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Mother Teresa at National Prayer Breakfast March 23, 2010

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Mother Teresa, that fabled nun who lived a life of such great faith and penitent sacrifice, so often even cut off from God’s warming touch but persevering nonetheless, spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in 1994.  C-SPAN has the video, with Bill and Hillary Klint-on in attendance.  Now, I often expect a little of my readers. I expect you to have a certain amount of patience, to put up with my long winded prose.  And, if you want to watch Mother Teresa address the Clintons and others on the horrors of abortion and contraception, you need to forward the video up to th 49 minute mark, where she begins to speak.  She hits the abortion issue at 60 minutes in, and contraception at 66 minutes.  Bill and Hillary were not amused, although the crowd gave vocifierous response. 

Check it out!  Offer up your time watching this as a Lenten, penitential act.  As I just related, we need to do many more such acts, on an ongoing basis.   And you can watch a very tiny woman speak the words of Truth in the face of worldly power.


1. John Bezner - March 24, 2010

Wow, she would not even place a child for adoption in a home that contracepts. I hope people spread this video.

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