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White Rose anniversary Mass March 11, 2010

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The White Rose Women’s Center is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary.  To celebrate, a Mass is being celebrated at St. Thomas Acquinas in Dallas on March 17 at 7 pm!  Yes, that IS St. Patrick’s day!  And, there is a reception afterward, so you can get your drink on if you’re so inclined.  Bishop Farrell is celebrating the Mass, so maybe afterwards at the reception, you can challenge him to duelling shots of Jameson’s.  I wouldn’t recommend it, tho, he is from the Emerald Isle.

Kidding aside, kudos to Bishop Farrell and all involved for celebrating this significant milestone for White Rose.  With two locations adjacent to abortuaries, White Rose does wonderful work helping women in troubled pregnancies to choose life.  It’s  a great organization to support with your charity.  If you can’t make it to this anniversary Mass, would you consider supporting White Rose with a gift from your generosity?

Click below for the information flyer on this event.

25th Anniversary flyer2

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