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Heartbreaking March 1, 2010

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A quick non-Catholic post.  I used to play alot of hockey.  I stopped because life got too busy, and the beer swilling culture that surrounds playing made it hard for an alky like me to play.  I do miss it.

Prior to the Olympics, no one gave the US men’s team much of a chance to medal.  However, they did have a very good goalie, who turned into an absolutely phenomenal goalie as the tournament went on.  The US team gave the ridiculously talented Team Canada about all it could handle, but in the end, a couple of defensive miscues proved too much.   That’s too bad……you could see that the US players were truly heartbroken, none more so than the goalie, the Sabre’s Ryan Miller.   And it just had to be that annoying wunderkind Crosby that scored the winning goal……sorry, it’s a weakness, he grates on me.  He’s just so ridiculously gifted, and he acts like a baby alot on the ice. 

So here’s to the US team and goalie Ryan Miller.  The good thing is that this US team is quite young, and may be even better in four years.  We need to grow some more defensive talent here in the US, and they could have a very powerful team. 

I think I may have to go hit some stick and puck time.  I feel motivated to skate again, after watching the past 2 weeks.

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