that the world, as they knew it, no longer exists.  The old process of employing people with a very strong bias towards heterodoxy and dissent, with an assumption that this dissent won’t be fond out, is inoperative.  With the internet, it is very hard to hide the heterodoxy of these people.

Case in point: the bishops have approved a new English translation for the Mass (finally).   One of the people they’ve engaged to train priests and diocese in the new translation is named Dr. Dolly Sokol.   Dr. Sokol is on the board of directors of an organization called ‘Partners in Preaching,’ which seeks to force a change in the Church to allow (force) lay people to read the Gospel and say sermons (essentially, to replace the priest).  The Church has infallibly taught that only priests or deacons  may say the Gospel and/or the sermon.   Partners in Preaching, however, believes:

…..lay preaching should become part of the life of every parish. “The vision of Partners In Preaching is that every local faith community would have competent, diverse and empowered lay and ordained voices for ritual preaching,” according to its web site. To further this end, the organization offers “a Training and Formation Program for the ministry of lectionary-based, liturgical preaching, offered to beginning preaching candidates.

So, they are completely opposed to Church doctrine.  These folks never seem to understand, the Church isn’t a democracy.  You don’t ‘win’ if you convince a bunch of people to follow your heterodox views, you just lead them from the Church (and incur grave sin in so doing).   The worst problem, however, is with the USCCB.  Is this the best person they could find to lead training for the new translation?  Is there no one else qualified who doesn’t stridently disagree with large swaths of Church teaching.   Of course not.  But Dr. Sokol, I’m sure, has strong ties to USCCB.  Apparently, either these ties caused them to overlook that Dr. Sokol is part of a dissenting group, or the USCCB is trying to send the Church a message.  I leave it to the reader to decide what that message is.

Partners in Preaching has another, less stated objective – the ordination of women.  That’s a major part of this ‘lay-preaching’ push – it’s just an attempt to somehow end-run the fact that Jesus did not institute women as priests.  That darn Jesus – he just won’t get with the times!!  Or does Dr. Sokol believe that the all-male priesthood is just a cultural artifact from a misogynistic time? – in which case, apparently, she holds no stock in the infallibility of Scripture or the work of the Holy Spirit. 

Either way, it doesn’t look good.

So, I was on the radio again! February 21, 2010

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Thanks to the awesome Jim and Vicki Middleton, I was on the radio again today, with Steve Kellmeyer of www.culturewarnotes.com and Chad Simpson of www.dfwcatholic.org.   Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to tell all my many (9) readers that I was going to be on. 

We had a good time discussing Sr. Rupp’s conference, well, as good as a time as can be had discussing such a subject, as well as other problems in the diocese and what we as lay people can do to help bring better formation to the diocese.   Whatever God Wills, we’ll do.  We pray for much future change in the diocese, one of the first things being more openess at the diocesan level.  We may have a chance to discuss that aspect more in the future.

Hopefully, KSKY 660 am or Jim and Vicki’s website will have the audio up soon.  So my mom can enjoy it!

We are blessed to have people as dedicated as Jim and Vicki to bring such a great resource to the faithful of the DFW area.  And Steve and Chad are fantastic – they both know the faith so very well, far better than me, the knuckle-smashing neanderthal typist. 

I’m telling you, good things will come from this Rupp (and Gaillardetz) conference, just keep praying and be patient.  Orthodoxy will always win out in the end.