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CHA, LCWR endorsements co-ordinated with White House March 19, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, asshatery, General Catholic, Society.

I told you, my dear, adorable readers, that this was the case.   Our sweet innocent Sr. Keehan, why quite possibly on the day she came here full of righteousness indignation at my criticisms, met with President Obama last week, where apparently, they exchanged cookie recipes.  NO, they didn’t do that, they talked about health care, and how CHA, a trade organization that will make tens of billions off of you and me and every other taxpayer after the disaster becomes law, could help provide cover to wavering catholyc politicians (I ripped catholyc off from Thomas Peters, that’s brilliant).  The press release of the LCWR was of the exact same nature – this has been coming for quite some time, it’s a crooked inside deal timed at just the precise moment to help carry this monstrosity over the top.  The fact that another 50 or 100 million children will be offered on the altar of Moloch is just an added side benefit.  You know, to sort of help buck up the cause. 

I LOVE it when some Catholics, like the Vox Nova and Distorter types, tell those of us who do our very best to remain faithful to the doctrine of the Church and the guidance we receive from bishops that we are just political hacks for the right.  Ah, projection…….is there nothing it can’t do?

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