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The misunderstanding of ‘Social Justice’ February 23, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, foolishness, General Catholic.

Michael Voris at Real CatholicTV.com – you’ve seen his videos here before.  Alot of folks, especially those at the USCCB, I’m sure, feel that he’s nothing but a noisemaking rabble rouser, but I beg to differ.  I think what we are seeing Mr. Voris do, over a period of weeks in numerous 5 minute videos, is put forward a really coherent critique of much of what a certain kind of Catholic believes.  Before I get complaints that I am labelling, I don’t mean anyone in particular, and neither does Voris, but there is a group of Catholics who strongly favor what they interpret as the Church’s “social justice” teachings to the exclusion of pretty much anything else the Church teaches.  As such, those folks are ready to subborn just about any other belief the Church espouses to their favorite one – social justice.  And so you see the spectacle of ordained religious, even priests, arguing passionately that abortion is ‘just one issue of many’ and that we need to look at ‘seamless garments’ (I thought the seamless garment was the tunic the Roman soldiers gambled for while crucifying Christ). 

I and many others argue just as passionately that these guys are wrong, incredibly, completely, totally wrong.  Mr. Voris:

I know some will completely disagree with Voris, and may let me know.  I think he’s constructing a powerful argument.


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