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Don’t take religious liberty for granted March 25, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in General Catholic, Society.

My friend Steve B reminded me of a blog I had seen once but had forgotten about.  The blog is Mary Victrix, and it is great.  It’s run by the Knights of Lepanto and Franciscans of the Immaculate, an order of religious with a monastery in Connecticutt.  They practice a mysticism related to total consecration to Mary, a concept that was one of St. Maximillian Kolbe’s great works.  One of the main contributers, Fr. Angelo Geiger, posts videos on his site, and one recent example is an exhortation on religious liberty.  I think we too often take our religious liberty for granted in this country.  To date, the USA has had about the greatest degree of religious liberty of any nation on earth.  However, with growing secularism and evangelical atheism becoming more widespread, the freedom to practice religion without any governmental oversight or limitations is facing greater and greater threats.  One could even opine that we have lost some measure of liberty, that some actions associated with religion are more limited than they once were (think: forcing pro-lifers to stay a certain distance from abortion mills and their clientele, PC limitations on freedom of speech, the lives being ruined in California among Prop 8 supporters). 

What to do?  Should we just sit timorously by and watch our religious liberties steadily erode?  Fr. Geiger doesn’t think so!  He rightly exhorts the faithful to fight this encroachment on our religious liberty and to take action to defend one of our most essential means of expression.  I’m right there with him, I encourage everyone to strongly consider Fr. Geiger’s words:

I also encourage everyone to pray, every day, for this nation, that it may remain dedicated to the principles of liberty and not succumb to statist control.  Pray also for a great Catholic awakening, that we will demand our Faith be left free and defend it with all possible vigour.

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