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Another great video February 26, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in General Catholic, scandals.

In a recent post, I commented that Michael Voris, STB of www.realcatholictv.com has been doing yeoman’s work in critiquing certain views of Catholicism.  He continues today, in the video below.  Today, Voris continues his examination of the part of the Church which views itself, or can be described as, ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive.’  Voris criticizes these elements due to their tendency, at least as far as can be seen in public, to strongly favor certain Church doctrine over others, and their tendency to misrepresent or misunderstand that teaching they favor in order for it to align with their political preferences.  I think his criticisms are pretty valid, especially regarding the makeup of alot of the bureaucracy in the Church at the national level, but also extending down to the diocesan and parish level.

Now, I think we all have a tendency to interpret our faith through our world-view.  And politics, for some of us, can play a large part in that world-view.  But, a faithful Catholic is always called to embrace all the beliefs of the Church, and not favor some over others.  I think it fair to say there are Catholics who do just this (and there are some who may accuse me of doing so, but I would disagree).  This is Voris’ concern – that the bureaucracy at USCCB and other parts of the Church have become dominated by groups of individuals who have a strongly progressive mindset, and interpret Church doctrine through that mindset.  They then discard parts of that doctrine that don’t fit into the progressive mold.  I think there is a great deal of evidence to support this claim.  All the recent scandals at USCCB with CCHD and the tendency to support radical groups with pro-abort and pro-homosexual marriage agendas are associated with progressive politics.   The faithful need to take strong steps, including witholding of funds if necessary, in order to express our collective dismay at the deviance from Church doctrine that support of these grousp represents.  More on this later.

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