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The collapse of Western Civilization, Vol. 2398787 – Live twittering your abortion February 25, 2010

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I don’t like twitter.  Those little 140 character blurbs are incredibly annoying and just another means to dumb down discourse (I know – my blog contributes to that dumbing down on a daily basis). 

Here’s another reason – live twittering your abortion!  Some woman intends to “demystify” abortion by having one live on twitter.   Yes, I’m sure the stirring up of controversy and the attendant publicity had nothing to do with her decision.  I’m sure no one would so lower themselves just for 15 seconds of fame.  Oh, wait…….American Idol.

I’m not surprised – the pro-aborts have been building to this kind of affirmational, incredibly self-indulgent spectacle for some time.  That it’s a mother with a 4 year old child having this “live” abortion also does not surprise me – some people have an incredibly shallow view of their kids and their relationship with them, and at the same time, some are such dedicated abortion warriors that they simply don’t care – everything is subordinate to a woman’s right to choose.  They sure don’t make the connection that there is no difference between the child they chose not to abort, and the child they are murdering. 

Still, it’s sad, annoying, etc.  I don’t want to pray for this person, but I will.  God’s grace has overcome more deadened souls than this before, but unfortunately there are millions of souls like this around the USA and world today.  We need to pray for a conversion of the culture.  I do, but I’m not sure that conversion is going to happen before some cataclysmic processes that lead to a much, much different world than the one we presently inhabit. 

We need this:


1. timh - February 26, 2010

Beautiful picture! One of yours?
Yes, I’ll pray for her, too.

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