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Why did the LCWR support Obamacare? March 18, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, Society.

As I reported yesterday, the Sisters of LCWR, have thrown in their lot with Obamacare.   I was not at all surprised by this.  Some may be asking why.  Steve Kellmeyer has added his analysis, which I think gives a partial explanation.   Steve feels this has to do largely with the nuns personal fear that their retirements will not be paid for by the orders they have so succeeded in destroying.  And so, in their desperation, they are literally praying the Obamacare will provide health care for them in their final years.  Steve explains why this is probably a forlorn hope. 

The orders represented by LCWR are rapidly dying out, most have had no new vocations in decades.  Young, faithful women are not attracted to perpetual rage and radical feminist dogma.  There are no young sisters available to care for the elderly among them.  These orders have an average age in excess of 70, and a median age closer to 75.  They are not long for this world, and I am certain that many of them suffer from severe financial insecurity (but, at the same time, some of these nuns are selling off Church property and buying condos in Arizona).   I do not want any of these sisters to suffer.  Their situation is a dire one, but I don’t know of an easy answer save the generosity of faithful Catholics to, out of compassion, aid these women who have done so much damage to the faith.  That their circumstances are largely self-inflicted does not deter our call to charity, no matter how difficult doing so may be.

However, I think the issue of financial concerns only partially explains the LCWR’s support for Obamacare.  I think the main reason is this: the entire leadership of LCWR and the orders it represents has become completely suffused with a radical leftist ideology, and thus they naturally support any effort to expand government’s reach, especially in such a key area as health care.  Health care represents the keys to the kingdom for a socialist government.  If a society is willing to turn its most personal and private decisions, regarding their own health, over to the government, that society is willing to suffer any kind of socialist intrusion into their lives.  In all the societies of Europe, all with socialist governments of one form or another, the process always began with government taking over the heath care industry.  Once that is achieved, and the citizens become accustomed to this massive government interference in their private affairs, anything else the government takes over seems reasonable.  And make no mistake, Obamacare will lead to a socialist, single payer health care system in this country.  All the democrat leadership has promised their radical base that it will be so.  It has happened in every other country this form of ‘reform’ has been executed.  I will happen here.  So, this final move towards establishing a socialist government in this country fits in perfectly with the preferred politics of the leadership of LCWR and the orders it represents.  That is not to say there are not still devout nuns within these orders, but their leadership is overwhelmingly of a left-wing orientation.  Their support for Obamacare may have a dimension of self-interest, but it generally fits in with their preferred political views.  And, it is sad to say, a very large number of these nuns, so infused are they with the rhetoric of radical feminism, that they personally support abortion on demand, so that hasn’t even been an issue for them.  Obamacare is win-win, it advances the political preferences and it could solve part of the problem of funding their retirement.

The fact that the bishops are so against this, the fact that abortion is so counter to the Faith that even running the risk of paying for it is unacceptable, doesn’t enter into their thinking.  Unfortunately, for most of the members of LCWR, as indicated by their own writings and statements, the idea of a Faith with unshakeable doctrines is as obsolete as the habits they discarded so long ago.

Sr. Mary Persico, President, Congregation of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, addressing her fellow congregants.  That is just sad.


1. Mary - March 18, 2010

OF course, the Dallas Morning News didn’t hesistate to run a story and comment how the ‘nuns’ are in support of ObamaCare in today’s paper.
So if ‘nuns’ are in support, it must be a good thing???

tantamergo - March 18, 2010

Like I said, this is definitely part of a plan. This move, and CHA’s endorsement, are political acts intended to give wavering “pro-life” demonrats cover to change their votes. The timing of this works out too well. CHAs lobbyists have been in Nancy Pelosi’s office several times a week since this whole thing started, they have had numerous opportunities to formulate a plan to try to force this very unpopular legislation through.

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