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Anyone who does this needs more prayers than I can muster February 23, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, Society.

It’s going to be OK, honey, the forceps are going to hold “the fetus'” head in place, while the suction tears it apart.  You’ll barely feel anything….<cough>……well, probably.  For, uh……today……..at least…….probably.  What?  Tomorrow?  That will probably be OK, too.  Just don’t ask be what will happen starting about 30-60 days from now.  And then every day for the rest of your life……….oh, sorry, I was just thinking out loud.  Forget it.

‘Clinic escorts’ taken to their logical conclusion.  A woman (doula) to coach you through your abortion!!!

You can do it, girl!

h/t www.culturewarnotes.com

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