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Traditional Latin Mass February 26, 2010

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Since Summorum Pontificum was released in 2007, there have been great hopes among a number of the faithful that the availability of what is called the Traditional Latin Mass, or Mass according to the Rite of Blessed John XXIII, would become more widespread.  Unfortunately, this has not been the case.  Many bishops have chosen to interpret portions of Canon Law pertaining to the bishop’s insurance that all Masses celebrated in their diocese have sufficient ‘quality,’ as a means to limit the availability of this form of the Mass.  This may be due to genuine concerns over the ability of celebrants to lead such a Mass, or due to a hostility towards the Traditional Latin Mass.  In our own diocese, I know that efforts by the faithful to have a Latin Mass of any type (Traditional, Novus Ordo) celebrated in the North Deanery have been unsuccessful.  I won’t elaborate on that, for now.

Because this appears to be a quite widespread phenomenon, the Pontifical Commision Ecclesia Dei has been working on a document that is supposed to spell out, very clearly, the conditions under which Traditional Latin Mass is to be made available.  Many feel that this document will remove many of the impediments that have been placed before this form of the Holy Mass.  I pray their hopes are not unfounded.  I have become of the opinion that, no matter what document eminates from Rome, if a local ordinary is opposed to something, he can pretty much insure it won’t happen, or at least limit the heck out of it.  That has been my experience, you could say. 

Nevertheless, we should look on the good side.  There are two locations currently celebrating the Traditional Latin Rite in the Dallas area.  The first is the Mater Dei Latin Mass Church in Irving, offering Latin Mass daily and on Sundays.  The second is the Carmelite Chapel in Dallas, located at 600 Flowers, Dallas 75201, near Loop 12 and I-30 in southwest Dallas.  The Mass at the Carmelite Chapel is celebrated on Friday nights, typically at 8 pm, but call ahead to 214-704-4541 to make sure. 

Latin Mass, traditional or Novus Ordo, is a beautiful thing.  I pray that it will become more widely available, because it is very powerful in the graces it confers and provides a tremendous strengthening of our Catholic identity. 


1. MJ - February 27, 2010

The Carmelites have the friday evening Mass every First Friday ONLY.
Next one is March 5th. No Mass in April. Good Friday is April 2.
If you would like a flyer with directions, please email: carmelitevigil@aol.com

God bless

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