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Planned Parenthood – 62 times more abortions than adoptions March 16, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic.

The adorable Cassy Fiano, who demands respect with her M1911,  has a post up with some interesting statistics.   Planned Parenthood is 62 times  more likely to perform an abortion, than refer to an adoption.

For which do you think PP makes more money?  Does anyone really believe PP wants to help women?


1. Karen - March 16, 2010

You don’t think women have already weighed all their options before making an appointment with PP? Despite what you may think, women really do know what they are doing.

tantamergo - March 16, 2010

I know women, most women, haven’t weighed all their options before going to any abortion mill. I have counseled women who are seeking an abortion, and I know that many are very ill-informed when it comes to adoption. I also know that the substantial majority of women seeking an abortion are doing so under some form of duress. I further know that most of these women wind up greatly regretting their abortions later, and it takes a terrible mental, physical, and emotional toll. The child suffers the most in an abortion, but the women who procure them are a close second.

Planned Parenthood is in the business of selling abortions. That is their primary source of income – they have no interest in doing anything else.

2. Mary - March 16, 2010

Is it true that ‘women really do know what they are doing’? Do women know they are really pregnant with a child, and by allowing the abortion to be performed on their bodies, that they are allowing the child, their child, to be burned alive or ripped apart, limb by limb?


If women really knew what they were doing, why do they suffer so GREATLY after their abortion? The sufferings last for years and years, it’s not just the immediate results of pain and blood loss.


The bottom line is that PP is not truly an organization created to help women. They are an industry, and $$ is the bottom line. When PP says that the abortion is a ‘simple procedure’, they are not telling the women of the multitude of physiological and psychological struggles, the pains and struggles, the depression, the breakup in the relationship, all associated with the abortion.

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