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Pro-gay marriage CCHD group de-funded March 26, 2010

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American Life League had made the USCCB and Portland Diocese aware that an organization called Preble Street, which was supposed to help the homeless, also actively lobbied in favor of gay marriage.  The group had been receiving CCHD grants for some time, and was scheduled to receive $50,000 this year.  The Portland Diocese just announced that they are pulling this funding.  That’s good.

What is not good is that the USCCB and Bishop Morin, who heads the part of USCCB that oversees CCHD, continue to react with hostility whenever ALL or any other group points out these problematic CCHD grantees.  Several months after ALL will point out these groups that don’t support Church doctrine or actively work against it, funding will be quietly pulled, then more groups will be found, Morin will feign outrage, and then quietly defund those again.  On and on ad infinitum.  Meanwhile, more and more Catholics are losing faith in many of the charitable organizations with ties to the USCCB and are either reducing donations or not giving at all.  We need strong leadership from Bishop Morin and/or the USCCB to finally put an end to these really poor CCHD practices.  I, for one, shall not hold my breath.

It’s going to be quiet around here March 26, 2010

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I’m going to have a very busy weekend, and I’m going out of town almost all of next week.  I may post on Monday, but that will probably be about it.  At least part of the time I’m gone, I’ll be somewhere without internet access and barely even cell phone coverage (yes!).  So, talk amongst yourselves.

If you want to delve into some deep topics while I’m away, you can follow this post at the Personalist Project, where, in the comments, Steve B is battling valiantly to offer a traditional view of Catholic conscience against a view that is definitely informed by an odd view of Vatican II.  Or, you can check out Fr. Angelo Geiger’s thoughts on Christopher West’s version of Theology of the Body. 

Next week everyone should be so busy at Mass and offering Penance that they shouldn’t have much time to read this sweet, demure li’l blog anyway. 

May Christ bless you abundantly this Easter!