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And now for something uplifting March 23, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, General Catholic.

Believe me, I get very tired of always reporting on the negative things going on in the Church and world.  I would love to have a blog that reported constantly great expressions of faith in God and great triumphs in the Church.  I don’t get to do so often enough.  But occasionally, something comes along that is great.  In the video below, a young girl explains that she has seen visions of Heaven and has had communications with God since she was 4 years old.  She has been given great gifts by God to share these experiences – she is a very accomplished painter at 12, and has been painting since she was 6.  Her parents were atheists, so she didn’t somehow absorb something from them and construe it as a vision.  No, she has received this totally from God.

Her parent(s) converted after the experiences of their daughter.  I don’t know a thing about this girl or her faith, but I do know that God is real, He is present in our lives constantly, and that he wants a deeply intimate relationship with each of us.  What a great grace, to have been given visions of Heaven.  And better, how amazing to perhaps have even been able to see some vision of God, at least as He chose to reveal Himself to this child.  God ways are as high above our ways, as the heavens are above the earth.


1. timh - March 23, 2010

Did you see this? It’s a “great expression of faith in God and great triumph in the Church:”

tantamergo - March 24, 2010

I did not, but I’ll sure post on it. Thanks very much, Tim!

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