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Unintended consequences March 5, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, foolishness, Society.

Remember when I blogged a couple of weeks ago about a woman, a mother, live twittering her abortion?   This woman, with her boyfriend’s consent (they’ve been together since December), decided to try to “demystify” abortion by blogging, via twitter, live on her experiences. 

The demystification has not gone well.  Angie Jackson, the woman involved, got a little surprised by nature, and perhaps by God.  After taking RU-486 in order to kill the baby in her womb, she took other drugs to expel the now dead baby.  Planned Parenthood, that always trustworthy resource, told her she would “expel effluent” for 4 hours, and perhaps have some mild cramping.   It appears that Planned Parenthood, for the 1 bazillionth time, misrepresented things just a tad. 

For two weeks now, Ms. Jackson has reported, through her live twittering, severe cramping, pain, exhaustion, nausea, and headache.  Her body is reacting to the violent intake of drugs and the ripping of the child from her womb.  If you go to the link, you can read many of her tweets, and although she is trying to put the best face on things, it’s pretty easy to tell that she’s been shocked at the reaction to this abortion.  She, like many women before her, thought this abortion would be an easy experience and solve all her problems.  Like millions of other women, she’s finding that’s not the case. 

Ripping off the WND piece, according to the RU-486 documentation, women who use it can expect:

Nearly all of the women … will report adverse reactions, and many … report more than one. … 80 to 90 percent of women reported bleeding more heavily than they do during a heavy menstrual period. … Women also typically experience abdominal pain, including uterine cramping. Other commonly reported side effects were nausea, vomiting and diarrhea … pelvic pain, fainting, headache, dizziness … fatigue … back pain. …

And, Edouard Sakiz, former chairman of Roussel Uclaf, the company that developed RU-486, stated:

As abortifacient procedures go, RU-486 is not at all easy to use. … True, no anesthetic is required. But a woman who wants to end her pregnancy has to “live” with her abortion for at least a week using this technique. It’s an appalling psychological ordeal.

I feel sorry for the livetweeting Ms. Jackson.  She’s enduring a terrible, self-induced ordeal.  She bought into the lies of the abortion/contraception industry and killed her child, and she is just beginning her suffering.  Unless she is able to go into a deep state of denial about what she has done (which some women manage for decades), this physical pain will only be the beginning of her suffering.  It is a tragedy in every possible sense.  In her pride, she thought she could score points for an ideology she no doubt supported, and perhaps gain some fame along the way.  Now, with the reality setting in, she’s seeing that abortion is never a good solution, no matter how it’s done.  I pray that she will recover and look back on this experience, and the loving words of warning that those in the pro-life community try to give women like her, and realize the horrible mistake she has made.  I pray that she  may be converted and come to realize that a life of self-indulgent pleasure is not the road to happiness…….faith in Jesus Christ through His Church is the only way to achieve that.

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