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More potential for a divide in the Church March 1, 2010

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Acts of the Apostasy has coverage on a Deal Hudson story in Inside Catholic concerning a new push by “progressives” in the Church to agitate for the Church “changing its doctrine on gay marriage.”  Or, according to these folks, getting the hate filled, homophobic bishops to finally get with the program, enter the 21st century, and apparently acquire supernatural powers to change infallibly inspired Church doctrine on homosexuality. 

I haven’t got much time to cover this here, and it’s discussed pretty well at the two links, but I will say this: all the “arguments” on the pro-gay marriage side are captured very well by a commenter at Inside Catholic.  They go something like a child asking their parent for candy for dinner:

C: Daddy, can I have candy for supper?
P: No.
C: Why not?
P: Because it’s not good for you to eat candy for supper. You need to eat something healthy.
C: But I want candy!
P: You can’t have candy for supper, and you won’t have any afterwards if you don’t eat your supper.
C: Why can’t I have candy for supper?
P: I already told you why. Weren’t you listening?
C: Why do you hate me?
P: I don’t hate you, I just told you that you can’t have candy for supper.
C: Yes you do, you hate me!

Thus, “gay rights” activists.  There is a very marked tendency to cry “hater” whenever anyone disagrees with the agenda of the homosexual lobby.  It’s an attempt to shut down debate, and put their adversaries on the defensive.  It’s unethical, but it’s the only argument they have.

The Bible makes clear in numerous Books, Books inspired by God, that homosexuality is a sin.  The Church has infallibly believed this for 2000 years.   It is not up to the “bishops” to change their minds and thus change this 2000 year belief.  I’m sure some bishops already have given in to the world on this issue, but none of that matters.  You may get a renegade bishop in some diocese to start “marrying” gays, but that won’t make it a sacramental marriage.  That’s an impossibility.  You can get a bishop to say that active homosexuality (engaging in the act) is as pure as the driven snow and just wonderfully holy, but that won’t mean a thing.  I’m going to say this one more time, since some people can’t seem to wrap their heads around it:


You can argue all you want that this is unfair, that homosexuals have a “right” to marriage and holy orders and anything else you want to say, but it all means precisely nothing.  God in His Wisdom instituted these doctrines in His Church.  God’s ways are so far above ours that we can only begin to understand his reasoning on the same level a young child can understand universal field theory.   It is not our belief to change – He is the Creator, we are the creatures, and God in his infinite wisdom has deemed homosexual acts to be a sin.

There are elements involved here, New Ways Ministry and Catholics for Marriage Equality, that believe that the doctrine of the Church should be determined by a majority vote.  How infantile.  That there are priests involved in both organizations should be shocking, but it isn’t, and that’s a crying shame.  I continue to be amazed at how poorly formed many priests are, and the degree to which so many have apparently succumbed to the demands of the world.   I know just a little of the faith, and I know that there is a consistent, reasoned justification for God’s prohibition on homosexual acts going back to well before the time of Christ.  It is counter to nature, counter to reason, and counter to the good of the persons involved. 

Larry D. at AoA opines that this could be the issue that causes another split in God’s people.  We’ve seen how the homosexual issue has all but killed the Anglican Church, at least in Europe and N. America.  This same process is underway in other protestant sects.  Likewise, there are folks in the Church who, for many reasons, just cannot accept what the Church believes.  They just can’t do it.  And they are going to continually demand, out of pride, that the Church change to accomodate them and their beliefs.  The Church cannot do so.  S0, once it sinks in that the Church will never, ever change its doctrine on this issue, will we see a significant sector of the nominally Church body leave in a fit of petulant anger?  I don’t know….I’m sure these folks have been tempted to do so in the past, but they are also so invested in the idea of changing the Church I’m not sure their pride would let them leave.  The only way I could see it happening is if a very large segment of the Church broke off, with bishops and even whole diocese splitting away, allowing them to claim they belong to the “true” Church.  I pray that never happens, and I pray for the conversion of all those who refuse to accept Church doctrine.

How’s that for a short post?

Heartbreaking March 1, 2010

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A quick non-Catholic post.  I used to play alot of hockey.  I stopped because life got too busy, and the beer swilling culture that surrounds playing made it hard for an alky like me to play.  I do miss it.

Prior to the Olympics, no one gave the US men’s team much of a chance to medal.  However, they did have a very good goalie, who turned into an absolutely phenomenal goalie as the tournament went on.  The US team gave the ridiculously talented Team Canada about all it could handle, but in the end, a couple of defensive miscues proved too much.   That’s too bad……you could see that the US players were truly heartbroken, none more so than the goalie, the Sabre’s Ryan Miller.   And it just had to be that annoying wunderkind Crosby that scored the winning goal……sorry, it’s a weakness, he grates on me.  He’s just so ridiculously gifted, and he acts like a baby alot on the ice. 

So here’s to the US team and goalie Ryan Miller.  The good thing is that this US team is quite young, and may be even better in four years.  We need to grow some more defensive talent here in the US, and they could have a very powerful team. 

I think I may have to go hit some stick and puck time.  I feel motivated to skate again, after watching the past 2 weeks.

Three quick reminders March 1, 2010

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Two quick reminders.  Pia de Solenni is speaking tonight at St. Gabriel’s in McKinney at 7p.  She’s giving a talk on women and authority in the Church, so it should be an interesting talk.  I had hoped to attend, but with the kids down that is unlikely.

And, the second part of Fr. Jason Cargo’s lenten retreat at St. Elizabeth Seton in Plano is tomorrow night, also at 7.  The first half was great, but if you missed it, I think there is still a great deal of value to be found in attending the second half.  

And, I want to thank Fr. Cliff Smith and St. Mark Parish in Plano for doing something truly great.  For the past few years, St. Mark has had 24 hour adoration every First Friday. But now, they will have 24 hour adoration on EVERY Friday, and 40 hour adoration on selected dates, including starting this Thursday.  So, from Thursday at 3p until Saturday morning Mass at 8:30 this week, you can go visit the Lord in the Chapel at St. Mark.  Huge thanks to Fr. Cliff and the St. Mark staff and parishioners for making this possible.  This is wonderful, and something very much needed in the Diocese. 

Nothing brings in more priests than praying for priestly vocations in front of our Lord.  Entreat Him to grace His Church with many more priests, who are very well formed and will provide continued growth for His Church.  We need more priests now more than ever.  Every parish should be able to produce a vocation to the priesthood every year or two – we just need to pray that it will be so.

Dangit March 1, 2010

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I was supposed to start cross posting blogs today at www.dfwcatholic.org, but I’ve got 5 of 6 kids sick and am home right now.  I’ve got several things I’d like to post on but may not have the time. 

Big bad beautiful bouncing baby boy blue-eyed Benedict was up almost all night.  Say a prayer for my wife if you get a chance, she had the lion’s share of the unfornunate task of consoling Big B last night.