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The alternative magisterium March 25, 2010

Posted by Tantumblogo in awesomeness, General Catholic.

I found a new blog today.  Jay Anderson, a Catholic convert, weighs in on the growing phenomenon of the ‘alternative magisterium.”  What is the ‘alternative magisterium?’  Why, it’s Father Hesburgh, former President of Notre Dame, and Sr. Carol Keehan at CHA, and Catholics United In Alliance for the DNC, and all those other groups that can always be replied upon to put their parochial interests ahead of the doctrine of the Church.   So if those stodgy old bishops are not willing to get on board with your progressive agenda, just refer to the alternative magisterium and you’re golden. 

Who knew the USCCB was ‘the Republican Party at prayer?’  Those vicious right wingers!  🙂

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