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Still more on CHA and abortion March 15, 2010

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I would not think that a Canadian business journal has much of  a dog in this fight.  Canadianbusiness.com has an article on the split between our good friends at the Catholic Health Association and the USCCB and National Right to Life over whether the pending health insurance legislation in Congress does, indeed, fund abortion.  The USCCB is strongly opposed to the passing of this legislation, as is National Right to Life.  Our new best friend, Sr. Carol Keehan, maintains that while CHA opposes abortion morally, they do not feel that the pending legislation does indeed fund abortion, based on a technicality in how the insurance plans created with the new legislation will pay for abortion.   USCCB and National Right to Life disagree, and they are correct.

I am sorry to say, I feel that CHA and Sr. Keehan are engaging in Orwellian doublethink.  While they maintain on the one hand that they are faithful Catholics unalterably opposed to abortion, on the other hand they are so wedded to this chimera of “health insurance for all” that they are willing to compromise essentially anything to achieve that end.  CHA in the form of Sr. Keehan is either naively deluding themselves as to what the proposed legislation will mean for abortion (which is, a massively expanded and permanently enshrined “right” of women to have one), or they have decided that their burning desire for a more European style social welfare state outweighs their opposition to abortion.  And so, in the latter, they are willing to take grave risks with the status of abortion in this country to achieve their long held dream.


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