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Archbishop Chaput on partisanship in the Church March 19, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, General Catholic, scandals, Society.

Archbishop, the great prelate for Denver, hits another one out of the park talking about the behavior of some in the Church regarding health care.  It deserves your reading:

 the captivity of some Catholics to the agenda of current congressional leaders and the White House proves that faith partisans are not a monopoly of the political right, and that some Catholics have an almost frantic unwillingness to see the abortion issue for what it is—a foundational matter of social justice and human rights. It can’t be avoided in developing our public policies without debasing the whole nature of Christian social teaching. No rights are safe when the right to life is not.

Second, people who claim to be Catholic and then publicly undercut the teaching and leadership of their bishops spread confusion, cause grave damage to the believing community and give the illusion of moral cover to a version of health care “reform” that is not simply bad, but dangerous.

Third, for supporters of health care reform at any cost, facts don’t seem to matter when a coveted goal seems within reach.

Go read the whole thing.  There are those who subborn their faith to their political views, and who would rather bash their own head with bricks than think about the reality of abortion and the party they support.  Those folks tend to be a certain kind of catholic and a certain kind of democrat.

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